11 Best Types of Marketing Job Titles You Can Consider

marketing job titles

Types of Marketing Job –  Marketing normally is defined as moving of goods from the originator to the final consumer, but is it that simple? Marketing is the culmination of behavioral and management disciplines. It is driven by instinct, ingenuity, motivation and modernization. Marketing employs scientific methods to build a unique brand. It necessitates expertise to spot new ways to sell a product. A great deal of vision is required to efficiently execute marketing designs and plans.

If you are planning taking up a marketing job and working in this challenging field there are a varied options you can consider.

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Some of the various marketing job are as follows

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the biggest platform for a business to market itself around the globe. Mostly all industries today have taken this marketing up. The most sort after marketing tool of the modern era. It is a billion dollar market and on the rise of a foreseeable future. Giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to name a few are self sustaining business models.

From a restaurant to a manufacturing business, everybody wants a strong presence of their business online. Every company needs an online existence these days to survive the cut-throat competition, and for this businesses requires marketing managers who would handle such marketing online. Marketing job is not only to build a brand image for the business but also to bring in business through marketing methods that would connect with the customers. They can do this through various strategies, this can be blogging, handling various social media pages such as facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. These services help in building a unique brand value for their businesses.  Forum participation and posting is another way through which marketing is undertaken and traffic is diverted towards client’s concern. This kind of marketing is subtle but hits the target by increasing businesses bottom-line.

  1. Healthcare marketing

With healthcare the main priority for the general public due to rising pollution and diseases, this field has become one of the most lucrative career option. Physicians, Doctors, Hospitals etc undertake this marketing to publicize their standing in the market. Healthcare industry include hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centers etc. Marketing in this industry can be either B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Customer). Marketing opportunities related to health care and hospital services are escalating as India is now focusing on healthcare and giving it major importance, spending on healthcare is now 5% of the GDP and is estimated to increase at 12%. Showcasing hospitals medical arsenal, doctor profiling, patient benefit are some of the core marketing strategies behind which the healthcare marketing takes place.

Some of the strategies adopted by marketing professionals are ATL or BTL’s, which are  above the line and below the line marketing strategies. ATL or above the line marketing deals with promotion with TV, radio, pamphlets etc while BTL or below the line which includes direct mails, interactive seminars, events etc. In case of healthcare marketing holding an event at another corporate office would be categorized under BTL activity.

  1. Public relations:

Public relations or commonly known as PR is one of the most popular marketing in the industry. They play a vital role in marketing for any organization. PR’s have a plan of action wherein many strategies can be used. Inbound marketing strategy being one of them. Talking to press, blogging, familiarizing customers about the product/business, building relationships and providing after sale services to the clients are some of the strategies that PR’s use.

Negligent marketing of an new upcoming talent could land them in deep waters. Whereas on the other hand a deep analyzed projecting of the talent could lead it to unimaginable success. A tricky yet a straightforward sector where jobs are increasing at supersonic rate. Believing in what you are marketing is the key asset in this sector.

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  1. SEO Marketing

SEO or search engine optimization deals with pulling traffic to the particular site. As search engines have gained popularity, rating high on these engines add popularity to the client’s business. To pull this traffic, such work is given to the experts who can make their business look glamorous, this can also be done through paid promotion. To avoid payments for advertising, such SEO marketers are hired.

SEO or Search engine optimization marketing is one of the most important marketing of our times. In this golden age of online era, anything to everything is listed on the internet. SEO marketing tells us where to find what. A customized and specific strategy provided for the seller by the SEO marketer. Due to a congested market on the web, a seller needs to survive the odds. Search engine optimization is the only viable and affordable option. However nowadays the jobs in this sector have relatively increased as the seller wants their products to not only have an online presence but also be visible at the right place to a prospective customers.

  1. Content marketing

Content marketing plays a vital role for any business, if done correctly. Content for any business should be fresh, new and engaging for anybody to read, without good content even SEO marketing fails. SEO is a part of content marketing. Market is full of cut throat competition, a new idea, a new catch phrase or maybe a name that the business comes up with would already be taken by some other business. Therefore to have content that stands out and screams your businesses USP is something that should be highlighted. Case studies, guides, e-books, blogs etc are some of the strategies used by content marketers.

