10 Powerful Tips to Become Successful in Video Marketing Business

video marketing business

Video marketing business:

How to get better results on FB, YouTube – A picture is worth a thousand words, then a video would be several million words! Mankind was surprised and shocked seeing moving pictures for the first time in Paris in 1896 with the ‘Lumiere’s Arrival of the Train’ and it still has the power to attract audiences much more effectively than text and images. With videos becoming more popular than motion pictures due to its universal reach video marketing business is becoming more effective thanks to social sharing platforms of Facebook and YouTube.

Here are some amazing video marketing business statistics from a survey:

-Video accounts for over 50% of mobile phone traffic
-Viewers watch more than ¾ of a video
-78% people watch videos online every week
-55% of the people watch videos online every day
-59% of senior executives prefer video over text ads if both are shown on the same page, on the same topic.

Convincing enough to try out video marketing business, isn’t it? There are a few channels available to post your videos including your own website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, with the latter two the best options for targeted marketing. The Newsfeed of Facebook gives more priority to video over other forms of content and that could be the reason why they have more reach compared to text and photos.

Tips for Successful Video Marketing Business:

Here are some tips to help marketers to get the best from video marketing business and improve the video marketing business:

  1. Identify the target group and objective

At the outset, it is important to identify the target group whether it is men, women or boys –their age group, income, social levels among others. The next is to identify the objective- is it create awareness about a new product or brand or is to the subscriber for email newsletters, or drive traffic to a website or blog. The form of narrative, images and video will have to satisfy our objective and target audience.

For example, an automated car wash video marketing business services outlet can create a video with two men parking their cars side by side, one car looking stunning, the other looking dusty, with one of them asking the other, “How old is your car?” “Five years old” replies the other. “But how come it looks brand new?” The proud car owner says I owe it all to ‘24 hour Carwash’. Or if the product is a residential flat, the housewarming ceremony can be shown showing the interiors and with testimonials of the owners creating some human interest in the ad.

  1. Specify the target audience in video marketing business

Unlike mass media advertising, social media and search engine based promotions enable the marketer to specify the audience in the Ad Set on Facebook. It could be segmented in terms of age, likes, hobbies, language, interests, gender (men, women), location among others. This enables the marketer to customize the campaigns and analyse the conversion rates or response from the particular target group.

In YouTube, you can place your ad in any of the videos irrespective of the topic but that wouldn’t bring any desired result as users may tend to skip the ad after a few seconds to see the video they opted for. If the product is a new sports shoe it makes sense to put it before a sports event video, aerobics or fitness video or a video on jogging. Ads for ergonomically designed chairs that can free you from back pain can be put before videos that examine the health aspects of back pain. Ads for jazz or drums training can be put before albums that feature western music or rock music as the audience is most likely to have people who are interested in learning new musical instruments.

Targeting is another way of reducing the ad-spend and get a better return on investment (ROI). One way of narrowing down the target is to select the campaign to be seen by those who like the FB page.

  1. Content should be appealing, not look like an Ad

People are already bombarded with mass media advertisement through print and electronic media (Television and Radio). Hence it makes sense to put emphasis on what content must go into video ads. One of the tested methods of attracting the audience is by asking a question: Are you looking for an affordable home? Is hair fall making you scary? Or is a back pain a torture for you?

Question headlines always evoke reader interest in newspapers and magazines, likewise, questions may help create a curiosity in the mind of the consumer. Humour, wit, fun, animation can make the video interesting and likely to get shared more. Moreover, video ads need not appear like an advertisement pushing a brand or product hard, according to Neil Patel, a specialist in content and social media marketing. For a mosquito repellent ad, it could be an animation of two mosquitoes talking to each other and how they were carried away by fogging on the street but landing up in a reception place full of people to quench their bloodthirst.

One of the biggest success stories in video marketing business is Unilever’s Dove soap campaign that attracted 114 million visitors on YouTube. It was done in 25 languages and reached 110 nations. The campaign had its fair share of critics as it tried to change the perception of women about themselves.

According to Dove, more than 54% did perceive themselves to be good looking while a trained FBI forensic artist who drew on the basis of stranger’ perception of a woman turned out to be true rather than their own self-perception. When the two portraits, on based on self-description and those based on a stranger’s perception were kept side by side, the one based on stranger’s description turned out to be true. It showed that most American women had a poor perception of themselves. The Real Beauty Sketches by Dove and agency Ogilvy & Mather went on to bag the Titanium Grand Prix at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Go Pro’s Fireman Saves Kitten was a video featuring unedited rushes of firefighter Cory Kalnick rescuing a cat that was unconscious. He filmed it using GoPro’s HD Hero 3 camera that was tied to his helmet. The video attracted 1.5 million views on YouTube. There was no direct promotion of GoPro’s high definition personal camera but the human interest generated by the unedited video film as enough to catapult the brand to greater heights.

