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Best Android Apps Developer : Beginners Guide (Advance)

Android Application Development A process of building and developing android apps developer software and application programs for mobile phones and smart gadgets is increasingly becoming popular in today’s digital world. And it is important to know that android application development is now essential to the success of any product or service if you are running a company or business. However, […]


Must Learn Best Top 10 Android Launcher Apps (Popular)

Image source: Everything you need to know about Android launchers Android Launcher Apps –  Android launcher is a part of Android user interface which allows you to customize the home screen as well as menu pattern of your phone.  In short it allows you to modify the face of your phone. Smart, attractive and […]


5 Best Mobile App Development Certification of 2016

Mobile App Development Certification – The Smartphone and the tablets have certainly brought an emphatic revolution in the field of information and technology.  The communication process has become much more simplified; thanks to the evolution of new and highly advanced mobile applications. Not only the communication but even other tasks have become much easier with […]


What is Android Certified Application Developer?

Android Certified Application Developer –  You already are aware of the fact that Android Operating System is the most preferred and popular operator dominating the mobile and tablet industry. In fact, its demand has been incredibly increasing and so are the demands for skilled Android developers. The Android OS can support almost all the apps. […]

Mobile Operating Systems to Build Applications

In old ages, if you have to send across your message to anyone you have to send a messenger who used to travel across long distance to deliver your message. From there on there is lot of advancement in the communication sector for sending your messages to call someone who is at far place. Earlier you […]

19 Android Google Apps For Every Blogger

Android Google Apps For Every Blogger – A blog can be regarded as one of the most important and effective tools to ventilate your feelings on any issue or subject. You can easily share your feelings on the internet by simply writing a blog and then posting it on a given platform. And with Smartphone and […]


Comprehensive Technique To Build A Mobile App Using Phonegap

PhoneGap is a type of software which is primarily used to build mobile applications. The Adobe System has designed this software. One of the advantages of this software is that the app developer does not require any knowledge of mobile programming language. You only need to know about various web development languages such as HTML, […]