How to Track Offline Marketing Campaigns with Analytics

Tracking is very important any marketing campaign. If you fail to track your campaign then it means you fail in your marketing. But tracking the marketing campaigns is not an easy task. Particularly measuring the activity of Offline marketing campaigns is a difficult task. Many people are so confused about how to track offline campaigns […]

24 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid While Day Trading

The high leverage game of retail forex trading just got more exciting. With day trading sessions on, traders are making quick gains (and losses) all in a short span of time. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. With adequate knowhow, discipline and an approach that relies on alternatives, you too can win the prize (and […]

5 Best Ways How Swarm Intelligence Can Help Your Business

Businesses employ a lot of surveys, statistical and data analysis tools to understand the problems faced at the production, marketing, inventory or warehousing. However scientific they are, they often don’t give the required solutions. A new theory developed from observation of animal behavior –ants, bees and butterflies have led to the development of swarm intelligence. Scientists […]

How is Digital Learning Going to Change Education?

The 21st century has been rightly termed as the digital era. With internet bringing a substantial change in people live we are heavily dependent on the usage of technology to even complete simple tasks. Most of you must have heard about digital learning. The E-Education has certainly ignited the teaching sector. Gone are the days […]

How Big Data Is Changing the Face of Healthcare

The healthcare industry plays an important role, not just in the lives of people but in the economies of countries around the world as well. Because of advancements in healthcare, people are living lives that are longer and healthier lives. In fact, due to this children are able to attend schools on a regular basis […]

How to Avoid Application Follow up Fails

Are you a job seeker? Are you following up through emails to hear back from your employer? Well, once you are done with your studies, everyone is hunting for their dream job –be it on a social media platform like Linked In or through portals .You want a good paying job. No one knows better […]

The Beginners Guide to Startup Analytics

Being an entrepreneur is one of the toughest jobs in the world. They might face ups and downs and unexpected turns in life. These unexpected situations have urged the entrepreneurs to make use of the startup analytics. The term startup analytics looks so confusing specially with the terms like “growth hacking” and “lean startups” . […]

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