Ultimate Web Based Marketing Guide - 7 Amazing Tips (Useful)

Web Based Marketing

Web Based Marketing Guide –

Web Based Marketing is nothing but profit from your own success. These days, if you don’t do Web Based Marketing your business, doesn’t survive very long.

On TV or any other advertisement, it looks so simple to launch a website but in real life?

Do not worry we will help you to count money by making your business go online.

Here are a few tips which will guide you to do Web Based Marketing for your business. We also help you to expand your presence over social media and become a mastery in Web Based Marketing.

  1. Getting started with Web Based Marketing

Do you want to be successful online? Then approach the web in the same way you approach a customer in your offline business. Have all the basic fundamentals of business before getting started with a website.

Successful Web Based Marketing does not require a particular method to be followed. It is always a combination of many online and offline Web Based Marketing techniques.

Have an indelible focus on your customers and their needs because the customer is the measure of all things.

Make a plan for your marketing mix where you list all your Web Based Marketing techniques, target customers, expected customers and the cost involved in Web Based Marketing

While making your marketing plans have these three points in your mind.

  • Does it reach all the target customers?
  • Will your marketing mix be beneficial to you?
  • Will you be able to execute all the Web Based Marketing plans within your budget?
  1. Building an effective website for marketing

While creating a website for your business ask yourself a few questions like who is the target audience? What else do they buy? What do they like to read? Where should I spend more on Web Based Marketing? How many customers can I acquire through
web marketing online?

All these questions will help you in developing the best website for your business. And you can reach your break-even point soon.

Make your website your strongest Web Based Marketing technique.

Toot your own horn. Your website is no place to be shy. You have only one chance to make a first impression. Do shameless self-promotion and advertising on your site.

Here are a few tips to effectively market your business online.

  • Create an impressive homepage on your website.
  • Your website should turn the visitors to your site into your customers.
  • Your site should give an answer to your customer’s questions and should make them engaged in your site.
  • Avoid I, Me, Myself attitude.
  • Make your site more user-friendly.
  • Post all your business details and contact details on every page of your site.
  • Update the contents of your site frequently.
  • Make facility for the customers to contact you or call you instantly.
  • Collect all the information of the customers through your site to maintain a database of the same for improving your business.
  • Give information about your current customers and feedbacks given by them. This will help to gain hope of the new customers.
  1. Understanding the basics of online marketing

  • The first step you should take is to prepare a web marketing online plan for your business. Include sections like a summary, description about your business and products you sell, your competitors, their business strategy, your target market, a business strategy which you are going to adopt, sales plan, management members and include your financial data.
  • Secondly set goals for your business. Do a survey about your business and set goals accordingly.
  • After setting up the goals for your business define the goals for your website. You should also have few internet marketing objectives for your site so that you can measure your online success.
  • For example, if your website goal is managing customer service then your success in your goal can be measured by the number of phone calls, number of traffic to your web pages, number of hours of your site usage and others.
  • Always provide 24*7 customer support online. Allow the customers to make phone calls or send you an email about their query.
  • Have a brand for your company or product. Whether you sell the product online or not but the name of your site should be same as your existing business.
  • By advertising your website on various other sites or through a business model you can generate a lot of revenue.
  • If you advertise offline to make it more visible to the target market. Be smart by “Fishing where the fish are”
  • Make your domain name appear on your products, packages, brochures, shopping bags, outdoor signs, business trucks and put it where ever you can use it.
  • Get your website listed in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. These three will cover enough of the natural search market.
  • Do your offline customers and online customers have the same characteristics? Think about it for a moment. Your online target is more diverse geographically. You need to find out who your target audiences are.
  • You always won’t have the funds to reach all your target audiences or everyone. In such cases, you need to segment the market which are in different forms. After segmenting the market prioritize your markets.
  • For instance, if you follow guerrilla marketing you will focus on one market segment at a time, gain profit and then invest the same in the next market segment. If you do not have a proper Web Based Marketing plan then your website will not have a significant impact.
  • Prepare an online Web Based Marketing plan. An answer to yourself questions like why should someone purchase from your company rather than from a competitor? This will lead you in developing a best Web Based Marketing plan.
  • Have a Web Based Marketing tag that defines your business in short and crisp words.
  • Once your business goes online your list of competitors will definitely increase. Have a list of leading competitors and have a track on them.
  • Understand the four P’s of marketing: Product, Price, Placement and Promotion. This will help you in sorting out issues with your web marketing online plan.
  • Understand the needs of the target audience and always know why they buy? Only if you satisfy your customers’ certain needs you can achieve success.

