10 Important Leadership Models Which Will Make You A Successful Leader

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A leadership does not mean you need to rule the person working under you. It simply means helping those people who are perform poorly or helping those who are doing well but can do much better in future. You might have heard from your manager stating that if you want to grow in the business you should think like a leader. A leader is the one who along with his entire team takes the project to a new level. There are different leadership models which can help you take the right path to achieve the success ladder and improve the business reputation.

Who is a good leader?

Internet is all flooded with different stories about how employees were bullied by a long leadership personality. Some stories have also been shared on social media on how a leader with his team of qualified employees managed to achieve the success for a particular project. Leadership depends on the approach which an individual seeks towards employees to achieve the target and fulfill the business expectation. You may find different books associated with these leadership models. In case you have never read any of those books then this is the right page for you.

What is Leadership Model?

Once you understand how to encourage an employee to work for the business, your next step is to apply the right leadership model. The model that you use must be simple and well organized. It should not be restricted to a laminated index or a sheet of paper. Practically, such type of leadership models is not something that you make on the sheet of a paper. It is comprised of different parts of the organization and management system which are capable and functional enough to give a qualitative result.

Leadership models make the simple mechanism to give you the results. A good leader must be aware about different leadership models. So far the users and the organization members have given a positive feedback on using such leadership models. It gives effective output for a long time. An individual of small or large scale business can successfully perform such to meet the deadlines and organize the team members properly. Usually the team members are given the freedom only if they are skilled and experienced in most of the leadership models.

Let’s See The 10 Important Leadership Models Which Will Make You A Successful Leader:

  1. Servant Leadership

A book on servant leadership which was published in the year 1970 was quite popular. Since then people actually followed the ways that were mentioned in it for betterment of the business. Do not go on the name. Servant leadership does not mean that you have to act like a servant. It is neither a technique not a style of leadership. In this model, you need to focus on others need specially the needs of your team members before considering your own. Your job is to acknowledge the perspectives of other people and support them in achieving their goals in the right manner.

As per the experts who suggest such model, to apply this type of leadership models for your team, try to involve them in decisions where their opinion matters. Try to create a community sense within your team. The more your team members are engaged together, the better it will lead to innovation. Such leadership models entirely depend on how you behave with your team members for the long time. The only issue with such leadership models is it may not work in hierarchical environment. Such leaders would have to strive hard to earn respect.

  1. Leadership with Autocratic Model

It is another popular leadership models which has been showing tremendous progress among different customer. It is one of the types of transactional leadership. The leaders can have a god power and control over their team. Unfortunately staff members have limited option to suggest or comment on what it would be best for the team. There are many benefits of this leadership. No doubt it gives incredible results. It is easy to make decisions that too quickly and get solutions efficiently. There are high chances that it may lead to high level of absenteeism with a good turnover of the staff.

To apply such type of leadership among the members of the business, it requires unskilled yet routine job. You can use it in the crises when you simply need to make the decision and implement it without wasting any time over the discussion. You may find such type of leadership popularly used among the military people. Top commanders use such leadership to make the complex decisions. This allows the troop to focus performing the tasks allotted and mission to be achieved. However, there are times when you need to be harsh to make decisions for the betterment of the organization.

  1. Leadership with Transactional Model

It is one of the finest and the most common leadership models that have been used by many people across the world. In this style of leadership, a leader must assign certain tasks to the employees to perform. If the employee delivers a good performance results then a leader must reward him. If the employee does not perform as expected then employee should be punished for the deeds. Manager and team members make certain goals on which employee agree to follow under the right leadership and achieve the results.

Transactional leadership includes more managerial power. It means that your manager will review the result, train the employee and reward him if the desired goals are met. The rewards could be anything from bonus till increment which would encourage the employee to do better for the company. Such type of leadership is acceptable by senior members and staff. It includes two way communications and is the most effective option so far. For effective results, the leader needs to create a strong emotional bond with the organization members and follow the agenda that people come first before anything else.

