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Company Culture And Values

All About The Company Culture And Values

Company culture and values – If you are a final year student about to appear for your dream interview or just someone looking for a job, if you are reading this then you are finally doing something right. Because no matter how hard you try to put up the perfect resume or how many sleepless nights you spend researching about the company you are applying to, your salary and your position will not be the only factors affecting your employed life. No doubt, these factors are really very significant but you cannot ignore the company culture and values because after all, it is this company where you are going to spend most of your time working. Therefore it should offer you the best possible organizational culture, a culture for which you are a perfect fit and the other way round.

We often feel comfortable in our respective schools, colleges, and homes only because it is the environment we are comfortable living in. This might not be the case with each and every one of us and for those of us for whom it isn’t, we just cannot wait to run away from that place.

There can be many reasons for such feeling of uneasiness and discomfort. The people in that place, the kind of role you play in that place and your state of mind. If a group of bullies and unsupportive parents are enough to drive you crazy in your school and your home, what makes you think your dream company won’t have such personalities there?

Company culture

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So, no matter how reputed the company and how promising your career might seem in it, researching the company culture and values is one of the basic necessities when it comes to getting hired because your dream job might just turn into a nightmare once you are in.

The thing we forget when we are in an interview is that it is not just the person sitting in front of you who is looking for a potential candidate, but even you are there to find out whether your dream company is really the place you want to spend the next few years of your life in. So, if the employer can ask you questions, why can’t you do the same?

Yes, you might find about the company culture and values on their website or in their brochures but how to ensure that what you read is what you experience? Here are a few tips and techniques you can utilize to find out what really goes on inside those huge office buildings-

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8 Useful Ways for Company Culture Types

  1. Don’t be idle in your waiting time – company culture and values

If you are in the company’s campus for the interview, this will prove to be very beneficial but if you are in your own college campus for the interview, this might not be of much help.

The time you spend in the company’s lobby while you are waiting to be called inside for your interview is the best time to look around and figure out the working environment of the company culture types. Just for once in your life, be more than just punctual, don’t hesitate to overdo it. Arrive 5-10 minutes before the interview and right from the moment you step inside the building, dawn your Sherlock Holmes cap.

Take a look around and see what people are doing. Is the receptionist welcoming? Do people work in groups or prefer solitary operations? How do they respond when you approach them with queries like directions? Do they seem friendly and polite or cold and judgemental?  These little observations will tell you a lot about your future days as an employee in there. So, try to gather as much information as you can in those 5-10 minutes you spend waiting. This will give you a quick insight into the culture of the company culture types you are considering.

  1. Talk to the employees while you can

When you are facing the interviewers you can be sure of one thing and that is, the employer will be judgemental about you and that’s not something you are not ready for. In fact, that’s what you have been preparing yourself for while practicing and learning. You have to make things work in your direction and that can be done simply by being more inquisitive and asking the employer about the culture of the company culture types. And this you can do by either posing the questions directly. For instance, you can ask them: if you are asked to describe the culture of your company in just two minutes, what all would you include?  Or you can be a bit tricky with them and ask the same question in a slightly different manner like what in your opinion should make me stay and work for your company rather than your competitors out there? This question might sound a bit risky to ask but if the company culture And Values really respect and values self-confidence then a query of this kind should take you a step closer towards you being hired there and then. And then what is life without a bit of risk?

  1. Map out the everyday working environment

It is quite obvious and only natural to seek a working environment which is more suitable for you and the one that caters to all your needs appropriately. Company culture examples where employees are more familiar with each other, where success and achievement of each employee are acknowledged and celebrated equally should definitely appeal to more number of job seekers. There are scores of things that go into the making of a company’s culture and it is important to know the environment that you are going to be working in. because ultimately it is this environment which is going to affect your performance and boost you up. You need to see if the company’s culture is flexible enough to match your requirements and fit into your frame of mind. You can try asking several questions to your prospective employer that can help you gain a better view of what exactly the working environment of the respective company is. You can ask questions like:

  • How often do you really acknowledge the work of your employees?
  • Are your team members supportive enough for letting a beginner learn and adapt to the work culture in your company culture examples?
  • Do you believe in rewarding the enthusiasm and hard work the employees put in their work?

