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Here Is The Human Resource Development Management

Human Resource Development Management – Human resource is one of the most essential resources for any organization and its development that is if the organization is self-motivated and growth-oriented.

Unlike the other essential resources that the organization works with the human resource is most potential and capable of helping the organization grow and develop in the right direction.

Human resource is a collective term for a number of functions that guide the organization towards attaining value and organizational growth through its agency staff, employees, and vendors.

What is (HRD) Human Resource Development concept?

Human resource development Management identifies, nurtures and uses the abilities of the employees working for the company. They are there to create a suitable climate for their people to help them and the companies develop.

It creates a structure for helping the employees of the organization in developing their organizational and personal abilities, know-how and skills.

The HR department of an organization that is growth-oriented creates opportunities for employees to know and develop their skills through employee training, career development program of the employee, managing their performance, coaching monitoring, success planning, development, identifying key employees, giving tuitions for assistance and the development of the organization.

Human resource development focuses on creating a very useful work culture by developing a very efficient workforce that both the organization and the employee obtain their career goals to serve their customers better.

What’s Is The Human Resource Development Definition

Let us take the exact definition of Human resource development Management as it has been explained differently by different scholars and experts.

M M Khan explains that “Human resource development concept is the across of increasing knowledge, capabilities and positive work attitudes of all people working at all levels in a business undertaking.”

The above human resource development definition means the human resource department works on developing and increasing the knowledge, the capabilities and positive work attitude of all the employees working in the organization at all the levels through different means and ways.

Now let’s see what Leonard Nadler has to say about HRD,

“Human resource development management is a series of organized activities, conducted within a specialized time and designed to produce behavioral changes.”

Even Mr. Nadler means that in order to develop human resources the organization conducts continuous and ongoing activities which is specially timed and designed to effectively create changes in the behavior of its employees.

Different experts will definitely explain Human resource development in their own specified languages and their own ways to make it simple and understandable for people and make most out of the development programs provided by their organization for both their and their organizational growth.

The perception and intention of Human resource development

HRD is a continuous and planned manner in which the employees of an organization are guided to perceive the following points

  1. To gain and polish their abilities that are required to execute different roles which are related to their existing and future job responsibilities to help them perform well.
  2. Human resource development helps the employees develop their inner potential and also learn new ones by learning how to explore their own capabilities for self as well as organizational development.
  3. It also develops the organizational culture in which the relationship between the supervisor and the subordinate contributes to collaborate amongst different units in the organization with teamwork and strong contribution of professional well being by motivating the pride of the employees.

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HRD has very limited definitions however it is a process to initiate, to promote and facilitate the process of human resource development mechanism and techniques such as counseling, training, performance appraisals and interventions of organizational development in an ongoing manner.

The intention of Human resource development is to create better employees by polishing their skills and also helping them in discovering new ones.

It provides training’s and coaching to employees to enhance their knowledge, their skills and their potentials, the goal is to make an employee better at their existing skills.

Human resource development and human resource management are both same?

There is a little confusion as both the terms sound the same, don’t they? Human resource development and human resource management are two different terms with a little difference in their understandings.

Both the parts are very important parts of maintaining the human resources that are the employees of the organization. Each term and each part of the HR team has different motives and goals however they both work for the betterment of the employee and the organization. Lets us have a quick look at the difference.

  1. Human resources management is related to the management and maintaining of the employees in the organization whereas Human resource development concept is more into the development part for the employees and the organization both.
  2. Human resource management creates a separate organizations structure which is independent and does not depend on any part of the organization; whereas Human resource development definition develops a constitution that is interdependent and related to each other which definitely means it cannot be an independent part of the organization.
  3. Human resources management focuses on improving the potentials of the employee only whereas Human resource development definition focuses on improving the potentials of both the organization and the employee as a whole.
  4. The responsibility of human resources management is to give the HRD responsibilities to a few personnel managers and the HRD department whereas the responsibility of HRD departments is to give HRD responsibility to every manager at every level of the organization.
  5. Human resources management focuses on monetary rewards and incentives to motivate the employees of the company in order to help them perform better whereas Human resource development definition focuses on satisfying high order needs of the employees in order to help them perform better in the organization.

Why is human resource development management is important?

Any organization grows due to its highly efficient staff and their performances. Performance of every staff of the organization will help in the dynamic growth and development of the organization.

Hence in order to perform well, the organization needs to keep its employee’s morals and motives very high and strong. For such high morals and motives, the employees need to undergo regular training and coaching programs organized by the company, along with training’s and coaching the company needs to continuously monitor their performances and developments.

