Top 5 Popular HR Interview Questions For Freshers - How To Answer Them

Top 5 Popular HR Interview Questions For Freshers:

Below are the top 5 popular HR Interview questions for freshers that often asked. so go through this questions before going for the interview and prepare well so you can crack the interview easily.

1. Do you have any questions for us?

  • Never say a no and always have a question ready, some of them could be
  • You can ask what the growth opportunities are
  • You can also ask whether the company encourages learning and development of employees
  • Ask whether the company has plans for expansion
  • You can also discuss your role in detail

2. Are you willing to work for long hours, if the project demands that from you?

  • Discuss situations when you must have done so to fulfil project requirements in the past

3. Are you planning to go for further studies?

Be transparent in your answer.

  • If you are pursuing further studies, say so. Tell them why you want to go for that course
  • If you are taking up a distance education course or a part-time course, they should know, as you will need to take leaves when you appear for exams

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4. Are you a good team player?

  • Companies look for team players as well as those who are self-starters and can work independently, so you need to be versatile:
  • You should show that you enjoy working in a team. Say that you are open to suggestions from team members and seniors.

It is always good to work in a team as one can get the support of other members and in times of crisis, everyone can work together to achieve the goal.

 5. Tell us what you know about our company

  • Browse through the company website and make sure you know what the company does and make sure you do so in short.
  • Discuss the positives aspects of the company, the interviewer should feel that you have done your homework

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