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  1. Know the technical or get professional help

One disadvantage of video advertising is that you may not be able to do it alone. However, tech-savvy content and marketing people can utilize some of the free tools available such as Videohance or Splice for editing videos. You can add photos, use effects such as a wipe, slow motion, cuts etc. In Facebook, you can use the Power Editor enables to make headlines and descriptions for the ad with provision for additional, special characters that are attention-grabbing.

If your video is not just voice, animation and text matter but involves actors and shooting in different locales it is better to get help from freelance videographers and post-production team. Your job should be restricted to the script and dialogues.

According to Julia Jornsay-Silverberg, social media marketing consultant, if the marketer or a senior company representative appears in the video, there should be a proper introduction, proper establishment of credibility by letting them know more about you and your functional role in the organization.

Whether you have done the video or outsourced the work, it should be a good quality free of blurriness, good camera focus suitable for the theme, good audio recording quality so that speech and music are clear, no background sounds or disturbance and adequate lighting.

  1. How to share videos

social media

Till now the common practice was to first upload the video on YouTube by creating a corporate account for it and share its link on Facebook. However, Facebook directly giving top priority for videos in News Feed, it makes sense to upload video directly to Facebook so that users need not click on another link to see the video. YouTube does have a loyal following but there again free upload is restricted for file sizes specified.

  1. How lengthy should be your video

The ideal duration of YouTube videos would be 3 minutes but for as it could be less than a minute or 30 seconds. The success of TV commercials is due to their good storyline, message, slick editing and music. In video marketing business, the challenge is to remain short, engaging and appealing to the target audience so that they don’t press the ‘Skip’ button before it ends.

  1. Music drives emotion

In videos, the overall impact is created not only by the storyline, camera work, editing but also by how intelligently the jingles and background score is mixed by the sound engineer. According to Neil Patel, visual content is of prime importance but good background score can make the message quite powerful. Music should be appropriate but not loud or distracting. Music can enhance the viewing of the video if it vibes with the mood- sadness, happiness, joy, excitement, surprise and so on.

  1. Utility Videos for the consumer

Good video marketing business need not be about selling more or creating brand awareness to new consumer groups but it can educate existing customers about how to use a product – how to get better results with a dishwasher, do’s and don’t while using the vacuum cleaner, safety precautions with microwave oven or how to cook better with microwave. This can be supplemented with short endorsements by customers that add value to our video. Such videos do not require post-production help but can be shot with amateur cameramen. Product demos, new product launches or service tips can be provided effectively through video.

  1. Real life testimonials by customers

Text-based testimonials are effective but video testimonials are more effective, according to studies. They should not be more than 1-3 minutes long. Mercedes Benz promotes its service facility by taking videos of the technician doing a quick check-up of the vehicle. The technician utilizes GoPro to inform the diagnosis. The recorded video is sent to the customer via email that establishes the credibility of the company.

  1. Create different versions of the same ad

In social media and video advertisements, the charm is targeting which is not quite possible with mass media advertising. A video can be sent to two different groups at different times to see its comparative impact in both the scenarios. Sometimes, in both the groups, the visitors may be the same, but conversion rates may be different. All it needs is to change the description, titles and some scenes or shots to see the difference in the impact it makes in different target groups. It will ultimately help the marketer to come up with more effective video campaigns in the future.

Conclusion on Video Marketing Business

Despite the many success stories that can be seen in video marketing business, many marketers are yet to realize its true potential. It is bound to see higher adoption by marketers in the coming years as YouTube gains in popularity and Facebook gets to promote more video marketing business content than textual or photos. Paid video advertisements tend to bring better results than text overlay. A survey revealed that ‘ video’ in an email subject line helps raise open rates by 19%

According to Andrew Angus, business guru- among call-to-action links in marketing, the play button is now the most powerful in drawing audiences.

The video marketing business phenomenon is gaining momentum but as of now, there is no formula that can make it a sure winner in the marketplace. It involves a lot of creativity, market research, understanding the dynamics of social media and more importantly, it should have a clear Call-to-action strategy. Sometimes it should not appear as an advertisement at all as has happened in the case of Dove’s and GoPro’s but help engages and educate. It is indeed exciting, promising and scalable to any region, language, markets or territories. The sooner its potential is realized and worked upon better will be your chances of outsmarting the competition.

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