Human resource development concept adds to the benefit of the employee and the organization.

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The important functions and features of HRD

One of the most important functions of HRD is the development of human beings working in an organization; their concept is to cover both the employees and the organizational development. Simply take a close look at a few functions and features of the Human resource development definition

  1. Their 1st motive is to develop the potentials of an employee as in individual employee with regards to its current and expected future goals.
  2. To develop the relationship between the subordinates and the supervisor to maintain team spirit and smooth functioning of work within teams, inter departments and also create collaboration amongst different departments.
  3. The Human resource development definition also works towards the health of the organization itself renewing capability that enables and increases the self-potential of the individuals working in an organization along with the performances of their teams and the entire organization.
  4. This team and department of the organization calls the employees the human resources which are also termed as one of the most essential resources of the organization
  5. This system stresses an emphasis on the development of human resources in order to benefit the entire organization along with their development.
  6. Develops and utilizes individual capability the best in order to develop and benefit the employee and the organization to its fullest.
  7. Develops relationships amongst colleagues along with interpersonal skills, building trust and confidence amongst each other and the organization.
  8. They develop and promote team spirit so that the employees work in teams as an individual alone cannot run the organization the work needs to be executed in teams.
  9. Creates and develops a healthy work atmosphere for the individuals in the organization along with developing their competent skills at the organizational level.
  10. It creates collaboration amongst subsystems as Human resource development management is a huge system and has a number of functional subsystems that it functions with.
  11. Its aim is to develop a sense of responsibility amongst employees along with creating good relationships amongst seniors and subordinates by qualitatively motivating them.
  12. To meet organizational goals it develops competencies at individual employee, interpersonal, team and organizational levels.
  13. Human resource development concept of inter-discipline of concepts such as economics, psychology sociology, ideas, and principles etc.
  14. Its motive is to examine and identify the needs of the employee and try to meet them in the best possible way to maximize employee welfare and quality of work life.
  15. HRD believes in a continuous and a systematic learning process along with monitoring the progress with the help of different assessments and tools.

Now that the concepts of Human resource development definition are a little clear let us look at how does it benefit an individual and the organization both.

Advantages of Human Resource Development Process

A system that focuses on developing one of the most important resources of the organization does definitely have a number of benefits. Take a look at these human resource development benefits to maximize your knowledge on Human resource development definition.

  1. HRD focuses on competencies on an employee of the organization by developing their existing skills, helping them with the development of new skills, attitude and know how of the people in the particular organization.
  2. An accessible performance system is formed in order to access the employees on the basis of their performance and rate them accordingly, this keeps them more committed to their jobs.
  3. It enables the employee by creating an atmosphere of trust, confidence, and respect for the employees in the organization.
  4. HRD creates an atmosphere where the employees would accept change challengingly.
  5. It benefits the employee with the power of problem-solving ability positively.
  6. Generates new values with the openness of the behavior of the employees.
  7. HRD focuses on the overall improvement of the employee along with improving team spirit of the organization.
  8. Benefits in creating organizational effectiveness along with an efficient work culture in the organization.
  9. HRD focuses on maximum utilization of the available resources to achieve goals appropriately with minimizing losses and maximizing profits by avoiding wastage.
  10. The system motivates the workers to participate in the organization by increasing their participation ability the employees participate freely without hesitating this gives them the feeling of achievement and satisfaction as they are performing their jobs in their organization. This increases their efficiency and helps them perform better.
  11. HRD collects useful data for employee management on their policies and programs it helps in building better human resource planning. Data is an instrument that will never go wrong and never guide your wrong hence maintaining and materializing data for your analyses is very important.
  12. This system gives the employees recognition and a place of reputation which helps them by giving them the confidence of facing the challenges in the organization today and even for their future.
  13. It focuses on the overall development of the organization that is the employee, the teams and the organization as a whole.
  14. It gives HRD responsibility for the managers of every level of every department in order to build the efficient resource for the organization.
  15. Creates value for both the employee and the organization.


Human resource development management is a very important responsibility for the HRM of the company. It is divided into a number of subparts and gives the responsibility of Human resource development concept to each level of management in each department of the organization.

It is a process of promoting human resource development management mechanism and techniques such as training, counseling as a part to promote, facilitate and initiate this process.

Human resource development management believes in the development of the most important resource of the organization in order to develop the employees, the teams, and the organization. The focus of Human resource development is on the entire organization not just one part of the company.

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