Employee Motivation - Why Recognition is most important?

Employee Motivation is the key to happy and satisfied employees. A happy workplace has higher productivity and higher productivity generates higher revenue in return. Employee productivity is a measure of employee retentivity and empowered employees with a happy workplace and work collaboration at the workplace. Employers today do come up with a variety of employee motivation ideas to motivate team spirit, social networks and interaction at work. They also encourage picnics award ceremonies, star employee appraisals and many other strategies in place but we often ignore the fact that the simplest strategy is employee motivation. Employee Motivation can be by awards, social team outings, praise and points for high performers. Recognizing high performers and awarding them is the best tool to high employee productivity and performance.


Do you actually know that how employee appreciation catering to any kind of work the employee does can be greatly for employee motivation. Praise for the deliverables met on time, for work done efficiently before the deadlines are points to be praised for. Appreciate the employee and make him feel how well he is doing. Appraise him. Identify high performers and mention out their outstanding efforts, contributions and how they are a valuable asset to the organization.

Employee Motivation


Though not possible to measure on a scale, it is a powerful tool to create a team environment. This encourages employees for high performance, higher retention rates, higher productivity, and reduced expenses to inattentiveness at work, safety issues or on the job downtime. Recognizing employees for the work they do, only costs some time and effort .It’s a work which will pay you back as an employer. Once you initiate this program you will see that it bears you results.

Here are some benefits of employee recognition at work:

  • Higher productivity: Employee productivity enhances, and many a times improves when employee’s high performance is recognized and rewarded.
  • Reduced rework:Increase efforts at work in a way reduces work errors and in a way reduces rework at work. It enhances employee productivity and high performance is in a way delivered.
  • Reduced cost: Ad work and rework is reduced, unwanted costs are reduced and the company can expect better return on low company expenses.
  • Employee retentivity: Retentivity enhances as employees perform better and they are motivated to work .They no longer remain job hoppers and stick to one job and do not leave jobs or switch to other jobs.
  • Improved performance ratings: As employee performs well the company gets better returns and the managers are happy with the work performed. They give higher and improved ratings to employees and overall yearly appraisals of each employees are better.
  • Monthly hikes: Better performance appraisals result in performance pay and hikes on monthly and yearly basis, which produces high performing, satisfied and happy employees.

Employee Motivation Techniques

  • Gifts and Prizes and Awards

Awarding your employees and sending them valuable gifts on occasions like Christmas, cutting team cakes on birthdays are some of the good motivating ways for employees. Employees continue working with equal zeal and enthusiasm if their work gets applauded. This is why companies are paying special attention to rewards and recognition at work.

  • Appreciation and recognition

Appreciation and recognition are the two very important and major factors of employee motivation to keep striving towards their goals at work. They want to aim higher and better to be applauded by hikes and increase in pay scales. By applauding employees in front of friends and colleagues, it is the greatest motivation one can get to do better anytime.


How employees get demotivated?

Here are some ways which employers are unaware of, but employers must know that this is demotivating your happy and dedicated employees.

  • Over supervision by managers

Too much of supervision by managers and supervisors is demotivating for employees. This makes employees feel demotivated and over supervised. They cannot enjoy absolute freedom at work and feel very demotivated. Such employees are job hoppers and change jobs to more satisfying and happy jobs at workplace suited to their needs.

  • Low payscales

This is another demotivating factor for employees. They work hard each day 24 *7 struggling to meet deadlines, struggling to work harder ,but what they get in return is a very low pay for high and long working hours day and night.

  • Poor appraisals

Giving bad appraisals to employees is highly demotivating. It leads to employees turning into job hoppers .They often change jobs due to poor appraisals or appreciation for the long hours of hard work they have been putting into their work. Poor job ratings are indeed very demotivating from the employee perspective. As promotions remain at hold and hikes are rejected.

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Why is this so important?

Well, for all, promotion and recognition is the key -regardless of where they happen to be in the food chain, is recognition hungry. By praising their high performances, you will be getting the best way to motivate them and push them and bring out their best and hidden talents.

Studies show that employees who are rewarded have shown higher loyalty and high productivity and are eager to contribute to your company peacefully and sincerely in whatever best possible way.

Recognizing the power of recognition

You should never ignore the power inherent, in employee recognition. It’s the most evident way in your motivation, provided it’s at the right time and track.

