20 Best Steps To Enhance Your Sales Team Goals & Productivity

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Introduction To Sales Team Goals:

The duty of a sales manager is not an easy one. They have to face a lot of challenges throughout their careers no matter which organization they are a part of. One of their main challenges is to keep their sales team goals motivated to produce satisfactory results all the time.

Some people are in the misbelief that the best ways to keep their sales personnel motivated are by spending a hell lot on them or keep them engaged in some sort of training or another. However, the better ways are to reduce their administrative burdens and increase their on-field time or on the phone.

20 Best Ways to improve your sales team goals & productivity

Keeping in view these facts, we have produced a few of the best ideas to make a B2B salesperson more productive. These are as follows:

  1. Update sales team goals with the latest technology

This doesn’t mean that your sales personnel be given a trendy and costly new gadget but means that they should be made equipped with the latest tools to perform their tasks easier and more efficiently. If they are busy solving their tech issues with the support team then they’ll obviously lose on precious time with the prospects or customers. So this shouldn’t happen under any circumstance.

Having said this, it is also your duty as a sales manager to make sure that sales personnel are in possession of at least a few latest devices such as a 4G iPad and an Android mobile at all times. This would keep them connected to the internal systems and the Internet at all times which is very crucial for a business organization. You must stay aware and open to all technological advancements and try to equip your sales team goals with some of them.

  1. Stop asking for TPS Reports!

An efficient sales manager focuses more on actual sales and increasing sales targets than the fulfillment of paperwork and TPS reports for that matter. Thus, don’t be rigid when it comes to asking your sales team for weekly or monthly reports of sales figures, rather let them hit the market with freedom and focus on closing the sale prospect. You can hire an administrative assistant who can look after the official formalities on your behalf.

  1. Don’t be an obstacle!

This tip is very similar to the above two tips since it emphasizes on the point that it is the responsibility of the sales manager to remove every obstacle in the way of his sales personnel be it anything. The sales team goals should be able to focus on their appointments, visits to prospects and dealing with customers rather than be hindered by any other obstacle. So the sales manager should take care of this situation himself.

  1. Remote Meetings

If you are one of those managers who like to meet each sales team member individually and assign them new revenue and sales targets, then you need to change. Actually, it’s a good practice to let the sales team goals operate on its own and if necessary, take the sales meetings via telephone or skype. In some companies, this might be considered as an unstable thing to happen but if you can clearly communicate to the team members that the prime focus is to achieve targets then it’s not a bad thing, believe me!

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  1. Train them!

Yes, sometimes training is good for the sales team goals and you as a sales manager must arrange for their proper training from time to time. Train them so as to increase their productivity and develop their selling skills as well. However, most importantly you should train them to deal with the latest trends in technology and how to best utilize them to their advantage.

  1. Employ Appointment Setters

Your trained and skilled sales team goals spend so much time on dialing phone numbers and trying to set an appointment with prospects. Their aggregate productivity is severely affected by such a scenario and it results in lowered sales targets. Instead, what you can do is to try and hire “appointment setters” to work for you who would set appointments with clients on your behalf. This would lead your salespeople to focus more on face to face communication with prospects and clients and ultimately closing the deals.

  1. Introspect whenever time

Every sales manager has some great salesmen, some average salesmen and a few below average salespeople working for him. However, it is your duty as a sales manager to look after your team. You must do an introspection from time to time as to what makes your top sellers perform and what actually hinders the below average staff. Afterward, try to tell those underachievers what they’re lacking and how they can come up to the mark. Remember, better performing salespeople means more sales and increased revenue.

  1. Be in their shoes!

This means that you should try to know and feel their grievances and what objections they have to face from the prospects. If you can’t get enough info directly from the sales team goals then it’s not a bad idea to make some time to accompany them in a few major appointments, just to know how they’re doing it and how they can eradicate their problems in future. Believe me, your skill and experience will greatly help them.

  1. Initiate an Inbound Marketing Campaign

To keep their sales personnel engaged and in the field, all the time is the biggest challenge faced by sales managers these days. For overcoming this obstacle, you can take the help of social media and the Internet to view and generate more and more leads for your sales team. Increased leads will make your salesmen in the field most of the time and this would mean more sales and revenue.

  1. Motivate them as much as can

Motivation is the prime force behind every seller doing his duties. However, every salesman is motivated differently. What motivates seller A might not motivate seller B and vice versa. It is in your interest as a sales manager that you come to know about the motivating factors of each of your sellers and thus feeding them enough of that so as to keep them going.

