5 Effective SEO Tips to Follow & 8 SEO Myths You Must Beware of

SEO Tips to Follow and SEO Myths to Beware:

seo myths

Over the years a lot of misconceptions and  SEO myths have emerged about the search engine optimization. SEO Myths can start easily and become pervasive over time. Following those SEO myths can cause serious damage to your website. There are also a lot of tips on driving traffic to your site. Some SEO tips will be great while other strategies are just a waste of time. Given below are few SEO myths and few SEO tips on effective ways to drive traffic to your site through SEO.

Top 8 SEO Myths You Must Beware of

SEO Myths 1 – the Good website will bring good traffic

A good website will definitely help you with content marketing. An awesome website with original SEO content writing will bring the required traffic to your site.

Is it true? Not at all

If it was that easy then it will make the job of SEO professionals easier. Yes of course SEO website design and content play a major role but it should always be paired with links, technical base and other SEO techniques to achieve higher SEO ranking in search engines.

SEO Myths 2 – Link building is a past technique

Links are dead. Wondering what? Yes, buying SEO backlinks from link farms are dead. Now if you buy links from outside for your site then you will be penalized for that.

But the original seo backlinks which are built are not dead. Conduct an SEO link building campaign rather than a link buying campaign. You need links to bring traffic to your site.

Search engine spiders crawl to your site if you have inserted links to your site. SEO backlinks will help the search engine to read all the pages of your site.

If you are not that good in SEO building links to your site then hire an expert who could give you a seo plan for acquiring links in a natural way. A link builder will give you a lot of innovative ideas to get links naturally. Creating links have become a crucial part of SEO these days so handle it with care.

let’s move to the next SEO myths.

SEO Myths 3 – Purchasing email list

Many of the site owners are looking out for getting ‘opt-in’ email lists to advertise their business through emails. There are many companies in the market who sell such email lists to the site owners.

But purchasing such email lists is an utter waste of time and money. The reasons are as follows

  • By the time you get the list most of the email id’s will be out of date
  • You don’t know whether your emails are reaching your target customers
  • Many of the recipients will not be interested in your product
  • Many recipients will send your mail to spam box if the mail you send is no way in help to them

SEO Myths 4 – Google analytics lets Google spy on you

Is it true?

Yes it is in the following cases

If you have used Google analytics for your old site and you have started a new one without fixing the old site then the Google Analytics code will be applicable to your new site also.

And if have created multiple domains and all have the same Google analytics code then it acts as a spy on your site.

There is also a No to this fact

Google does not use Google analytics as a factor to rank your site

Because many sites do not use Google analytics and if Google uses this factor to determine the position then it will not make any practical sense.

SEO Myths 5 – Social media is the new link building technology

Yes, of course, social media can create links but not from sharing itself. This is because Google had a friction with Facebook and Twitter as the companies were not willing to give Google access to their fire hose. So Google does not include social media links into its ranking algorithm. Social media can create links but not new links.

let’s move to the next SEO myths.

SEO Myths 6 – XML sitemaps increase your rankings

The XML sitemap is important to make your site crawlable by the search engines. So we already know that sitemaps help the search engines to crawl and index your site faster.

Can a sitemap increase your seo ranking?

A sitemap actually does not affect your site rankings. It will definitely make your site more visible to the searchers but it does not guarantee your rankings in search engines.

SEO Myths 7 – Top level domains increase rankings

In the hierarchical domain name system, the top-level domains take the highest place. People are more familiar with .com domain names and they become confused with other domain names.

The reason is 98% of the search results are .com domain names.

But in reality geo, targetable domain names are more effective than .com domain names.

For instance, if a site which is created in the US has the .com domain name then the search engine will assume that the audience for the site is global and will show it in their search results to the global audience.

And if the site is given .us extension then it will easily show up for the searchers from that country.

But undoubtedly .com domain names still outranks all the other domain names as it has given huge results for many people.

SEO Myths 8 – Hire an SEO agency to get top rankings

This is the most important SEO Myth of all. An SEO agency might be helpful in keyword analysis and competitive auditing.

But how could any SEO agency guarantee top rankings in search engines when no can predict tomorrow’s SEO keywords?

It is impossible for anyone to guarantee fast top rankings in search engines.

SEO is a long-term strategy. You can never achieve top ranking for your site in one night or within a few days.

You can hire an SEO agency for various reasons like

  • When you don’t have time to run your site
  • When you want to do keyword research
  • When you want to improve your search traffic
  • When you want a seo training course from them

But don’t ever believe in an SEO agency who promises to give you top rankings within a short period of time.