Due to the Ascension of the online portal system, the need for content has also risen. The content companies have the reliable sources but due to this huge surplus demand they are lagging behind in the overall distribution. A huge employment opportunity is available in this sector as the content does not sell itself, you just have to know the right places to market.

  1. Product marketing

A product would only sell if its marketed to the right audience. A very apt sector where after a product analysis could give a insight to its targeted audience. A stream of new ideas and new blood is required in this sector for the rejuvenation. Product marketing will always be a evergreen job sector for seekers. In depth analysis and careful assessment of the product are the key elements of this marketing strategy. The strength and weaknesses of a product defines the lifecycle. Proper channeling the strength of the product could lead to positive marketing and brand building.

  1. Education Marketing

Another form of marketing job that has come up is marketing in the field of education. With the advent of private universities and competitive market being the driving force, education marketing job has become the need of the hour. Higher education marketers work with the universities and industry market. Some of the strategies that are adopted to reach students are marketing through smart phones, newsletters, email marketing etc. These marketers tie up with the best of brands to promote the talent of the universities in these companies. They use digital marketing to generate and convert leads. Education is a national agenda and requires support from both private and government support. With their help education marketing is bound to become the biggest market in the near future.

  1. Market Research

These marketers conduct market research either about a product/individual or a industry. This means handling both qualitative and quantitative research of a particular section. This kind of research is one of the key elements for business planning, it helps the organization in strategy formulation. this would ultimately result in increase in ROI. While conducting such research it is the imperative of the marketer to segment the market, research about the market and finally conduct the SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis deals will the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threat that are looming in the market. Some of the strategies that marketers can adopt can be conducting interviews, focus groups, survey’s, tabulating data etc. Good written skills are one of the mandates for this kind of marketing job.

  1. Event Marketing

Event marketing is one of the most sought after job in this industry. The ever growing business has lot of scope for innovation and vision. From décor to entertainment, venue to catering supplies, this field of marketing is bound to enhance skills. Event marketing job has different range of variety. Selling out an event is a very difficult task, but in this specific kind of marketing you could use all the mediums of communication. Social media, banners and advertisements are the benchmark of event management. With the help of these entire sources at your disposal, one could surely thrive in event marketing. A little bit of innovation, creativity and out of the box thinking could do wonders in event marketing. Event marketing broadens the vision of a person and forces them to venture into different prospects of the field. Event marketing not only enhances your knowledge in a specific topic but pushes you into lots of carrier defining aspects.

  1. Fashion Marketing

Fashion marketing is a very trendy and up to date marketing job. This fashion marketing job requires a regular and intensive research about the current fashion trends followed all around the world. By gaining that knowledge one could build up appropriate strategies for its product which would stand out in the market. Fashion marketing gives you a current insight about all the latest influx of all the products in the market and helps you to design your own marketing layout.

A good advertising campaign can spell all the difference for any brand. This field has many types of marketing such as sales pitch to the customer, branding, retail operations, retail buying and selling and many more. Fashion marketing manager may require to advertise, brand and public relations these marketing managers may have to travel for new store openings and they form a liaison between the brand and the customer in B2C marketing. In B2B marketing, large brands tie up with various malls to have a superior display of their products. Fashion marketing could be sometimes tricky but researched approach and proper analysis could help you achieve your goals.

  1. Sports Marketing

Sport marketing is a very glamorous and a high pressure marketing job. Excellent oral and verbal skills are required in sports marketing. Persuasion of clients with communication techniques and skills is a must in sports marketing. Sports being one of the biggest industries in the world, which could help one to venture into a infinite implementation of ideas and strategies. Sports marketing also require client relations and budget allocation scenarios. This kind of marketing job also requires building up of efficient writing skills and forming interpersonal relationships. From Kabaddi, to Football leagues, nowadays many leagues are coming up in India. All sports including these have marketing managers who help connect managers with great team players. Sports marketing helps one connect different mediums and advertise the product on a larger scale.

Whatever be the marketing job, all marketing officers need to be creative, smart and up to date with the current market trends to generate and convert leads. This not only helps the organization increase the ROI but also build a strong reputation of the company. Marketing forms the backbone for any enterprise and if the marketing department runs effectively, it can make a substantial difference to the company. There are umpteen number of marketing jobs in our country. Excellent communication skills both written and verbal and the driving force in an individual are some of the key skill requirement for any marketing officer.

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