10 Best Things to Look Before Accepting a Job Offer Proposal

job offer proposal

Job Offer proposal-

If you’re the job seeker, you’ve worked hard till now to prepare yourself for the job interview, gave the interview and finally got selected. It’s good news, no doubt. Out of many, you’re the lucky one who got selected for the position. But exhilaration for having a job offer proposal should not blindfold you from certain things; the things that you must consider before accepting a job offer proposal.

When we enter into the professional world, we rarely plunge in and look for better opportunities. But better opportunities are always there. When you get a job offer proposal, you don’t consider other options that you might have. What if you could’ve got the better way to invest your time, resources, energy and skills? Would you still choose the same job offer proposal? Probably not!

Pay heed to these things which will allow you to make a concrete decision and the chance of regret later will drastically reduce.

We will divide the factors into two broad categories. One would be major which we will discuss first. And then we will talk about the minor factors which most people fail to factor in. Sometimes even elephants get very much disturbed by the mosquito bites. So, don’t ignore minor factors as well. Dive in.

Considerations before accepting a Job Offer proposal

Major factors

There are things that you need to consider before accepting any job offer proposal. These are the usual ones, but play the significant role in your professional life.

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  1. Company culture and values

It’s quite obvious to think and ponder over company values and cultures. If you accept the job offer proposal from this company, that means you need to invest more than 10-12 hours of your days into it. And if you see from a helicopter view, within 5 years you need to invest roughly 2 years of your life within company premises. What if the stay in the company makes you feel grumpy, sad and negative at the end of the day how would that affect you as a person? How would that affect your professional career?

Thus, it’s important for you to know in detail how the company culture is and how people working in the company report about it. How would you find that before you accept the job offer proposal? Simply go to Google, type the name of the company and you would get to see some details about it. The company website is not the place you should check; rather you need to check other sites which talk about the company. If you don’t get anything in Google (it may be relatively a new company), find someone who works in that company or has worked before in the company. You can find him/her via Linked-In. Make sure s/he is not working directly with the recruitment team. And ask him/her quite frankly about the situation you’re in. You can use the script like – “I’m considering their job offer contract right now! What would you do if you’ve been in my place at this moment? Would you say yes to the job offer contract?”

The way a company needs to do a reference check before taking you in, you also need to do a background check of the company before you accept the job offer proposal. Because before you accept the job offer proposal you need to know that whether the culture and values of the company are aligned with yours or not!

  1. People and their nature

There is a famous saying – “You’ll be the exact multiplication of the books you read and the people you associate with!” If you accept the job offer proposal guess who you will be spending most of your time with? Yes! You’ll be spending a ½ day with your boss and your colleagues and peers. And if they’re not motivating, encouraging or supporting you, what would you become in a year or two?


Before you accept the job offer contract, you need to find people who work in the same company. How would you find? It has become pretty easy these days. Find people in social networking sites and see their posts, status, sharing. You wouldn’t be able to understand everything about them just by checking their presence in social networking sites, but you can at least do some guess-work and find out who they’re in their private life.

  1. Work pressure and expectations

Every organization is different and every company expects different things from their employees. So before you think to accept the job offer contract extended to you, you need to know that whether the work pressure and the expectation of the company from you are feasible or not.

Some companies expect their employees to work 12 hours and pay higher as a result. Some companies allow the flexibility of working only 8 hours a day whenever possible for the employees. Before accepting the job offer contract you can ask the recruiters about the same.

Unlike the other factors, it’s quite easy to know that how many hours a day you need to work and what would be the expectation of the management from you and from the position that they’re offering to you!

  1. Stability and progression in career

Think about an investment of a large sum of money. You put it somewhere and you don’t know how much return you would get! What would you call that investment? It’s foolish, right? So why do that when you think about a job offer proposal?

When you accept a job offer proposal, it’s an investment in your future career. You need to know how much ROI (return on investment) you would get as a result of accepting the job offer proposal. Remember when you accept this job offer proposal, you’re saying ‘no’ to other opportunities. That means you’re consciously choosing to invest your few years to this job offer proposal. Thus, you need to make sure it’s not a foolish investment.

Moreover, you may have some goals in your career. Ask yourself that if you accept this job offer proposal, would you be able to meet those career goals or not! If yes, accept the offer and if not think twice before accepting it.

