9 Daily Habits That Will Make You Successful at Work

Daily Habits – Work is not a separate entity as most people think. Everything affects everything. Thus if you don’t nurture some daily habits then they will affect your work life too.

Let us explain.

Suppose you get up late every day. Thus you do everything in a hurry. And even after trying so hard to come to office at the right time, you miss it every single day. Your boss gives a glance at you that feels like more than saying something bad. But still you don’t have a clue what to do.

Here, in this article we will give you some daily habits to practice so that you can be successful at work.

These daily habits are all personal habits but will help you become better professionals along the way.

Let’s get started with the daily  habits that will make you successful at work:

Taking enough sleep

sleep- daily habits

Now we know that you will not consider this to be something of value. Thus we started with this.

Research shows that if we don’t take enough sleep and keep on depriving ourselves from an average 8-9 hours of sleep then our brain cells don’t generate new brain cells. But if we take the time to sleep and sleep at least 8-9 hours per day, our brain creates new cells.

You have heard about people who cram all night and sleep little. Society calls them heroes but they are not. To be able to properly function as a professional you need to have enough sleep.

As it’s one of the most obvious things people tend to avoid this pillar of daily habits. But you shouldn’t. If you want to grow as a professional try to be sustainable instead of trying to get some quick fixes. Sleep tight, every night. Yes, this is one of the most critical daily habits you must nurture.

Making a daily list of tasks – Daily Habits

You may have heard this expression – what get scheduled get done. But they don’t tell you this who do the scheduling gets the most done. Thus we include it as one of the best daily habits list. And this is also about list.

You just need to keep a small note-book, a pen and you’re done with this daily habit.

Once you reach office, don’t do anything before you do this. Sit on your chair, put the notebook on your desk and write down 3-5 most important things you need to do today. This is one the simplest daily habits you would say but let’s see what research have to say about it!

list - daily habits

Research says that the managers who are able to prioritize their daily work are much more successful than those managers who are not able to figure out the most important tasks of the day.

If you leave everything else and you want to improve your productivity this is one of the most crucial habits you should nurture. Do it for a week. You will definitely see the difference.

Habit of single tasking

It’s being proven that now the average attention span of a human is merely 8 seconds. Imagine that you’re reading a page of a daily habits book and if it takes around 96 seconds to read then according to research you will be distracted at least 12 times in 1 minute 36 seconds.

Now after reading this you would say – it’s childish to think that we need to do single tasking as one of the most important daily habits.

But let us explain first.

Getting distracted is a habit and if you can wire your brain for distraction, gradually you can also rewire your brain for focus.

Focus is the ability to concentrate on one task single-mindedly. Focus is a good name of single tasking.

If you’re struggling with making your day productive, you should do this above anything else. Try to select one easy thing that doesn’t require much focus and do it without looking at any other things. And then increase the difficulty as you go along.

Solve one problem

If you’re in a professional world for some time, then we don’t need to tell you that problem solving is one of great skills every professional should possess. But what if you don’t need to exert much effort to make it automated, would you call it then one of the most notable daily habits you should nurture?

First of all have a small notebook with you when you go to office. This is a separate one should not be confused with daily list notebook. Every day talk to your colleagues or peers or yourself, write down all the problems they/you’re facing. Pick the easiest one from the list and solve the problem as much as your capacity. Do this daily. And you would see new ideas are coming to you and new opportunities are opening up for you.

problem - daily habits

As you solve the problem, write down the solution as well in your handy notebook. This is one of the most critical daily habits most people ignore, but it has power to transform your life as a professional.

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A review of the day

On surface, this wouldn’t look as one of the most important daily habits. But hang on. Once we explain you will understand why this one habit can revolutionize your professional life.

How would you improve a thing? You would say by realizing that something is not done rightly. How would you know that something is not done rightly? Yes, simply by looking back.

Once your day is over, don’t leave the office. Simply stay put some more time. Take out your journal. Put your thoughts down on your journal about the day. And write about what you liked about your day and what you didn’t like. Do you want to improve anything in your day tomorrow? If you realize that you need to improve one or more things the next day, this daily habit will serve you.

Its job is to make you realize. That’s all. Practice one of these significant daily habits and you would see that in a year or so you would improve a lot.

