Online Fundamental Analysis-Telecom Sector Course

An online financial modeling course for all those who want to learn the financial modeling of Telecom Sector. The important concepts that you will learn through this training are : Formulas SUM MAX MIN AVERAGE, COUNTIF Function, Pivot Table etc. With respect to fundamental analysis you will learn about Ratio analysis, horizontal & Vertical analysis, industry overview etc.

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  |   16559 Learners
  |   12 hours +  32 Hrs
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Valuation Course - Time Warner Cable Inc.

A course for all those who want to learn about Valuation-Broadcasting and Cable TV (Time Warner Cable Inc.)

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  |   16579 Learners
  |   12 hours +  35 Hrs
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Financial Modeling - Telecom Sector

This is an online course on Financial Modeling - Telecom Sector where you will be learning about how to prepare a Financial Model of Telecom Sector i.e. of Idea Company from scratch so that you will learn how to prepare various schedules in order to predict the future financials of the company and also its performance.

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  |   12 hours +  21 Hrs
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“It gives the clear distinguish between the rural market and urban market. Rural Marketing requires a distinct approach and thorough understanding of different aspects of Rural living and also there is a great opportunities for the corporate sector to tap in rural India. Apart from this I also came to know about the four phases of Rural Marketing _Independence to Green Revolution, Green Revolution to Pre-liberalisation, Post liberalisation period in 20th Century and 21st century.

— Jayashree Das

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