7 Great and Helpful Tools to Generate Unlimited Sales Leads

unlimited sales leads

Every business irrespective of its size and genre must have a proper sales team to sell the product or service it is offering. Sales are the most important and crucial part of the business. No matter how advanced the production system or cutting-edge technology is used for manufacturing processes, sales are the only way to generate revenue by clearing channelizing the products to the customers. Generating Sales is the most critical and important part of the business as everything and every strategy becomes useless when there is no sales mechanism to clear out the warehouses.

Source of revenue

The sole way to generate revenue is via sales. The company can be of any genre or volume it will need some sort of sales generation to keep the money flowing in for further investment. The company can generate revenue from sales, royalties, interests, and dividends but at some point in time, it needs sales to gather revenue for further investments in the production of income generating assets.

Sales operation is the most important step of marketing. It is quite tough to differentiate between the end point of marketing and the beginning of the sales line. The marketing effort is meant to create favorable conditions for smooth sales completion. Sales strategies are particularly aimed to move the finished goods to the endpoint of the process that is the customers or else the products will remain on the shelves eating dust.

Investment in the field of sales

The strategies for a perfect sales operation vary from business to business. A company must invest in a proper way to cover the grounds of promotion and other resources in order to ensure proper flow of finished goods and services to the customers and meet the demands. The motto is to serve the key interests of the clients to see them coming every time for the same product on a regular basis. The parameters are very much crucial and the constraints are dynamic. Recognizing the constraints is another area where investment should be done to investigate and seclude them. Knowing the constraints unlimited sales leads to a proper generation of sales strategies to create demand and supply accordingly.

Unlimited Sales Leads generation

A business stands on the volume of unlimited sales leads it has in the field. Competition in this era of advanced technology and growth is cutthroat. Generation of unlimited sales leads seems the most critical and crucial step in the sales process. It is a long process where marketing strategy is to build and the process is moved forward as per the course set in the strategy. Finding good sales leads is like digging gold but it is not always the right spot. Knowing the customers is the first step to set the target and build the strategy to reach them and sell the finished goods. It needs good research and absolute evaluation of the constraints to tackle them rightly.

After understanding the scenario the next step is to choose the best practice and set up a sales operation strategy. In this era of fast innovations and internet, you can easily generate unlimited sales leads by knowing the customers and reaching them. There are various ways to find out the prospects and convert them into customers for your finished products. The power of the internet has shrunk the world in a small computer that can immensely help you in the process.

There are various ways to generate unlimited sales leads:

  • Social media marketing

The entire world is flocking in and around the social media websites. The sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, etc are getting more number of users every day. The promotional activities can give you a good result if the entire venture is concentrated on these social media platforms. The ads and the campaigns can generate the huge number of unlimited sales leads in seconds that can be monitored and used fruitfully with the help of a social media marketing platform or marketing automation platform.

coca-cola sales leads

Every single educated person has one or email addresses which they use to get the entry in various websites or other purposes. The email contacts can be generated or bought from sources as per the interest and then the marketing can be done with signup forms, referral programs, and landing pages. The prospect via email marketing is vast and with the help of the marketing automation platforms it can be improvised and used properly.


  • Website optimization

If you have a website you can link it with social media platforms and make them search engine optimized. The more visible the website is the better is the probability of generation of customer sales leads. The basic motto behind this optimization process is to get better visibility and rankings in the searching results. Increase as much traffic as you can and turn the prospects into successful unlimited sales leads.

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  • Network engagement

Your participation in webinars, discussions, events, conferences, etc can immensely increase your visibility and meet new people might generate customer sales leads instantly.

Options to generate unlimited sales leads

Sometimes being an expert cannot help you to generate unlimited sales leads. There are smart ways to employ your resources to locate prospects for your business via using certain tools and internet. Almost everyone uses the internet these days and they even prefer the approach via this medium too. In fact, all types of businesses are using this medium to reach their prospective targets in few seconds.

Looking for prospective unlimited sales leads is like a wild goose chase on the internet. There are some tools developed by the experts to ease the chase and find out the sales and leads in a particular area as per preferences set in the options. They are enlisted below.

  1. Hubspot

A perfect medium to dig and get contacts from the internet is Hubspot CRM. It is an open source program. After downloading the platform click on the ‘companies’ option and a page will open where you will get a search tab to enter the criteria you are looking for a particular company. Hit the search button and the list will appear within seconds where you can take your chances.


