9 Effective Leadership Skills (Characteristics, Qualities)

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Effective Leadership Skills

Great!!! You are now promoted as a leader. Well congratulation; however does your job end here? To be precise no it is just the beginning now is when you start. Effective leadership skills is very simple and easy to monitor and track your own growth and completely vice versa when it comes to managing or handling other especially your subordinates who report to you. Your motive should be to execute effective leadership skills and for that you need to aspire to preserve a leadership role that too successfully. For that you have to be good effective leadership and management skills and in influencing and motivating others or your team to achieve the goals and objectives assigned to your team and you.

Becoming a effective leadership skills needs a lot of practice not everyone is a born leader, however this art can be mastered with a lot and lot of practice. You start with you need to understand your responsibilities and your effective leadership skills. As a effective leadership and management skills you need to make a better choice not for yourself but for your team and its betterment. By improving your effective leadership skills with time and by continuously working on yourself as a leader you will with time become an effective self made leader.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Leadership Team

A leadership team of roles and responsibilities are someone takes the helping of the organization and the people working in it serving the organization to grow successfully and prosper. On the other hand, a effective leadership is someone who has the ability to create and sustaining a designation for the organization and its employees in the marketplace to make sure that market and the competitors do not surpass this position. Not everyone is good at everything; however, all of us have own effective leadership qualities, just like other quality some might be good at it where as some not that good; however like other effective leadership skills can be sharpened with the help of practice. For that, you need not have an official designation of a leader.

Effective Leadership skills is a process that helps a group achieves its objective, in effective leadership both the leader and the team members can influence and motivate each other in achieving their targets.

A leader is that person in the team that displays leadership in order to make things happen that would not happen otherwise.

What can make an effective leadership Skills?        

You have effective leadership skills by birth or I can say they are inbuilt; however you need to keep polishing them and keep making them more effective to become effective in whatever you choose to do.

The 1st most important requirement of becoming an effective leadership is commitment form a person who has actually made time in their career for their organizations. It is a combination of the effective leadership skills of the person along with his knowledge, his values, and his skills. Well different people have different believes hence my beliefs and you might be different, maybe according to you, a leader must have different qualities or different effective leadership characteristics.

According to effective leadership qualities, it is very important to know his own abilities, skills, his knowledge and his values and how do people reciprocate to him. Along with his abilities and skills the leader must have an eye of recognizing and valuing strength, weaknesses, and ability of his team members as individuals and also as a team.

The intentions is important, the intentions need to be of learning and practicing effective leadership skills by understanding and know the tasks allotted along with the skills and ability of putting the responsibility on his team members by building a team, effective leadership communicating, building a vision and taking certain risks in order to get the goals met.

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What can help you become an effective leadership Qualities?

This helps you to become an effective leadership qualities is a part of these notes, so let’s focus on how and what can get you there. I can only show you the route to becoming an effective leader where we focus effective leadership on the basic qualities a leader must possess, however you can execute effective leadership skills in communication only by implementing these tricks and practicing them in your daily interactions with people around you. To practice effective leadership communication you need not be a leader officially, however practicing can definitely get you there.The following are the effective leadership Qualities are given below:

9 Effective Leadership characteristics to help your Team Member

  1. Knowledge power

This is the 1st traits of effective leadership and the most important thing you need to have. You are the leader and you do not know where you are going, what you are doing, that’s a difficult situation. Get yourself to have through product knowledge, knowledge of the policies and procedures as knowledge will help you deal with difficult situations and help your team out of it. With proper knowledge, you are not going to be able to help your team and neither yourself. Do not forget effective leadership skills is all about others it is no more about you. And anyway if your team performs well you will be the one receiving the credit as a good and an effective leadership skills. By having good and required knowledge you can be prepared for unforeseen situations, which is your responsibility.

  1. Roles and responsibilities

Effective leadership are not simply answerable to yourself you are also accountable for the deeds and the actions performed by your team members. You cannot get up and say that your team member did it and why are you being held accountable for the same. It is your team it is your responsibility to make sure that your team performs well. Get to know your roles and responsibilities well before you start performing as a leader. You can take the help of your leader and the HR of the organization to guide you through your roles and responsibilities. Knowing your roles and responsibility does not just restrict you to them, knowing them helps you understand your job and your profile better, however taking up additional responsibilities is always beneficial for you and your learning process. When you take up responsibilities you are recognized better by the management as they know you have the capabilities of taking and living up to your responsibilities.

