15 Mind Blowing SEO Tools for Websites

SEO Tools for Websites

In order to reach the top of the SERPs, your website needs to be the best in class. It must be the best in that industry. There are a number of free SEO tools for websites that can help you to achieve the goal of your site.

seo tools for websites
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Listed below are a few SEO tools for websites that you can use to improve your marketing.

Keyword research SEO tools for Websites

The below is the list of SEO tools for websites will help you to find the best keywords.

  1. Wordstream

Wordstream is free keyword SEO tools for websites that offer thousands of keyword suggestions from a huge database. This free tool performs very well than some of the paid keyword suggestion tool available in the market.

  1. Keyword eye basic

A keyword eye basic tool is also a keyword suggestion tool but it is more of a visual type. This tool is best for brainstorming sessions.

  1. YouTube keyword tool

YouTube keyword tool is a keyword research tool that works best not just for videos but for all kinds of contents.

  1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is the best tool for creating unique long tail keywords or phrases. With this tool, you can instantly get a lot of keyword suggestions from real user queries. These keywords can be used to make your online marketing more effective.

Content Development SEO tools for Websites

The below is the list of SEO tools for websites will help you with developing unique contents with the best keywords.

  1. Anchor text over optimization SEO tools

This tool helps to identify the areas of risk due to anchor text over optimization. If any of the keyword or phrase is overused, using this tool you can easily identify those keywords and take steps to modify the anchor text of specific links.

  1. Convert Word Documents into Clean HTML

This is a free converter tool through which documents created using any word processing software can be converted into HTML format.

  1. Copyscape

Copyscape is an online free plagiarism checker tool. This tool allows you to enter your URL to detect if there is any duplicate content. By using this tool you can easily verify whether the content is original.

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Technical SEO tools for Websites

The below is the list of technical SEO tools for websites.

  1. Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Xenu’s Link is a spidering software that checks websites for broken links. This tool verifies the normal links, images, frames, backgrounds and local image maps. Users can derive reports from this tool.

  1. Robots.txt Generator

Robots.txt is a file that is located in your home directory. Search engines look into this file before entering into your site to know which files or directories are not allowed to see. This tool also blocks the unwanted spiders who crawl into your site just to get the details of your business.

  1. Robots.txt Checker

Robots.txt Checker is a program that will analyze arrangements of a robots.txt file to check whether the format is valid.

  1. URI valet

Make use of the URI Valet Check Header Services to view the total number of HTTP requests, a time is taken to download, internal and external links. It also verifies the server headers for all the links.

  1. Title and Description Optimization tool

This tool gives you knowledge about the titles and descriptions used by the top competitors in your industry. This tool will let you know the strategy of your competitors.

  1. Image SEO tool

The Image SEO tool will help in determining whether all the images in a particular website is as per the standards of basic image SEO techniques. Simply enter your website URL into this tool and click submit. This tool will check the image name, its attributes, and dimensions. If the tool finds any error then it will give an alert to the user.

  1. Schema Creator

This tool will help you in creating HTML. The schema is used to identify the information of a product

  1. Google Snippet Preview

Google Snippet Preview appears in Google search and helps to increase the display to the searchers of Google.

  1. Structured Data Testing Tool

Structured Data Testing tool is a simple tool to validate any structured data type in websites. You can enter your URL or HTML code directly. The tool will alert you about the errors.

  1. XML Sitemap Generators

This tool generates free Google sitemaps online. This tool will help the search engines to index your blog better than before.

  1. XML Sitemap Inspector

XML Sitemap inspector will validate the XML Sitemap.

  • Enter your sitemap.xml URL in the textbox.
  • Click the Validate button
  • The tool will check whether all the links in your sitemap are free from errors
  • Download the error-free sitemap
  • Ping to all search engines
  1. Pingdom Website Speed Tool

This tool tests the loading speed of a page, examine it and finds the hindrances.

  1. Fiddler

Fiddler is a web debugging tool which records all HTTP traffic between your computer and the internet. This is an awesome tool to understand the performance of your site better.

  1. Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit

Microsoft has created a Free SEO Toolkit to do SEO audit and give detailed reports of your website.

  1. GTmetrix

GTmetrix tool is yet another tool to examine the page speed of your site. It also gives you ideas to improve the essential part of your website. This tool is user-friendly and is reliable.

  1. Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine tool is the historical archive for a site. It acts as a detective tool. If anything on your site has changed and you don’t have a backup for it, then you can use this tool to figure out what has happened.

  1. Hootsuite

Social Media plays an important role in SEO and marketing campaigns. Hootsuite is a tool to manage such social media. It is helpful in promoting new contents and staying on top of opportunities.

