The Workplace Toolkit : 10 Essentials You Need to Succeed

April 17, 2017


Workplace Toolkit – In the different economical parameters of our corporate endeavors, our analyzes on ourselves makes us think, “are we standing where we want to be”?  And this predicament is obvious as today we have to keep on moving, in spite of bottlenecks and perplexing situations. Experts suggest we should change ourselves, we should articulately manage and keep our workplace toolkit and come out our predicaments.

Workplace Toolkit

Following are the ten essentials you need to succeed, which are your effective workplace toolkit:

  1. Aware of your own self as your biggest Workplace toolkit

You are employed and are working hard, that’s good, but if you don’t have any aim in life your hard work will land you nowhere.  As Louis Pasteur says, “Chance favors the perfect mind”, and quite right so chance only favors the person who knows what he is doing, and where he wants to go, that means he is of right mind. In the same way, if you know and are aware of your weaknesses, you can easily manage and rectify the same which can help build your productivity and increase your efficiency.

Whether at the personal level or professional, it is SWOT that would work for you. SWOT analysis is a most productive and a useful workplace toolkit technique that can help you perform. It has the capacity to help you uncover the opportunities which you might not have been able to uncover and find out. And once you know what your weaknesses are you can easily manage and remove the threats and bottlenecks that are posing hindrances in your career move.

And secondly, if you look at yourself through the SWOT framework, you can start thinking out of box and find yourself different from your peers, learn new skills and be innovative and creative in whatever you and in your approach.

  1. Be Disciplined

You can create an impression in your workplace Toolkit by showing the capability in you to maintain discipline.  Ask yourself the questions, are you able to beat distractions and concentrate on the task in front of you. If yes, then no one can beat you and you will see yourself above the crowd who are giving their time into less productive like spending much of their office hours on gossiping on social media sites, and causing negative feelings in the environment. To discipline yourself adopt the time management skills and be a strategic thinker, and devoid yourself from the activities that might distract you from your goals.

  • Maintain punctuality/time chart
  • Organize your work schedule
  • Keep your workstation clutter free
  • Make the optimum use of the resources available.

Maintaining discipline is a second best tool of your life that should be incorporated in the complete persona for successful and healthy life.

  1. Adopt Technologies

Learn the new and latest technologies and make yourself comfortable with the same. The more you are acquainted with the current technologies, more you will see your productivity doubling. Technologies can be in the form of software or machines. However, it depends on you how you are utilizing the same. As an Automobile Trade Consultant suggests, “Today, a typical automotive design cycle is approximately 24 to 36 months, which is much faster than the 60-month life cycle from five years ago.”  (Source Rita McGarth). The pace at which the technologies are being invented, created and used, the time is not far when we all see our whole personality is drenched in technology. Feel technology, smell technology and live technology if you want to survive in the battle of your professional life.


Generally, adoption of a technology is a process that starts with getting acquainted with a particular technology and then move through series of the process towards making the effective use of it. We would look at technology as five step process:

Aware of yourself:  Users gets acquainted with technology.

Making an assessment –  Users make the workplace toolkit assessment of the technology for its efficiency and efficacy.

Acceptance –  Users uses make a final decision incorporate the technology and how to use it.

Learning: Users workplace toolkit safety learn how to make effective use of the technology by gaining the requisite skill in the same.

Using it:  Users finally start using it to increase the efficiency and productivity.

  1. Realize Attitude 

Learn to control your attitude, with an effective use of it in your work and professional relationships. General people are not aware of how to handle it. And that’s the biggest mistake as it is this attitude that what could make you stand apart. It governs the way you make the perception of the world and the way the world assumes about you. Attitude is a self-perception you generally considered as an ego but I would say it is a self-love. You know how good you are. It is a kind of self-encouragement and self-motivation, and the main point here is it is not what is happening to you but how you are choosing that matters. You can very well program or reprogram your mind which can become an effective tool for generating great ideas. The same is a dialogue you have with yourself which is software that you have added to generate the personality that you display to the outside world. Listen to your inner voice and think about it logically, if you are satisfied, use all your capabilities to start working on it.

  1. Visualizer

Studies have found that great athletes, surgeons, engineers and even artisans are using visualization and affirmations either consciously or subconsciously. Nelson Mandela has written on how visualization has helped him retain positive attitude even in a prison for 27 years, “I thought continually of the day when I would walk free. I fantasized about what I would like to do,” he wrote in his autobiography. Visualizing the future keeps the fire of success burning in you.