You can also, if you want, be specific in your queries according to your need. For instance, you can ask them whether it is fine with them if sometimes due to some really important personal matters you tend to show up late at work. You can ask them if they are flexible towards their efficient employees.

  1. Know how the conflicts are dealt with in the company culture examples

This is certainly the most important feature that you need to look up. Conflicts and politics are found everywhere. It is quite natural. When you have a huge number of people working together under one roof, conflicts are sure to born. But what matters the most is how these conflicts are dealt with. You need to know if the company culture And Values include the policies for resolving the conflicts and differences in a productive rather than destructive manner. Even if there is any sort of disagreement among two teams at work there should be enough space to resolve the issues without ruining the atmosphere. The best managers deal with such conflict situations in a manner which does not try to avoid conflict but rather tries to gain the best out if conflict and lead to some constructive results. To ascertain the management of conflict and politics of a company culture ideas you may consider asking several questions to the interviewer like:

  •  What is your opinion causes conflicts within the company culture examples and how do you seek to resolve them?
  •  Do you value real time and a two-way feedback?
  • If there is a disagreement among the teams in your company culture examples what do you do in order to resolve the issue and argument?
  • How do you deal with the conflicts in the company and who do you expect should resolve them?
  1. Be creative with what you ask them

Asking questions can be boring and it may not fetch you the desired results if you do not use your imagination and if you don’t let your creative ideas flourish. When you ask questions to try to do so in a more creative manner so as to make it more interesting for your interviewer as well. Maybe you can design a question of the kind where you present them with a situation like maybe you can tell them what if your company culture ideas were to be presented at some fest and you are asked to put your best foot forward. What all would you want the audience to know about your company culture And Values? What do you think would be most important to include in your company culture And Values?

What are the things about your company culture ideas that you cannot afford to be missed by the audience?

By asking company culture And Values questions like these you are playing with the minds of the interviewer by letting them imagine the situation. By doing so, the employer will try to focus on the best of his company culture And Values and he would reveal it to you thus helping you with your job. This is called getting creative and intelligent.

  1. Always remember to consider the negative points as well

You might think it is not a good idea but knowing the downs and loopholes of the company can let you decide better. The positives and the negatives equally go into the making of a company culture ideas. You need to dig into the details about the positives as well as negatives. When you start discovering the negative aspects of your prospective company, it naturally brings your expectations to a proper level. You can simply consider asking your interviewer what sort of complaints have the employees been making about your company culture ideas? This will let you know the week points of the company. And the in order to balance the effect you can ask them about how they have responded to the complaints of the employees and how have those complaints worked towards making the company culture ideas a better option.

  1. Consider speaking to employees of the company culture ideas

Not all the companies may allow you to talk to their employees. But it will be a win-win situation for you if they allow you to talk to some of their employees. You can ask your interviewer directly to make you speak to their existing employees. And if they really allow you, you can discover and explore the culture of the company in a better manner. Because nobody can provide you with the real and transparent information about the company culture And Values except the employees of the company culture ideas itself. This way you get the opportunity to know what to expect of the company and what not to.

  1. Try getting a little personal

This is what you can try at the end of your queries. You can get a little more comfortable and a little more personal. You can directly ask the interviewers about what they themselves like the most about their company culture And Values. This is what will give you the most promising answers to your query about the culture of the company. Try asking them what motivates them most towards their work? What brings them back to work each day? What do they find it likes to be a part of that company culture ideas?

These could be your final diggings into the company culture And Values in order to know the actual organizational culture of your prospective company.

company culture

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Having discussed the ways of inferring about the company culture and values you can try some more questions that you may ask your employer. This helps you get a clear understanding of what to expect from your employers. After all the interview is not only about answering. It is also about questioning and knowing about what you are going to work for is most important when it comes to employment.


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