18 Effective and Essential SEO Techniques (Trends)

SEO Techniques –

People who succeed with SEO are the ones who identify the best SEO techniques that help them get more traffic. Secondly, they put 100% effort and resources in executing those best SEO techniques.

Ready to double your search traffic?

We are going to make it easy for you to find the best SEO techniques that actually work for your business.

SEO can be split into On page SEO and Off Page SEO.

On Page SEO are the things that can be done on your website to gain better ranking in search engines.

Off Page SEO techniques are the things that are directly done off your website to improve your search ranking.

SEO techniques

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Here are few advanced Off Page SEO techniques that can increase your site visitors, search traffic and conversion rate.

  1. Site framework

A website is the first thing that will attract customers and retain them.

Inspect your site framework and find out why you are not getting enough traffic to your site.

Examine your site performance and make changes to your site based on your examinations.

Keep the following points in mind while inspecting your site

  • Heading tags should be created properly
  • Optimizing heading tags can create more traffic
  • Proper headings will make the people understand your contents better
  1. Blogging

Blogging is the best way to promote your business online. Blogs give you the following benefits

  • Keeps visitors returning to your site
  • Helps you in updating the contents
  • Search engines will crawl to your site more frequently
  • Helps you gain better ranking in Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs)

If you are not good at writing, hire a guest blogger. Ask them to write unique content to gain more benefits from your blog.

  1. Optimized landing pages

Your landing page should be well designed and should be of high quality to improve your leads. Landing pages will open more gateways for your search traffic thus, in turn, increasing the income. Many B2B companies do not understand the power of landing pages.

Landing pages have good SEO value and they drive leads to your site by means of press releases and content marketing.

How to make effective use of landing pages?

  • Select a long tail keyword to create your landing pages
  • Add proper title tags, meta description, and keywords
  • Add fresh content to your page
  • The design is King. The design of your page should be unique and relevant to your business
  • Build links to your landing page. Your page will not be ranked if you don’t have proper links
  1. Social shopping network

Submitting your products to online shopping networks like Google product search, Yahoo online shopping, and other sites is one of the best SEO techniques for advertising your product if you are running an e-commerce site.

People will find your products more easily.

  1. Create a user-friendly and mobile-friendly site

Due to the improvement of the technology use of smart mobile phones has increased among the common people.

Mobile users are passionate online shoppers as they can purchase from the place they are sitting.

This makes it very clear that making your site mobile friendly will drive more traffic and increase your sales.

Another reason for making the mobile-friendly site is Google will not index sites that are not mobile friendly.

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  1. Create Infographics

Creating Infographics is the easiest and simplest way to drive traffic to your site.

Infographics give better results as visual information grabs more attention of the customers.

High-quality information and graphics in Infographics increase search traffic.

Infographics are popular as the human brain learns the visual data more quickly

Creating Infographics is explained in simple steps below

  • Use Infographics tool to create infographics on an emerging idea or topic that will engage more people
  • Use unique and attractive content
  • Use quality links to sustain your ranking
  • Submit your infographics to a lot of directories by yourself or hire someone to do this job for you
  1. Build the broken links

Finding broken links is not an easy job. Use the simple search string in Google search and press Ctrl+f to find any dead links. There are certain tools which will help you to find the dead links in Wikipedia. After finding out the dead link recreate the dead resource in Wikipedia with your proper link.

  1. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

Google is frequently updating its ranking algorithm and if one fails to adapt to such changes then he cannot survive in the online marketing world.

One such factor which Google takes into consideration in the recent times is Latent Semantic Indexing.

Her comes the meaning for each word

  • Latent means hidden and capable of emerging
  • Semantic means concepts
  • Indexing meaning organizing the information

LSI uses a mathematical formula to identify the sequence in any given paragraph and discovers the meaning for the keywords.

The aim of using LSI is to help the Google spider to index your content based on your purpose.

LSI will help you improve your ranking if Google understands your content and if it is relevant to the search topic.

The main point to be considered in this SEO techniques is avoiding Keyword stuffing. Instead of repeating the keywords more often in a paragraph just identify the substitute words for the keyword and all is set now.

Guidelines for targeting LSI keywords

  • Find substitute keywords for the main keyword that mean the same with different spelling.
  • Don’t overuse the keywords
  • Write the contents in a very natural tone so that Google easily understands the topic and indexes it
  1. Directory Submission

Directory submission isn’t really dead. It is purely based on choosing effective directories for submission. It is better to submit in niche directories. Directory submission always gives delayed results but it is worth doing.