When an executive recognizes somebody’s effort, its value is enhanced manifold mere email acknowledgement, gems to employees, or praise in a meeting might be a long way altogether. Even if you shake hands with them or call for a team lunch, you never know how motivating it might be. You may not necessary need to give away awards and prizes – especially if your employees are different and remote to any location. The key is the find easy and simple and accessible ways that work for your team. Find something that will be the best way out, to make them realize their good work and that has longevity and helps in the long run.

You’re part of a team, and you don’t want to lose your individuality

Team appraisal and quotas are important but , recognition for individual work is more desired by an employee and accomplishments by the people also need to be applauded both above and people below you as an employee. Anticipating that they will be recognized for completing a task well is strong motivation for an individual to “go the extra mile.”

Providing recognition for accomplishments, serves to raise self-esteem and reinforce their value both to the company and employees, improve their personal image at work and within colleagues and feel valuable and as an asset to the company.

Recognition is important, but so are rewards

Praise and recognition though has a limited life. At some point you need to acknowledge the work of your workers and colleagues if you are an effective manager. While it’s important to encourage high-performing employees, if rewards do not come after so long hours of hard work , demotivated and laying off is the net result and thus overall productivity decreases.

Rewards come in all types and forms, tangible or intangible forms. Tangible rewards include such things as visible gifts, cash vouchers, discount coupons, lunches and dinners with team.

But intangible rewards can be just be a high cost to the company like promotions, salary like etc. Just doing something as simple as taking the employee out to lunch to together encourage team outings or giving promotions can be other intangible means.

The best thing to do have a direct connection between work deadlines and rewards awaiting work completion. Provide a monetary bonus for completing a certain tasks Short-term rewards, long term awards and awaited bonuses are some kind of employee motivation as a well as have a great impact on a high performing employee.


Recognize employee achievement and your work will leap results

Make your employees feel associated with the kind of work they do ,make them feel a part of the company, make them feel like they are a part of a team working towards the goal of high productivity.This in turn and results in high success parameters for the company. So whether it be a tangible reward or an intangible reward –a reward or recognition is the best reward for an employee.

Know Your Employee Better

  • Feedback

This is a better way to understand from the employees what they exactly want and this can be better done. Encourage monthly feedback from employees to help you understand what your workers want from the place they work 24 * 7.Do they want a more ergonomically suited workplace ,do they want air conditioned offices, do they want certificates or praise in meetings –what exactly do they want –tell them on an open feedback platform. Try to understand your employees and recollect their feedback to analyse what other unfulfilled wants are of their employees.

  • Listen and retaliate to employee grievances

Understand employee grievances. Understand why they are unhappy at work. Try to sort out their problems in the best possible way and reward each employee who are well and high performing at work without any grudges or grievances.

  • Relaxation and yoga camps

This has proved good results because yoga camps and gyms help employees to relax and chill out. This is a stress resolver and the best way to keep employees motivated and drain out work frustration .Work frustration is reduced, and employee motivation is done – team motivated when they attend yoga camps or gyms in groups and teams in good team spirits.

  • Picnics and park visits

Picnics are a great means to recreate for employees and co-workers .It’s a place for social meet ups and spread up team spirit. This is the best way to talk with all employees and feel empowered with better team working skills and collaboration at workplace.

  • Sweets and gifts on occasions like Christmas

Sweets and gifts on Christmas to employees is another way of employee motivation and make them feel happy at workplace. Sweets and gifts and secret Santa games are the best employee engagement games at workplace.

What are the major HR grievances?

  • Employee layoffs: Laying off employees due to poor performance has been a big issue now days. This is due to low profits of company and poor productivity of low performing employees. This is a major problem for growing IT organizations and need to be resolved as soon as possible.
  • Poor profits of company: Profits of the company might be deteriorating due to recession, or poor employee performance, low resource to complete work, lack of right skillsets. This need should be realised and resolved as soon as possible.
  • Low employee productivity: This is another reason why HR needs to motivate and encourage employees to enhance employee productivity and enhance motivation through rewards and applauds at work and within meetings.
  • Poor team effort: This is another important factor which needs to be met in organizations. Together we all can move mountains –remember that.
  • Poor appraisal : Main reason for grievances is poor appraisal and hold promotions .Employees want a hike in salary ,for that they need good appraisals .They leave the job if they find that even after working 24 * 7 your manager gives you horrible ratings at work.

These are some reasons one should not be demotivating our hard working employees. Reward them, praise them, applaud them, promote them, train them –they will show higher retentivity at your workplace and happy employees are the key to high work productivity! Remember if you follow at least some of the above mentioned steps for your employee motivation and help them in this little way, it is sure shot that they will be very happy. They will not have any grievances and will help to make a better workplace and will strive towards excellence.

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