Here are some tips on how to apply visualization to achieve your goals

  • Focus on the positive side of a thing: If you are working on something, focus on your rewards that you might get.
  • Think about what your real aim is: Think about what you really want in your life and keep thinking as what you want is already with you.
  • Be very practical and consistent in your approach : Do not do any work which you feel is unachievable. Be practical and goal oriented.
  • Be very particular: Be very specific about what you want, don’t be vague.

Visualization is your best tool for people who carefully visualize the things around can adopt critical approach; they began to analyze the things and gain the ability to form their own perception and idea.

  1. Master the Soft Skills

Hard skills are what employers see in you but these are your soft skills that what get you noticed. Following are skills that you should adopt:

These soft skills are the best tools to acquire as they make the best attire of your personality and add to your productivity and efficiency. Besides, they

It is very difficult to make the judgment on what is a most important workplace toolkit soft skill, but this is what employers mean when they talk about the skills. These skills allow you to built working relationship with others, be constructive and productive in your approach and work.

  1. Be Adaptable


All the skills apart, adaptability and flexibility are one such endowment that you need to attire and add in your toolkit. With the changes in the market conditions, CEOs have to be ready to learn fast and fly. The whole idea is to form the capacity to adapt, rather than stake out your goals and drive your way through it. As a CEO or an employee the toughest part is the ability of understanding and knowing what should be changed and things that cannot be altered without negative consequences. As Linsky says, Adaptability is a very complicated process, you’re making hard choices, including sometimes giving up values or beliefs, or ways of doing business that may even have been crucial to earlier success.” (Source: Carol Tice, Entrepreneur India).  Sometimes leaders have to redesign the complete concept of what company stands for only to meet adaptability conditions. An environment has to be created where you can express your ideas and viewpoint and come up with the tough issues and emphasis on learning from mistakes.

  1. Be Action oriented

Now the days of meetings are taken over by action-oriented policies and that’s the need of the hour and so are the decisions that have to be taken much faster than before. But action oriented does not mean you should not think but it just means you should think quickly and take necessary decision. You should have an ability to quickly analyze the pros and cons of the decisions, as nobody has time to wait for your plan, the company wants a person who is proactive, fast and have judgmental abilities.

Follow these five ways to be an action oriented:

  • You should start your day to prioritize the everyday task, and write down about your aim for the day and what you want to ultimately achieve. Once you have organized and planned everything, it would become easy for you to take action.
  • Once you have taken an action, you will find you have automatically entered into a flow. All of us have experienced it on one occasion or the other, the state when now without making much effort, you are automatically flowing in the stream.
  • Be always alert, attentive and aware of everything that is going around. Your alertness will automatically stimulate you to make the quick decision.
  • You need to achieve the skill to gain the sense of urgency. It is your sense of urgency that could drive and motivate you to cut across through the competition and reach your goal.
  1. Utilize Social Networking  to Socially Network

Networking is not only needed for looking for jobs or clients but it is a complete platform or we can also call it a mini world of ideas and creations. It is the world where people are open to each other to flow the ideas for the spontaneous float of new ideas. A large network when articulately cultivated and used does not only tie many like-minded people but also build relationships and open up many scope and avenue. It is the best tool that needs to be utilized if not every day but once or twice a week.

There are many social networking sites like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Linkedin, Pintinterest and many discussion forums and social comment sections. Linkedin has many tools to network forge relationships and network with professionals.  As you continue to socialize you would continue to build social networks, find out the lot of information about an organization, its products, history, services, news and culture. You can also able to analyze the current topics and trends of today and follow them as you go. And sooner or later you will sure get noticed and achieve in your life.

  1. Use the research tools

Even though you are very intelligent and know everything but chances are there may be many things that you are not aware of and you do not know about. In this situation research tools will come to your aid. The online world has many research tools for you to utilize the same and get information about anything or everything you want. You can use search engines, online libraries, social networking site, ebooks and many more resources which are at your fingertips. This means you should have the ability to utilize the research tools.

All ideas that have been listed above are simple every day to use ideas, but in our daily hectic schedule, we generally forget to use them all. But by placing all these ideas and action-oriented plans in our workplace toolkit, and use the same, we will see success will be at our fingertips.