  1. Work with your team

So what if you are the leader you are still a part of the team. In fact, you are one of the most important parts of the team. You have to still behave like a team member by working with the team, helping them solve their issues, coordinating between teams to make sure you get the best solution for your team’s problems and the fastest way to the resolution. Not like the old notion where the leader is right on top of the pyramid, now in the corporate world today you have to be a part of the pyramid and work with the team to help them perform better. You have to support your team with your technical support and knowledge, emotional support motivation and vision to help them perform as per the company standards. You have to insist on the support of the team by using the words ‘WE’ and not ‘I’ as I alone will not be able to meet up to the expectations of the organization. Keep your team united and remind them of working as a team regularly.

  1. Know your team members

effective leadership in your team performing out there is different; they definitely specialize in different aspects and domains of business. Know each individual not just professionally but also somewhat personally simply in order to connect well as a leader. When you know them professionally you will get to know their specialization, what they are good at and what they are not good at. If you know their weaknesses coach them and train them in order to overcome their weaknesses to help them have knowledge of all business domains the team has been performing. Knowing your effective leadership skills well is one of your major responsibilities as you know that during difficult situations which member of yours can help you out of it.

  1. Take up challenges      

To come into a position of taking challenges you need to have a very strong team in terms of knowledge, ability, willingness, and commitment towards the organization and their job roles. A team leader is a right person in inculcating these values into his team members. Once you train the team just the way you like it you can help prove the same to the higher management. Taking up challenging situations and helping by resolving them is a very good way of learning something new for you and the team and also proving your worth to the management. Remember that the management remembers your performances and your efforts and rewards you accordingly.

  1. Take risk

Taking risk is coming up with new ideas and initiating them. The ideas do not necessarily need to come from the leader itself, on a situation or maybe even without a tough situation the leader needs to come up with ideas in order to improve and maximize the potentials of the system and the organization. An effective leadership can give ideas and implement them or the can take suggestions and ideas from his team members. The ideas do not need to come only from an individual they can also come from a community. However, recognizing good ideas and initiating them is the job and the responsibility of the leader. Monitoring the new idea in order to make sure that is works needs to be done by him. Not necessarily all the ideas will work the way they should or the way they are estimated. However, risk needs to be taken in order to confirm the durability of an idea. Leaders are people who are willing to step out into the unknown as make the unknown work with the help of his experience, knowledge, ability, and confidence.

  1. Recognize and encourage

Encouragement and motivation are very important for our lives. And if an employee gets it at his workplace nothing is more encouraging for him. Now motivation can be given in a number of ways these ways can be either through verbal motivation amid the team members, then next can be an appreciation mail from you to the performer and your seniors informing them about the activity performed by the member, issue of achievement certificates, monitory motivation, gift cards as a motivational factor, designation hike and if you have any more motivational ideas you can include them. traits of effective leadership recognizing the efforts your subordinate and your team members put in is extremely important and motivating them to keep the good work up and do even better keep their spirits up and running. Make sure you recognize their efforts and motivate them accordingly.

  1. Have a positive and a problem-solving approach

What matters is your attitude and your approach towards work. In any job role you take up you will face challenging situations and you will have to find solutions for these situations. The effective leadership has a bigger responsibility in getting these issues sorted. Your attitude towards problem-solving matters a lot, if you take a problem as a challenge and something to learn from you will be able to handle problems calmly and patiently. Keep a positive attitude towards problems you come across at your workplace and you will get to learn a lot from these daily issues. Keep your attitude and your approach towards your job role that might also include problem-solving positive. If you have a positive attitude towards your work and work-related issues even your team will be motivated.

  1. Listen to your subordinates         

Now that you are a leader you will have your subordinates and your team members approaching you for different things some might be issues or some might be ideas. It is important to listen to them. by listening you might get a resolution for a number of problems, you might have to solve a few problems for your team members and most of all your team members will believe that their problems are being addressed to, and their leader is considerate enough. Listening is extremely difficult let me be precise effective listening is extremely difficult and needs a lot of practice.

Practicing your management skills is extremely important for effective leadership.

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