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Company HR Means And HR Full Form

Company HR Means:-

The role of company HR means is to interview candidates and hire them as per their skills for a suitable job role. Let me just put the ball in your court and ask you as to what do you think should be the skills of a company HR means.

What do you think a company hr means should possess before he has been given such a huge responsibility? Be it as an employee of a company or an entrepreneur of a small business what are the types of skills that you would want your company HR means to have before you hire one or before you promote one.

Why does the company HR means require specific skills? HR manager is not a very big designation of course that you need to have someone with extraordinary skills, all he does is manages a small team in an organization to make sure the smooth running for the employees of the company to provide them with suitable work atmosphere.

It includes managing the comfort of the most important resource of the company that is the Human resource by doing the human resource planning, mind you this is the most sensitive resource for the company.

Company HR Means

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Company HR Means Skills

Let just get an idea as to what are you looking at as skills in your HR manager. Skills differ from person to person, let’s just point out on specific skills that are really very important for someone at that important designation.

  1. Strong and appropriate communication skills

Let’s start with the basic skill of the HR team and the HR manager, which is communicating with the employer and the employees. The Company HR means should have very strong communication skills; he should be able to very precisely and effectively communicate with both the employees and the employer.

Effective communication helps to keep motive and expectations of both the parties clear. Strong communication needs to be one of the most important and efficient skills a Company HR means must possess.

  1. Peoples person skills

The job of a Company HR Means is a lot of interaction with a number of people, the employees on higher and lower designations, the service providers, the candidates for interviews, attending various meetings like budgeting meetings of the company, meetings with the management and the employees for each other’s concerns, etc. their interactions are endless.

He needs to like these interactions and should never display disinterest in interaction and address issues. He has to be a people’s person and he should enjoy interacting with people around.

  1. The right tact

The corporate world needs a lot of diplomacy and great manipulation skills for there are a number of negative issues that the HR needs to put across positively. Using the right, language, tone and statements in order to make sure you do not offend the other person is important.

Your Company HR means needs to have the right tact, the right way of communicating the negative issues across positively.

  1. Must be approachable

Employees working for any organization to come across some of the other issues at the workplace, some issues need immediate attention whereas some only need resolution; however the workplace must have someone who will address to your problems, someone who will listen to your concerns and issues, this someone is the Company HR means.

If your Company HR means is not approachable you would not want to go up to the manager to raise your issues and share your concerns. An approachable HR manager is very important in a workplace. This helps build the trust of the employees towards the company.

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  1. No discrimination or partiality

It is very important to play fare at your workplace, playing favoritism is not right, it is inappropriate. When an employee looks at a Company HR means he looks at her as a representative of the management who will make sure that the employee is taken care of.

Playing of favoritism is a complete setback. The employee will lose hope and interest in working and won’t even think of raising his concerns to the higher authorities if they favor certain people. Favoritism can lead to loosing of skilled employees as they will be neglected by the management.

  1. Managing conflicts

An organization has a number of people working in it. These people come from different backgrounds with different ethical and moral values. They will definitely have a difference of opinions these differences can lead to little conflicts and issues between colleagues, well the difference can also between management and employees.

The Company HR means should be able to sense the rising conflicts and should have the ability to manage them before these issues grow stronger and get difficult to handle. Quick resolution is important for such problems and this needs very efficient conflict handling skills

  1. Problem-solving skills

Problems are a part of life and problems in a workplace are extremely common; however, dealing with the problems is what brings out the real skills of the employees. Now problems of employees need to be addressed faster and in an apt manner.

The Company HR means needs to be efficient enough in solving problems of the employees. Only if the HR manager and his team are efficient enough in solving concerns raised by the employees will the employees trust them and the company.

  1. Ethically strong

Every company has ethical values that every employee needs to adhere to. The values may be related to business, interacting with the employees within the organization, interacting with clients, interacting with vendors, etc.

These values are for every employee and the HR team and the HR manager makes sure that the employees adhere to them. The leader first needs to display strong ethical values before making sure that the employees follow them.

Hence it is very important for the Company HR means to believe in the ethical value of the company before making sure others value them.

  1. Dealing with the Grey area correctly

What is “The Grey Area”, this term is a term that is very sensitive and needs immediate action. Every company issues training on topics like discrimination, harassment, etc.