The above mentioned are just a few guidelines for the sales managers of today to employ and pass onto their sales team activities. These are however broad points and do not by any means guarantee desired levels of success or achievement of sales figures. But, these can significantly assist in boosting the overall capacity of your sales team goals and ensure long-term productivity of the organization.

Now, we are going to present a few more of the working tips for the sales managers of today that have universal applicability. These areas mentioned:

  1. Lot admin work

Most of us are in the habit of doing important tasks in linearity. For example, we make a phone call, leave a voicemail, then record it in CRM and then send a follow-up email etc. However, it is best to collect all admin work to keep oneself in the groove. For example, make all the calls at once jotting down a few important notes. Next, do all the CRM work and finally, all the follow-up work at once. This finishing up of similar tasks in lots is a more productive way of doing things instead of a linear sequence.

  1. Automate parallel tasks

It means that as a sales manager you should value your time and efforts and try to automate parallel or redundant tasks to make those happen faster. For example, you can blind-copy your official e-mail id with any outbound emails to customers or prospects. The benefit is that whenever any action is initiated by that prospect, it’ll automatically get recorded in your email id and thus you save a lot of manual effort and time.

  1. Automate buying & trigger events alerts

As a sales manager, you can also try to automate the buying behavior and event triggers of prospects that take place instantly via the use of social media platforms. For example, you can choose to set-up a series of alerts on major channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, OFunnel and Newsle which will be delivered directly to your mailbox. Afterward, make it a point to regularly check up on the alerts, preferably first thing in the morning.

  1. Build and follow a prospect research process

Leaving the important tasks of fixing and attending to a prospect’s appointment with their own devices is not a good idea. Rather, you should try to create a standardized processor system to increase both stability and success of these tasks whilst reducing the time they take to occur. For example, design a 2-minute process for all salesmen to follow before they commit to any prospect’s call. This could be like checking it up on Google or browsing through their LinkedIn profiles or something like this. Such a step could significantly reduce the non-selling time of salespeople and increase their efficiency.

  1. Buy effective gadgets

I would surely not advice any of the sales (or would be) managers to be penny wise and pound foolish at any stage of their careers. How would you feel if one or more of your sales personnel couldn’t attend to an appointment within the stipulated time and the meeting is called off? It is not the fault of your salesman but the equipment he uses. Thus, I would certainly invest in buying decent standard gadgets and equipment for my salesmen.

  1. Reduce lay-off time

It is generally observed even in many of the leading corporations of the world that the sales staff, are out of their seats, slowly wandering off and wasting precious time. This shouldn’t be allowed to happen. You can certainly allow some time off to them periodically but then they must adhere to those strictly. As a manager, you can also offer some rewards at the end of each month to those who have complied with.

  1. Make your leads better

Many organizations we now have some very capable sales staff but who are utterly wasted because of false or unresponsive leads. You as a sales manager must ensure that your sales team activities have sufficient amount of leads available to them. However, better leads mean responsive leads who actually buy. There’s no point in having a significant amount of leads but most of whom do not pick your calls or don’t want to fix an appointment.

  1. Invest in your staff

This point has already been discussed in detail previously and just emphasizes the fact that happy sellers mean more sales and the disinterested ones are worthless for you. Thus, its’ hugely important to invest in your best performing personnel and keep them motivated by any means possible.

  1. Improve your content and make it available

Every sales personnel is given an information handout, broachers, and leaflets about the company and its products which they then study and show to their prospects. But, if your content is outdated or misleading then how do you expect your sales staff to speak confidently during an appointment with the prospect? It is really necessary to manage and update the companies’ official content so that each and every piece of information about your organization is provided to the clients or prospective ones.

  1. Structure meetings productively

Firstly, having too frequent and repetitive meetings is bad for the health of your organization. However, whenever you call a meeting, ensure that every seller is attentively listening and participating as you would like. Convey and discuss the agenda with the sellers but don’t take too much time of theirs. And, once the agenda is finalized try to free the sales personnel as quickly as possible so that they can utilize their time on actual client meetings.


These were some of the best tips and advice which we could assemble about getting the best out of your sales team goals. However, be aware that they are not a guaranteed source of success and that applicability of each or all of these is dependent on different company situations and circumstances. Would you like to add something to this list? What is the main cause of loss of productivity of your sales team goals or what led your team to be active and successful sellers? We would love to hear.

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