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  1. Enhance your online presence

Social media

Social media is the best way to enhance your online presence. It will help to increase the number of visitors to your site. Always listen a lot as it will help you learn something new

Make the best use of a social media channel to increase your search engine ranking. The most common social media are listed below:

  • Facebook: Use this social media for brand loyalty, customer support and to solicit your views and opinions.
  • Twitter: This will help you in keeping you updated with local news, upcoming events and offers.
  • LinkedIn: This social media will help you in reaching your business clients and professional people related to your business.
  • Blogs: a Blog is a form of an online journal that looks more or less like web pages.
  • Wikipedia: It is related to a blog which makes everyone a writer.

Also, you can use content sharing sites like YouTube, podcasts and Flickr for enhancing customer participation.

Web analytics

Web analytics helps in increasing the performance of your site using the traffic and sales statistics.

Track your website activity and identify what parameters to measure. There are few important parameters used to measure which are listed below

  • Visits
  • Unique visitors
  • Page views
  • Page views per visit
  • URL’s viewed
  • Referrers
  • Search engines
  • Conversion rates

The following statistics will help you to decide about a Web Based Marketing program or site development.

  • Time of day
  • Day of week
  • Browsers and OS
  • Length of visit
  • Search strings
  • Countries
  • Hosts or sites
  • Entry pages
  • Exit pages
  1. Effective online store

If you want to sell products online then do a study on online sales and go through a lot of leading online stores. Learn about their sites, customer support, return policies, product quality, delivery terms, order fulfilment, shipping processes, their tie-ups and others.

The essential components for an online store are listed below

  • Product catalogue: Includes product name, description, price, photo and code number if any.
  • Shopping cart: Allows shoppers to add items for their purchases. They can also delete an item from the cart.
  • Check stand: This part adds taxes to the cost of the bill and shows the final price to the customers. It accepts billing information like card numbers and password from the customers in a safe and secure way.
  • Reporting and order tracking: This helps a customer in keeping track of their purchased product.

There are two types of online store B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer). B2C online store can be established like a normal retail store.

If it is a B2B online store then include a secure application form to be filled in and sent by the wholesalers or dealers to know the prices. Also, provide an option of sending you a mail with all the details.

Be choosy in displaying products online. Product selection and pricing are the two key factors for an online store. Make an astute business decision about what you will sell and at what a price.

You can boost up your revenue using any of these techniques in your storefront: cross sales, upsales, Personal recommendation, Bestsellers, What’s New, Hot deal, Gift recommendation, Impulse buys, Wishlist, date reminders, promotion codes and many others are there.

Offer multiple payment options for the customers. This will increase your conversion rate.

Be available to the customers through email or phone call. It is a best practice to provide a toll-free number to the customers so that they do not hesitate to contact you. In this way, you can keep your customers satisfied and can gain support from your customers.

Shipping is a real-time marketing issue these days. Provide choices for the customers in their shopping method. It’s better to hide a part of the shipping charges in the product price itself.

Because a recent study shows that customers reduce their online purchases due to high shipping costs. So always reduce the shipping price.

  1. Online advertising of the website

Pay Per Click (PPC) ads stand ahead of the old-fashioned advertisement. PPC links viewers search queries to advertisers’ answers which results in a highly targeted audience. For PPC service you pay for the number of the clicks you receive for your advertisement.

What to do under PPC programs?