  1. SEOquake

SEOquake is a popular SEO tool which helps to get information about a wide range of parameters like page rank, traffic, links, Google index, and others. This tool also highlights no follow links. This tool is easy to install and use.

Free Google SEO Tools for Websites

Whatever be your business or industry you will definitely have a love or hate relationship with Google. Google offers a lot of free SEO tools for websites to help you optimize your marketing efforts.

Here is a list of free Google SEO tools for websites offered by Google that you should consider for your SEO campaign.

  1. Google Analytics

We all know about the frustration of keyword data analysis. This free tool will help you to measure your sales and conversions. It also lets you know your visitor’s behavior. Google analytics lets you

  • Understand the high-performance pages of your site
  • Measure the success of your social networks
  • Create better-targeted advertisements

If you are not using analytics in your marketing campaign then you are behind the competition.

  1. Google Webmaster Tools / Google Search Console

Google Webmaster tool is now known as Google Search Console. This tool is the plum choice to be used to keep everything running smoothly in your site. Google Webmaster Tool helps to know how the Google spider reaches your site and indexes it. This tool helps you to

  • Find the top search query which drives more traffic
  • Find the links that drive more leads
  • Shares information related to the pages and site visibility
  1. Google Insights for search

This tool will help you to compare the search results between different regions, categories, and time frames. This tool helps in identifying the most used search terms and find potential customers through such search reports.

  1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Google Adwords is the most significant tool for ascertaining keyword volumes. This is a tool which will help you to deliver the best content to your visitors by identifying the best keywords. It will increase leads to your site thus increasing the search rank.

  1. Google Alerts

This tool holds an important place in many online marketers hearts. Google alerts are an email sent to you when Google finds any new results related to your search term. Google alerts tool will let you monitor the competitor’s strategy in keywords. It will also help you to track the latest keyword which is closely connected to your keyword. Good old Google alerts.

  1. Google Trends

Google Trends is a great tool for comparing traffic for different search terms. This tool lets you find out more popular search terms that are related to your business or product. You can compare several keywords at a time. It is highly helpful for creating alluring content. This tool will definitely help in your SEO campaign to know about your competitors.

  1. Google Website Optimizer or Content Experiments

What was called Google Website Optimizer is now known as Google Analytics Content Experiments. The name itself implies that it is now connected with Google Analytics. It is Google’s website testing and optimization tool. It will test the entire pages of a website and will help in knowing the effective page of your site. This is a great way to dip your toes into the water before making a huge investment. By finding out the effective content and pages you can follow the same strategy to drive more leads to your site.

  1. Double Click Ad Planner

Double Click Ad Planner tool will help you in creating a successful online marketing campaign. The tool will let you track the competitor’s site for statistics related to keywords and views. Such statistics will help you tailor your marketing campaign.

  1. Google Page Speed

Site speed has an effect on your site’s visibility. Luckily, Google’s Page Speed tool will help you to find the reasons for your site’s slow loading process. This tool includes a Page Speed Insights browser extension for Chrome and Firefox which provides even more details. The speed of the loading time of a site decides the conversion rates and bounce rates.

  1. Google+

Google+ was created by Google to share, create and to work jointly. Marketing your brand or product through Google+ circles will help you in getting backlinks to your website.

  1. Merchant Centre

With this Merchant Centre tool, you can upload your products’ details to the Google Search Product section and other search services of Google, allowing the shoppers to find your products easily in Google.

  1. Google Sitemap

Looking for yet another free SEO tools for websites to increase the visibility of your site or create more traffic?

Opt for Google Sitemap

Submitting a sitemap to the Google will let the search engine know in detail about all the pages on your site. Through this tool, you can inform Google about the latest update of your schedules or contents.

  1. Google Consumer Surveys

Understanding your audience is the key factor to make your site more successful. Google Consumer Survey is a free tool to measure the site satisfaction. You can get to know the details on how your consumers look at your site and what is their experience from your site. This will be very much helpful when you are launching a new site or a new concept.

  1. Google My Business

Be found by customers across Google

Google My Business lets you directly connect with your customers through search, Maps or Google+. It is yet another free tool which puts your business info on Search, Maps and Google+ to make you more visible to your customers. It helps the customers to find the right information at the right time thus increases the number of loyal customers.

  1. Google Tag Manager

Take control of your tags using this tool. Google Tag Manager allows you to

  • Update tags and code snippets on your site or mobile app directly without involving a website developer or an IT person
  • Update configuration and flag values of mobile apps

Instead of waiting for months to update your site codes, Google Tag Manager lets you create new tags with just a few clicks.

So that’s it – 15 free SEO tools for websites from Google, from keyword research to content development. There are a lot more you can do with such SEO tools. We have just listed a few important free SEO tools for websites but there are also other free as well as paid SEO tools for websites that can help you achieve your SEO goal.

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