There is another unique option that allows checking on the previously visited options for follow up. This option helps you to keep the tap on the grounds where you have already demonstrated your interest and you can manage the information properly for further scheduling of visits.

You can also enter target specific information to get the names of the companies or entities that match the criteria. The search is further narrowed down to the most effective level you want to work on. Get a vivid list of prospects and start converting prospects into sales and leads. Simply click on the prospect and add it to the CRM database. It is very easy to handle big data pool and manage your work properly. The charges depend on the facilities you want as per the plans available on the website.

  1. InfusionSoft

InfusionSoft is a perfect tool for a small business which can manage CRM aptly and have other applications also. With just $199 a month, you can avail most of the marketing features needed to generate and maintain customer sales and leads. It might not offer to host and managing a website option but you can send emails without any quantity restriction, maintain 5000 contacts, avail landing pages, get sales and leads capture forms, auto-respond option for the email from the customers, campaigns to nurture clients and CRM. If you are ready to pay another $100 every month then you can get an e-commerce store. But the initialization with the platform demands a hefty sum of $2000 covering the educational training for the learning process.


  1. Act-On

Act-on platform offers very good features that you can expect for your business but the price starts from $500 for a month. The charges for the software depend upon the number of contacts you want to maintain every month. The only and the worst drawback of the platform is the website is very critical to understand. The navigation is hard and the language on the pricing page is complex.


You can avail landing pages, forms to capture sales and leads, nurture your contacts options, create and hold webinars, remote sales team communication via syndicating content and many more.

  1. LoopFuse

LoopFuse is now acquired by SalesFusion. This platform is not that well known to the business owners but has a very good set of features that are available at free of cost. The compact set that fulfills the basic requirements of a small businessman or self-employed personnel for the start. The basic drawback of the program is that it does not offer web hosting or search engine optimization factors.


You can manage 500 contacts with the basic version and avail a capacity of 1000 emails. It comes with a capacity of 10,000 page views and sales and leads capture forms. The Standard SalesForce Integration feature helps you to manage and syndicate with your sales team remotely. The platform comes with sales and leads management, nurturing emails, analytics and scoring for the better understanding of the market and the unlimited sales leads. The options can be magnified by paying $450 a month where you can avail manage up to 10,000 contacts. The other features will become unlimited. The platform is very compatible and complying with the medium scale business owners and salespersons.

  1. Marketo Spark

Marketo Spark is an elegant platform that focuses heavily on the email marketing of the products but has limited functionality for other segments. The price is high too and cannot be a proper alternative for the best platforms like Hubspot. At a price of $750 per month you can avail a huge volume of 30,000 emails, nurture the unlimited sales leads, and get landing page options and sales lead capture forms, options to integrate with social media and analytics.


With an additional charge of $300 a month, you can get better email deliverability functions with spam checks, proper IP addresses and many more. If your entire work is focused on email marketing then it can be a worthy investment for your venture to generate sales and leads.

  1. X2Engine

This one is a very good customer relationship management platform with inbuilt strong marketing automation specifics. The interesting part of this platform is that it is an open source program. The free version is not that much capable to cover all the grounds. The platform is available in two different versions regarding pricing and flavor, self-hosted and cloud. But to work on this platform there is a long learning curve as the system is complicated but effective. Before indulging in adopting a pro version set your hands with the free one first.

The X2Engine platform provides 50,000 contact management feature with documentation, emailing and inbuilt quote template services. You can also perform web tracking and email campaigns. The price is $12 per month per user for the minimum of three users.

  1. Inbound

Inbound is a recent player in the town that offers marketing automation with its basic CRM feature, landing page builder, email marketing, and social media management specifics. You can post unlimited postings in the social media and can maintain 1000 contacts. With the capacity of 10,000 emails and 100 landing pages, this platform works as the basic startup gear for a small business. The price is $29 per month.

There are various other platforms like the above ones that offer marketing automation and sales lead generation within seconds. The choice depends on the use and type of the business as well the volume of the customers.

How to select the best method

The first and foremost rule to follow when you are generating unlimited sales leads via these platforms is that you have to maintain the client’s privacy. It is better not to use their names to make them feel secure. The lines used in the content of the emails must be to the point and the subject must be short. Email sending time must be convenient for better turn up of unlimited sales leads like weekends. Social media is the best medium to get the quickest response. Generate unlimited sales leads via these methods and convert them into loyal customers. sales and leads generation has never been so easy.

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