Being grateful

Daily Habits

This is one of the best habits one can master. This is a two parts process.

At first, as you get up in the morning, take out your journal and write down 3 things you’re grateful. If you do it every day, make sure that you write 3 different things each day. If you write family, your job and your home on the first day, on the second day you need to write 3 other things, not the same.

This way you will be able to expand your “gratefulness” horizon. Day after day you will keep on being grateful for new things. The idea is not only to write the items on paper. It’s the search for good in your life that will help you most.

The second part you have to do at the end of the day. When you’re at home or leaving from office, write down 3 things that you’re grateful for today. It may be anything from having a great conversation with your peers or being able to get an idea about how to improve your communication skill. If you do that you will be able end the day with a positive mind-set.

Daily habits are easy to master. All you need to have a little time every day and a daily commitment to improve your professional and personal life. Being grateful every day is also one of the best daily habits you can master. This simple habit will help you reduce stress, become more joyous and fight anxiety. Start this now to see the benefits.

Catch people doing things right

Most of us catch ourselves and people doing things wrong. It’s said that the character of a person can be understood by the mere act of what he catches every day. If you are one of those who are very critical about your own actions and the actions of others, this habit will help you get rid of that.

Most people don’t think that these tiny matters can be daily habits. But these daily habits like catching people doing things right, problem solving can transmute your entire perspective into positivity.

At any moment during your work hours, even if you find faults ignore them for some time (if they don’t harm in a great way). Rather find at least one thing right about each person. If you can even find one right thing in a person per day, your mind-set will drastically change over a period of time.

What we focus on expands. Thus, when we’re able to focus on the right things most of the time and make it a habit, it will naturally expand. This is one of the daily habits you shouldn’t miss doing. It’s super easy. Only thing you need to do is to tweak your thoughts.


teach - daily habits

Yes we understand that all daily habits can’t be mastered always. But few you can pick up and do. Daily habits are like tiny action you choose to take to get extra-ordinary results over time. Teaching is one of them. People may call you a preacher but that shouldn’t stop you teach people who are interested to learn from you.

If as a professional you have a lot of experience, you can teach your juniors about how things should be done. Yes, not everyone will be interested to learn, but you don’t need to teach them at all. Teach those people who are interested to learn.

It’s said that when you teach, you learn better. Make it one of the most important daily habits you practice every day. Filter out people who are not interested. Teach people who are eager to know all you have to teach them.


Learn every day. If you learn more, you will become better professional over time. You will know more and you will be able to implement the processes better. There can be no better daily habits than learning. Yes, include being grateful as well.

If you are new to learning (conscious learning), start with a video. Videos are easy to understand and as they show the things, you learn faster. When you would start out your attention span to learning would be much less. So, starting with a video is a great idea.

Once you have learned some things (related to your profession) via videos, you can pick up a paperback or you can start to listen to an audio. If you’re new to it, again, you can simply devote 15-20 minutes of learning every day. As you grow your learning muscle over time, you would be able to increase your learning time and the more you will, better you will get.

Start learning! Make it one of the best daily habits of this year. And you will see your professional life will catapult to a new level.

Practice these daily habits and you will see that your professional life will reach a height very few can reach.

But don’t start with all of the daily habits at one. Pick one and then follow the principles below.

  • Pick only one of the easiest daily habits
  • Decide on an action plan. Action plan means you need to decide the exact structure of the habit you choose to perform daily. The time when you practice, how many minutes you will practice it, why you want to practice it and what benefits you expect from your practice – write down everything. This process of writing down will help you become more proactive and more committed.
  • Don’t practice it for more than 15-20 minutes. We agree that a lot of daily habits will not take more than 10 minutes but the daily habits which you may get tempted to practice more than 15-20 minutes will only overwhelm you in the process. So don’t.
  • Create an accountability group where every day you will post your daily achievement. This is to make your commitment concrete. People hate to post about their failures thus their chances of sticking to daily habits will increase.
  • Do a review and if needed course correct.
  • Once you do one daily habit for at least a month, go to the next habit and follow the above steps.

Practice these daily habits and follow the process. Within a year you will be able to see drastic change in your professional and personal lives.

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