Ranking obtained in a short period will gradually slide and will bring a big loss to you.

SEO Tips to Follow

SEO Tip 1 – Keywords

Finding the keywords is the first step in an SEO campaign. Given below are few seo tips regarding the keyword research

  • Select long tail keywords than shorter ones. Long tail keywords can drive more traffic and get seo ranking easily.
  • Find keywords that search engine attributes to your site
  • Find seo keywords from your customers. Do a research on words your customers use to describe your product or business.

SEO Tip 2 – Do basic On page optimization

Once the keywords are all set for your site, start with your seo on page optimization. There are a lot of seo techniques and the important ones are listed below

  • Meta tags matter a lot in SEO. Meta tags include Title tag, Meta description and Headings.

Title tag – Use your main seo keyword in this title tag which appears at the top of the seo browser.

Meta Description – This is very important as it appears to the searchers in the search result page. Make it attractive and don’t forget to include your keywords in it.

Headings – H1 tag is the main title for the page. Have only one H1 tag. Use other heading tags like H2, H3, etc to divide the contents into smaller sections.

  • Don’t overuse the seo keywords in your content or tags.
  • Use Alt tags to insert a seo description for the image which is loaded to your site. Use keywords in the description and also use a keyword as a file name for the image.
  • Make sure your URL is short and descriptive. Do not include special characters or underscores in your URL. Your URL should be related to your business.

SEO Tip 3 – Links

The next best factor which drives more traffic to your site is quality, inbound links to your site. Here are few seo tips on building links

  • Natural and organic links will help you drive traffic and search engines will give more value to such links. Buying links is a bad seo strategy and you will be penalized for that.
  • Have quality content in your site and create anchor text in a target seo keyword. Anchor text remains as a major ranking factor. You can also use your brand, URL and generic keywords as anchor text.
  • Get links from your seo blogs through their reviews and comments about your business or product. This will increase the traffic and in turn increases the ranking to your site.
  • Try to get links from sites that are relevant to your business. When you get more of such links then the search engine will decide that your site offers value to the visitors and you can have authority on the contents of your site.
  • If any other person is using your images contact them and ask them to provide a link for your site.
  • Set alerts in your site to track mentions of your company. Find such persons and request them to provide a link to their website in their article.
  • If you are providing a link to some other website then make sure that it is a trustworthy source. If not search engine will not crawl to your site.

SEO Tip 4 – Blogging and Social Media

Social media will help you to get connected to influencers who will help you to promote your content. The below mentioned seo tips will help you in marketing your site through social media

  • Actively participate in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and others. This will increase the followers for your business. Content which is shared on such social media sites will reach a large population.
  • Have a WordPress site. It acts as a blogging platform. It acts as a Content Management System for the entire website and thus it saves you a lot of time, money and energy.
  • Have your own company blog and update it frequently with the latest news. It is the best way to add fresh content.
  • Find out the hottest topic on seo blogs and write your own article on that in a new point of view. This way you can gain more attraction.

SEO Tip 5 – SEO Strategies

There are a few SEO strategies that will help you get a higher ranking in search engines.

  • Always remember that SEO and branding are not the same. Think from the side of the customers and select your keywords. Focus on what they are searching for, instead of what you want them to search for.
  • Think like your customers and answer to yourself a few questions like how do they find your site? What search term will they enter? Does your site appear on the first page? If not what keywords you should focus on? Answers to all these questions will help you achieve your target.
  • Use free SEO small tools to get the statistics of your site frequently. It can tell you how much is the traffic to your site and what keywords are driving more traffic to your site. It will also help you to do future forecasts and make changes to your site accordingly.
  • Answer your customer’s queries online. This will help to protect your business authority online and will have a direct impact on your business promotion.
  • Have a mobile friendly site and see through that the page loads faster. Avoid using a lot of animation and flash in your site.
  • Create local listings on social media sites and add your photos, videos and links to your site. It’s very important to map your local online presence.
  • Research your competitors and find out their marketing strategies. Try to list out their strengths and weaknesses. This way you can improve your SEO.
  • Use Robots.txt if you want a page to be blocked and not to be crawled by the search engine. Also, add a no index tag.
  • There are frequent updates in SEO technology. Yearly site audit will help you avoid issues and penalties. You can hire an SEO agency to do the audit for you.
  • While Google serves as the first largest search engine, YouTube serves as the second largest. Never forget that videos often get greater visibility in Google rankings.


We have shared our fair share of SEO myths and SEO tips. Have you found any seo strategy that will work for you?

We hope that all these SEO myths and SEO tips will help you grow your business online and reach your target audience more easily.

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