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All About The Successful Goal Setting

Successful Goal Setting – At some point in time we have all made some goals. The goals can be as trivial as completing the task by the end of the day or as big as what you want to do once you get out of college or where do you see yourself 1 year down the line.

These are all the goals made by us, keeping in mind our capabilities and our ambitions, to keep us focused for working towards something better.

For most of us, goal setting is just a process of keeping an account of the things that we have done and the things we would further want to do with our lives.

And hence make a planned and concentrated approach towards the fulfillment of the goals or the targets set by us. One of the simplest examples of Successful Goal Setting can be explained in the terms that a mountaineer trying to climb a mountain.

His only goal at that time is to be able to reach the peak of the mountain that he is climbing or to be able to climb Mount Everest, one of these days.

But if you do not set your goals properly or the goals set are not in compliance with your capabilities then the Successful goal setting process will do more harm than good.

So before starting the process of goal setting, you must keep in mind some pointers which will help you set a much more efficient goal and in turn will help you in achieving them.

Importance of Successful goal setting

We all encountered the grave task of setting goals once in our lives! We have all thought about our position at that moment and thought about where would like to go and where we would like to see ourselves in the next, say 6 months.

Hence the importance of the Successful goal setting process cannot be undermined. And more importantly, we cannot undermine the importance of setting the right goals in our lives.

In case we make the too far-fetched a goal or the goals which cannot be accomplished or we have given ourselves too little time to fulfill all the goals. All this can seriously hamper our confidence in ourselves.

It can make us think if we are qualified enough to be able to accomplish the goals or are we ready yet to move further in our life. You might even decide on to give up this whole task of goal setting and take life as it comes.

But trust me guys; there is nothing wrong with you! You have all the necessary qualifications that you need for the fulfillment of the goal. The only problem is that you could not set the right goals for yourself.

Also not setting goals for yourself might also mean that you might miss out on some great opportunities. You might even be unaware of the talents that you possess and how far will you be able to go.

But don’t worry, not being able to achieve one goal set by you does not mean the end of the world! You can always get up, dust off the past failure and make a fresh start but with a more informed mind as to how much you can do and how much you want to push yourself! Of course, you don’t want to push yourself off the edge! You just need to strike the balance between the two!

Rules for successful goal setting

We understand that after one failure in the process of Successful goal setting, you might find yourself unable to, or think that you are not capable of setting goals.

But all you need is to follow the below-written rules and you are good to go! You will be able to achieve all the goals that you have set for yourself. And you never know you might even discover some talents in yourself that you never thought you had!

The rules are as follows:

  1. Set long-term, intermediate and short-term goals:

You need to set your goals in three different categories i.e., the long-term goals, the intermediate goals, and the short-term goals.

The short-term goals might include what tasks you want to fulfill during the day or during the week, the intermediate goals might include what you want to fulfill in the next 3 months and the long-term goals might include where you want to see yourself in the next one year.

For example, you want to climb a mountain, then reaching the peak of the mountain will become your long-term goal, dividing the whole summit into smaller destination will become your intermediate goal and the immediate step that you take will become your short-term goal.

But before setting your goals in these categories, you must make sure that all the three goals set by you are in accordance with each other!

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  1. Keep records and evaluate progress:

Whenever you have set a goal for yourself, you should always keep yourself updated on the progress level so that you have a fair idea as to how much you have achieved and how much you still have to achieve.

This will not only help you celebrate your success but will also keep you grounded. Plus it will help you to change your method of achieving the goals in case you are doing something wrong or you are not able to reach the maximum level of output.

I am sure you don’t want to regret not exploring your maximum capabilities when you should have. So go ahead and keep track of your progress, it can be more helpful than you can imagine.


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  1. Set goals that are difficult but realistic:

Successful setting goals that will help you push yourself are smart but setting goals that will push you a little too much is just dumb. Of course, you want to set the goals that are a little difficult but don’t set goals that are completely out of this world.

you should keep in mind and evaluate your ability to complete the goals; you don’t want to get caught up in a maze where you are running behind something that is completely out of bounds.