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  1. Leadership which is Task-Oriented

This type of leadership models is quite similar to autocratic leadership. For better understanding, you can refer to different books that have been written on it. It mostly focuses on getting the job done from the employees. It requires employees to be alert and active. They should be participate and must complete their desired leadership roles in the right manner. The work will be managed and monitored by the organization head. There are other key tasks such as to maintain and create the performance standards.

  1. Charismatic Leadership

This type of leadership is similar to transformational leadership model. In this model, leaders must inspire the teammates to be energetic. The focus of the leaders is to motivate the employees to move forward with the right goals. This creates team spirit, commitment and excitement which prove to be lot more beneficial to the organization. The only difference between the transformational and charismatic leaders is the intention. Charismatic leaders have to focus on themselves and might not change other things where as the transformational leaders will have to transform the team and organization. Though there are certain drawbacks associated with it but the advantages do overcome them.

  1. Leadership which is based on People

people - leadership models

The name itself says what the role of a leader must be in this type of leadership. It completely focuses on supporting, organizing and creating the people in the team. It requires participation of the leader and the employees. The leader must encourage the team members and achieve the goals with a strong team work. It is completely opposite to leadership which is task oriented. The role of a leader needs complete involvement. He must advice and help the team members whenever required. It is necessary to carry a friendly approach and pay attention to the employees involved in the tedious task.

There are times when charismatic leaders have no option but to trust on their own decision. This can be risky for the project but if the outcome is positive, it gives good benefits to the organization. It will be good if the charismatic leader can believe on what other advises. At the end the decision would completely be upon the leader. It is a great role of a leader and the responsibilities associated with it are pretty huge. The people who undertake such role of a leader must give a long-term commitment to the organization and ensure that employees work in the way it was planned by the leader.

  1. Leadership Models called Transformational

In most of the business situations, it is the Transformational Leadership models which is used the most. A leader needs to be well educated, highly qualified and inspiring. He must set the right goals for the team members and for himself too. If this leadership model is followed in a right manner, it will lead to a good productivity and better results from every member present in the team. If the layman is not right, he may create misunderstanding. The organization that uses such type of leadership models must also opt for transactional models for better results.

  1. Leadership called Laissez-Faire Model

This leadership model name is based on the French Phrase which means “let it be”. It is free mind job. Eventually it lets the people to their part of job the way they want to. For this the leadership comes individually and managers also don’t have to control much over the people or on the work at any means. This type of leadership models work completely on the freedom which every member of the team gets no matter whether he is on the higher position or just a trainee. The leader must monitor the performance and give his opinion to the team members on regular basis.

  1. Leadership with a Democratic Model

This type of leadership includes final decision. It includes team members in making the decision process. If you talk about the people involvement it involves the leader and his team members. This type of leadership allows the employees to show their creativity and talent and thus contribute in the decision making associated with the project. This gives team members a job satisfaction and results in better productivity too. This may not be that effective if you need to make a quick decision for any critical issue of the project or where the manager requires prompt solution on certain project aspects.

  1. Leadership with Bureaucratic Model

This is another popular leadership models which is applicable in small scale and large scale business. Though there is safety risks that need to be followed but results are always positive out of it. These leaders usually make the rigorous riles to ensure that people are organized enough to follow the process in a right manner. You can apply leadership models at the time when the tasks is associated with toxic substances and machinery or any sort of dangerous height. Companies that require extreme flexibility or creativity should not opt for such type of leadership models as it requires proper planning and organization.

Use Leadership Models for Better results

Out of the above mentioned leadership models, you can choose anyone that suits the employees and your business. It must be able to convince the people to change and improve for the betterment. All the above leadership models focus on assessing the employee motivation and identify their needs and value them. For successful business implementation, valuing employee’s needs is important. The above leadership models so far has given a positive result to business of different sectors. Implement it in your business and see the difference in the revenue that is being generated.

To utilize the leadership qualities and skills in a right way ensure that you are well versed with the above mentioned leadership models and how to apply them at the right time. Identify the employees with factors like department meetings, focus groups and one-to-one meetings. This helps you understand what the employee holds as his values, vision and goals for the business. Besides, it is employee’s duty as well to identify what they expect from the leader. This will help you uncover the gap and fulfill their expectation along with the business in the right possible manner.

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