I am so sure that no company or employee or HR manager would want to ever face these issues, yet is most of the companies are dealing with the grey area issues it is maximum effort and time-consuming for the HR managers.

They need to have answers to the HR manage questions like, what is reasonably correct. What can he accommodate in the issue? How far do they have to stretch to approve leaves for such issues? They have to look for the best possible and available information; they need to seek the help of experts, coworkers, professionals, and attorneys.

No HR manager or company would ever want to take a harsh decision on an efficient employee for the grey area reasons, however crossing lines in such areas leads to very harsh actions.

  1. Strong negotiation skills

The Company HR Means needs to execute the running of the organization within the constrained budget or rather within the set budget. The Company HR Means needs to hire employees, book vendors with the best services and features, handle appreciations, process incentives, and bonuses, etc.

The management of the company discussed its budget with the HR manager and sets targets for the HR manager to work within the set budget.

Hence the HR manager and the HR team are trained very well in negotiating; they also need to have in-built negotiation skills to make sure they perform well. The HR manager needs to be very good at negotiating to make sure he works within the set budget to maximize company profits.

  1. Knowledge of employment legislation

Every HR executive needs to go through an HR training wherein they are trained about the employment legislation. In fact, most of the companies hire HR personals from the management institution where they are trained about their the legal issues and employment legislation, its working culture, its functions, etc.

The HR manager must have a hands-on about this legislation and must be able to solve and legal issues that come up with any employee or ex-employee. In fact, the employees should be compatible enough to go and discuss such issues with the HR manager himself and he should display a proper knowledge to give the employee assurance.

  1. Right attitude and approach to work

Company HR Means Any person with a negative attitude and a negative approach to work is a burden on the company. When you start your day with a negative statement your entire day goes negative, you start having their negative impact on you making your think negative. Imagine a negative leader, trust me you would never like, rather hate going to work.

When you go to an office you enter the premises with a positive problem-solving approach. The right approach can lead you, your co-workers and your company to the right direction. The Company HR Means needs to have the right positive attitude and problem-solving approach towards work.

  1. Motivational attitude

Motivation is the biggest driving factor to keep the employees with the company for a longer duration. Every employee has different factors of motivation. Some people need monetary motivation, some need appreciation as motivation, for some employee the brand name is the motivating factor, for some, it is the immediate supervisor who is the real motivator, etc.

The Company HR Means needs to have a motivational approach. Every time he talks to his co-workers he needs to display the motivational attitude that will keep the employees working hard towards the development and profit earning motive of the company. The HR of the company needs to be very good at motivating skills.

  1. Influencing personality

Some people are born charmers and they have a very influential personality, such people have these skills by birth; whereas some people develop the influential nature of time and with the help of HR management experience.

Come what may let the skills be natural or developed the Company HR Means needs to have a very influential person. He should have the knack of influencing people, be it co-workers, vendors, clients by talking to them. People should like talking, getting solutions and keep up the good relationship with the HR manager and his team.

  1. Appropriate experience

No one can simply become a manager or a leader somewhere and just somehow. To become a leader or to become a manager one needs to have appropriate experience. Experience of working as a team member, working as a normal HR executive, knowing the type of issues that come up and resolution to these problems comes with the experience you gain before you become a leader.

Now before appointing an executive or a senior executive, the company checks the background of the employee, the experience, the knowledge levels and their skills.

Hence before employing the HR manager you need to check their work experience and achievements as an HR executive and a senior HR executive. It is very important to hire the HR manager who has the appropriate experience as an HR either in the same company or another company. This is all about the Company HR Means need to have the skills.


Before hiring an employee and making them a part of your esteemed organization you need to make sure that the person you are hiring is efficient and skilled enough for the domain you are hiring them for.

Similarly, before you hire an HR manager you need to make sure he has most of the skills the HR manager must have. Starting from the right communication skill to the right experience of leading the team the HR manager requirements should be a professional with tact along with being a people’s person, he should know how to display his skill as and when and where he requires to display them.

Each employee of the company is very important and very precious to the company for they are trained professionals in various skills and domains. Hence an appropriate HR manager with an appropriate HR team is very important to handle the employees of the entire company. The team is driven by the leader hence the HR leader needs to be appropriately skilled.

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