  1. Watch out competitor’s keywords

Do you know what best SEO techniques your competitor is using?

Do a research about your competitors. It is a smart move to find the keywords which your competitor’s use for getting highest rank. Try using such words while developing contents for your site to drive more leads to your site.

Here are few tips to find out your competitor’s live keywords

  • Go to an SEM tool and enter your competitor’s site URL
  • Analyze their live keywords, its position, and monthly search volume
  • Cross check the keywords and its position by typing them into the search box of search engines
  • Also find out the blogs, directories and other sites where your competitor’s site is linked. You can find this out by using the best SEO techniques.
  • Submit your article in the same blogs, directories, and sites and give a link to your site. This will also help in generating leads to your site.
  1. Forum marketing

Find the forums online that are related to your business or product and get involved in that forum. Post comments, answer forum members questions, give advice, reply to a thread. All these will help in building a reputation within that niche. Additionally, you can include a link of your website in your signature which will help search engine to find your site easily.

  1. Social networks

Social networks are the main factor in getting more traffic and highest ranking in search engines.

Use authoritative social platforms to increase your ranking. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and blogs just increase the involvement and does not directly affect your ranking. Whereas authority social platforms increase the search traffic and ranking.

One example of such a social platform is Slideshare.

  1. Photo sharing and Video Marketing

Share your business photos on sites like Flickr, Picasa, Photo bucket, etc. People will look at your photos and will comment on them or share them if they are more interested in it. This will increase the traffic to your site.

If you have created any video for your business or site then share it on sites like YouTube, Vimeo and other video sharing sites. This is one way of attracting customers by sharing your contents in another form.

  1. Link to internal pages

Use anchor links to connect to other pages of your site or blog. Giving links for the internal pages will enable the visitors in landing on the other pages of the site other than just your home page.

Start interlinking the other pages of your site to increase the value of SEO and improve the rankings.

Reasons to link to your internal pages are as follows

  • Internal links improve the page authority. Fresh contents are more attractive to the search engines.
  • It was found out in a recent research that Google gives a score to the contents based on the date it was published
  • If you link your internal pages more frequently then Google will index your landing pages quickly.
  1. Local Listings

Instead of going global at an initial stage, first start listing your business in local sites like Google Local, Maps, Yellow pages and others. Making your business go global will lead to huge competition. Whereas local listings will help you reach the target audience easily and can promote your business.

  1. Concentrate on your archive pages

Add more power to your archive pages. If you were writing blogs for the past few months then it is the best time for you to focus on archive pages.

If some of your posts which you have shared through social networks or comments are creating organic traffic to your site then concentrate more on such posts.

Once you have identified the best archive page start developing it by updating the contents based on recent trends.

This will eventually increase the search traffic to your site.

Follow these simple steps to refresh your archive pages

  • Write a headline that will grab the attention of users and induce their curiosity which in turn will make them sharing your post
  • Include some data and statistics in your content. Including research reports and study related to your topic, will retain the customers in your post for a long time increasing the influence of your post.
  1. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is another great method of promoting your site.

Submit your blogs and pages to the most popular social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, and others.

Search engines are more attracted by such sites as the contents in such sites are updated regularly.

You should carefully handle the contents in such sites as it broadcasts your posts to a wide network.

Write proper tags as it attracts more customers thus increasing the website traffic.

  1. Reviews

Start writing reviews about other businesses which are related to yours. You might also ask your friends or clients to write a review of your business in some business review sites. This will attract more customers to your business.

On Page SEO techniques

There are a few On page SEO techniques that will help you increase your page ranking.

  • Page titles – Each page and post should have a unique title which includes the keyword for that page or post
  • Meta descriptions – These descriptions are very important which includes the relevant keywords for your content. These descriptions are used when your page is listed through search engine
  • Meta tags – For every page include Meta tags, which are a set of keywords
  • URL structure – Define search friendly URLs and short URLs as the search engines crawl better to such URLs
  • Body Tags – Break up your contents into smaller sections and paragraphs which will be easy to read and understand
  • Keyword – Using your keywords in your content is very essential seo techniques as it helps the search engine understand your content. Don’t overuse the keyword. Overuse of keyword will ban your site
  • Images – Images are a great way to make your site more attractive. To include images in your contents. This will help to improve your site traffic.

Coming to the conclusion, these best SEO techniques are not the easiest but definitely the most effective SEO techniques. It just requires more effort to implement these best SEO techniques and double your search traffic.

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