  • Devise a PPC strategy
  • Compare PPC to other online advertisements
  • Use content ad partners
  • Planning PPC campaign
  • Decide where to spend and how
  • Make a bidding within your budget
  • Select appropriate search words
  • Write a good PPC ad including your offers
  • Review your results from PPC and make changes accordingly

There are also other online advertising options available like banner advertising, newsletters, site sponsorship’s and online classifieds.

Paid online advertising also comes in a variety of forms like static banner ads, animated GIF or flash ads, media ads, pop-up ads, Pop-unders, interstitial ads and expandable ads.

Banner advertising is one of the more expensive methods of online advertisement. Banner advertising needs a clever planning to increase your click-through rates. You must take the below points into consideration before going in for an online banner advertising.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Which site do you want to advertise your site?
  • What type of ad do you want to display?
  • Who will handle the campaign – yourself or an agency?
  • Where do you want to place your ad in that particular site?
  • What will be the contents of the banner?
  • What will be the cost incurred?
  • Will you be able to meet out the cost?
  • What will be your return on investment?

Here are a few tips listed below which would help you in making an effective online advertisement.

  • Grab attention with the title
  • Always be creative
  • Repeat the keywords to gain maximum attention
  • Include your benefits and offers
  • Avoid excessive use of exclamation points
  • Attract customers with pictures. A picture speaks loud more than words.
  • Include your site details and link to your site
  • Post only your business details and avoid providing your personal details
  • Proofread your ad before posting to avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes
  1. Gaining attention using new technologies

The world of Web Based Marketing changes constantly. Update yourself on these changes by reading more blogs and newsletters. Paying attention to recent changes in Web Based Marketing will help you reach your targets better and increase your returns.

It will also help you to generate more leads. There are a lot of new techniques for Web Based Marketing and advertising which are discussed below.

  • Videos and vlogs

The growth of internet access and inexpensive video recording technology has helped a lot in Web Based Marketing. You can include a video on your site that includes all the details of your business.

Personal video journals called vlogs are famous these days. In these vlogs, videos are updates regularly and it includes personal comments from viewers.

  • Podcasts

Podcasts are basically radio on demand over the net. To make a podcast you need to record your audio and add effects to it then upload it to your site or any other hosting location.

Once you have submitted your podcast advertise it on search engines. Most of the audience of podcasts are youngsters. This will increase your leads.

  • Webcasts, Web conferences and Webinars

Webcasts refer to a live video net broadcast. This method works best in a B2C environment.

Web conferences work best for small group presentations that are in the form of data or document. It is a two-way interaction method which is close to the sales cycle.

Webinars is a combination of multimedia components as a one-way interaction in the form of video, PowerPoint presentation, live polls or surveys, etc.

This reaches a large number of participants and also gathers a lot of information from the people like their emails and phone numbers. This method also helps in getting feedback’s from the people about the product.

  • Mobile devices

Mobile marketing is a very prominent method of Web Based Marketing or product. Marketing is done through text messaging, picture messaging, mobile internet advertising and mobile sites for which special web content is prepared. These types of mobile marketing are discussed below

Initiating a text message campaign

The steps for text message campaign are as follows

  1. Have a five digit code that will work on all carriers and is approved by all wireless network
  2. Advertise it through some means like TV, radio, billboard and others
  3. Measure your responses to measure your effectiveness of the campaign
  • Marketing with MMS

MMS works same as SMS but it is in the form of graphics, animation, video or audio. MMS reaches a lot of audiences. Giving a click to call option is the best way to attract customers through MMS. Make sure that the MMS is simple yet attractive.

  • Mobile websites

Most of the mobile phones now have the access to the web. And they use the mobile phone for surfing. When you are creating a website see through that there are no heavy graphics implemented. Also, text-intensive sites are hard to read.

The site should be clearly visible on the tiny screen. Plan your budget, target audience and creativity before going in for a mobile website.

Finally, Your target audience is your north pole always navigate towards that using the basics of Web Based Marketing as your compass.

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