Be realistic while contemplating your goals. There is no point living in the dream world while setting the goals. It like while setting goals, you know that you can only do 10 push-ups but you plan to do 30 push-ups, this is just dumb.

There is a limit of pushing yourself! The basic point is just realistic and just be true to yourself while setting up the goals.


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  1. Devise goals that are specific:

don’t put up vague goals for yourself. The only thing worse than not setting up accomplishable goals for yourself is putting up vague goals. The vague goals will not only lack in telling you exactly what you need to do but will also lack enthusiasm and motivation to make you go further.

You are setting goals so that you can be motivated enough to work towards them and to achieve them. And vague goals lack exactly those things. For example, you have set yourself a goal that you want to go on a road trip.

This is a very vague goal set by you. Neither does it motivate you to save up for the road trip and plan it nor does it brings in any enthusiasm of going on the road trip and having fun there.

Because you have no idea when would that happen! Hence if you wish to make a goal then make a goal like “I would want to go on a road trip to the mountains by the end of this year.” this will fill you with the right kind of enthusiasm and motivation.


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  1. Devise goals that are measurable:

always, always, always set up goal setting tips for yourself for which you can measure the amount of progress that you have achieved. This will help you in keeping your motivation level high and will help you in moving forward with the goals.

Plus even if you have not been to achieve as much success as you would have wanted, then you can always go back and review the way you were doing the things and working on your goals and you can always bring some changes in your way of doing work.

So basically it is not just a blessing but also a blessing in disguise.


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  1. State goals in positive:

stating the goals in positive will fill you up with positive energy and hence it is always advised to state your goals in positive. It will leave you with a positive kind of motivation.

For example, I can’t do a particular task will be considered as negative motivation and this kind of motivation is not needed in your life. Instead, you should say that I would like to try doing this task with better motivation before I give up on the task absolutely.

This kind of motivation is what you want in your life. Positive goals will help you work towards your goal better and help you in achieving the goals with more enthusiasm than before.


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  1. Own your goals:

it is always said that you should always be the best version of yourself, be your own idea of perfect. In order for that to happen, you should always set the goals that are in compliance with that idea of yours.

If you are not satisfied with the goals set by you, you will never be work towards your goals with full motivation. It is like buying an ice-cream.

You want the chocolate flavor but you are forced to eat vanilla ice-cream, hence you will not be able to enjoy the vanilla ice-cream as much as you would have enjoyed the chocolate ice-cream.

It is simple math that you need to understand before doing anything for yourself, not just setting up the goals for yourself.


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  1. Involve a support system:

achieving the goal setting meaning will be better if you have a good support system that will support you through the tough times that you might face on the path of your goal achievement.

Hence tell your family about your goals and tell them what exactly you want them to do, what kind of support you exactly need from them.

A good support system can double the level of enthusiasm with which you work and make you feel more motivated towards the achievement of the goals. Because then it is not just you who is walking that path, it is your support system walking towards that too.

A support system can do wonders to your confidence level at the time when you hit a rough patch. For example, you have decided to lose about 10 kg of weight by the end of the month, and then you ask your family to motivate you to work out when you don’t feel like getting out of the bed.

And hence help you in achieving the goal setting meaning that you set for yourself.


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  1. Set performance related goal setting tips:

when setting the goal setting tips, keep in mind that the goals set by you should be performance related or should be process related and should not be result related. There is a very simple reason behind it.

If the goal setting meaning set by you are result related then you will not be able to measure as to how far you have come in the process of accomplishment of goals and you might even get disheartened by this fact and lose your motivation.

But on the other hand, if your goal setting tips are performance related then you will have a better understanding of the work done so far and hence give you boost in the confidence to be able to go an extra mile.

For example, you have to think about the weight loss process as improvement in the exercise regime and not the weight lost by you because you won’t be able to determine the success until you have lost the weight.


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Once you understand the math behind all these Successful goal setting meaning rules and start to implement every time you set a goal for yourself, I am sure you will start to see the reasonable difference in the quality of goals set by you and also the success achieved by you in this Successful goal setting process.

I am sure you are ready to take that extra step to be able to travel that extra mile. And it is worth it!


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