  1. Compensation and benefits

This is an important consideration. Even if nowadays external motivation is not being treated as the sole responsible factor for happy and productive workers, still compensation and benefits matter a lot.

Would you accept the fact that while having the same skills and qualifications, you’re being paid less than your colleague? Maybe this is the obvious question. But what’s not so obvious and most people forget to ask is – Why should you accept?

Before accepting the job offer proposal, you need to check the industry and its pay rate. You can talk to your ex-colleagues if you’ve worked before or check in job portals about how much this position is actually worthy of? If you’re being offered much lesser than it, don’t even think about it. But if you can negotiate to at least the similar compensation and maybe better, you can think ahead and accept the job offer proposal.

business world

The reason this factor is so important is nobody likes to be paid lesser than they’re worth. Even if you’re a highly motivated worker, you won’t do a thing for your company, if you’re not paid well or at least similar to your expectation. Dig deep. Find out about the compensation and also the benefits you would get as a result of being an employee in the company. Then take a concrete decision.

Minor factors

They’re small, little, tiny, insignificant factors but matter a lot. They shouldn’t be considered before major factors though, but you must think about them before accepting any job offer proposal. Let’s look at them one by one.

  1. Vibes

It may seem negligible, but it creates havoc later. Most professional may advise you not to listen to it because you’re often wrong. But vibes are important.

When you enter a place, you’ve some feeling, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. It’s specifically applicable to women, but even men can understand it if they pay attention. Thus, once you’re in that professional arena, holding the job offer proposal letter in your hand, check with your internal feeling. Do you feel good? Even after achieving a feat of getting a job offer proposal, do you feel something odd? Pay heed to that feeling and then take some time to find out the background of the company and the people.

We’re not here to frighten you, but just to ensure that before accepting the job offer proposal, your decision and feeling are in alignment.

  1. Past results

There are many companies which are giants but in past few years, they’re not doing that good. So before accepting the job offer proposal, you need to do your due diligence. Find out the annual report of the company and look at the report in detail. You may need to educate yourself to be able to understand any issues in the report. Or if you feel that you’re not at all into it, simply check the past 5 years’ profit margin and annual turnover. You will get a fair idea what this company is about to hit to. And then you decide whether to join the company or not.

  1. Control mechanism

There are workers who do great work under total supervision and autocratic leadership. And there are workers who perform poorly when they’re under CCTV camera. If you’re one of those, who need a little corner in the room or your own privacy, you need to check that what sort of control mechanism the company is using before accepting the job offer proposal.

The first thing is to ensure the first thing. To perform at your best, you need to have an environment that supports your effort. If that’s not so, simply say ‘no’ to the offer.

privacy policy

  1. Location of the office

It may seem not important to you, but before accepting the job offer proposal, you need to ensure that the location of the office is not too far from your place of stay. If you don’t worry about the conveyance, then it may not be your concern but it’s always prudent to check the location before you say ‘yes’ to the job offer proposal!

Your work is deeply impacted by the place you work in. Think about writers and artists who go to a peaceful place to work. Aren’t your job responsibility a piece of art?

  1. Centralization/Decentralization

If you’re selected for a sub-unit of an organization, how the sub-unit acts like? Is it controlled from the head office centrally? Or it has some autonomy? You need to know how much autonomy you’ve so that people in the organization can’t take advantage of you.

By looking at the factor, it may not seem a significant one but people who’re experienced will tell you that one of the places where power versus force is visible are organizations. If you don’t know your power, the power of the sub-unit or the department you’re in, people from other departments or the same department may exploit your ignorance.

Thus, before accepting the job offer contract, you should know in detail about the structure and position of the job. You need to ensure that by accepting the job offer proposal, you’re opting for the best alternative out of many.

The above are the 5 major and 5 minor factors that you need to consider most before accepting the job offer proposal. Now, you don’t need to get confused. Use this article as a workbook and find out what matches and what doesn’t. Most people don’t do that because they believe that they won’t be getting any job offer proposal soon. It’s the trust on yourself that wins over, not only skills and abilities. Yes, skills and abilities are important, but if you don’t trust yourself as an important person, you will take any job offer proposal that comes your way. Don’t do that mistake. Take the help of this article. Ponder. Note down anything that comes in your mind and then finally makes a conscious decision about whether you should accept the job offer proposal or not. Use both of your brains – logic and feeling! Because if you don’t take time to consider these factors, you may need to regret later! Save yourself from years of regret and take some time to consider these factors.

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