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With the internet becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives, the career prospects of a web development software professional are getting increasingly better.

Employment for web developers is set to grow 20 percent through 2022, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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A web development software professional’s job involves creating websites, keeping them functional, and updating them when required. To do this, you need to know web design concepts and theories and proficiency in a programming language or two.

You also need to know how various website elements come together, such as web applications, databases, and servers. Additionally, a web developer should be able to predict how users interact with a website and create an interface for optimum website performance in all conditions.

As you can imagine, being a web development software professional requires strong communication as well as technical skills. Communication skills are needed to understand client needs and technical needs to translate those needs into reality.

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Training to become a web development software professional

A web development software professional can come from any educational background. There are very few barriers to entry, with many of today’s professionals being self-taught.

If you have the know-how, interest, and dedication, you can enter the field of web development software too. Some clients do look for developers with a college education or a related degree, but most emphasize on skills and performance instead.

Programming knowledge is probably one of the most important requirements for a web developer. A web development software or computer science educational program should give you a good idea about programming.

Computer science and web development software programs

Computer science programs focus on teaching computer architecture, computational theory, object-oriented programming and data structures.

They give you a good theoretical foundation, but a web developer has to be able to get down and code in the languages that are currently used in website development. This requires independent learning and tons of practice.

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Web development software programs, meanwhile, are available as associate or undergraduate degree programs. They cover the basics of programming and coding in certain languages such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, which are often used to build web pages.

The programs also cover server-side languages such as PHP and database programming. Some graduate-level web development software programs also look at advanced subjects such as content management system, dynamic web application, mobile developmentcloud computing, application security, project management and human-computer interaction.

Learning web design

Web development tools professionals often work on the back-end structure of websites, but learning front-end web design can be a huge plus.

Web design usually looks at the usability and visual appeal of a website, and designers focus on how users interact with websites to create websites that focuses the viewer’s attention on the most important aspects.

As a web development tools professional, you can either opt for short courses or degree programs in web design or go through the resources available online for some self-taught web design in order to bolster your skills.

Regardless of whether you opt for a degree program or short course in web development tools, computer science or web design, it is important to note one thing: being a web development software professional is a constant learning process.

Most web developers continue to invest time in learning new technologies and languages, even with the college education. As a web developer, you can learn the latest tricks of the trade from books or online communities, or by simply trying the new tricks of the trade by creating a new website or application.

Certification and license requirements

Being a web development tools professional does not require any sort of license or certification, although there are plenty of certifications available that will give a big boost to your resume.

Developers can earn certifications in programming languages such as HTML5, Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript or Ruby. They can also pursue certification in different development platforms and environments.

How much time to invest?

A quick search online will get you web development software boot campaigns and programs that claim to cover specific programming languages within weeks. But keep in mind that this would cover mostly just theoretical knowledge.

Practical coding skills in one or more programming languages can take a long time to master. A lot of web development software professionals have been interested in programming at a young age and started honing their skills since then.

However, many others are there who made the shift to web development software much later, putting in time and effort to develop their skills. While the amount of time it takes to learn the necessary skills can vary from one person to another, it generally takes around a year to get enough knowledge for entering the field of web development software.

Recommended courses

Getting started

Now that you know what it takes to become a web development software professional, here is a look at the tools and resources you need to become one on your own.

  • Command line tools

As a web development tools professional, you have to be comfortable in using the command line. If you are wondering what a command line is, it is a text-based interface that uses text commands to achieve the same functionality as a graphical user interface (GUI), which is when you use the mouse to navigate and operate a computer. You can open the command line through a Cygwin on Windows or terminal on Linux or Mac.

  • Development environment

A web development tools professional also has to have a development environment, which will include all the software tools needed for your work. The most important tool for your development environment will be your text editor.

Word processors like Microsoft Word and OpenOffice are not suitable for writing code because there would be a lot of extra formatting data stored along with the text.

The best text editor for a web developer would be those with functionality specifically to develop software, or Integrated Development Environments (IDE). Sublime Text is an example of a great text editor with a library of extensions and plugins. Other options include Eclipse, TextMate, and Emac.

  • Learning HTML and CSS

You need to know HTML and CSS, which are used to develop basic static web pages before you can jump onto more advanced development elements or applications.

If you prefer to learn in an old-school way, you could opt for w3 schools from the W3 web consortium that sets the standards for both codes. Another good option for beginners is Treehouse, which is a platform that breaks down web technologies into testable and manageable components.

  • JavaScript and jQuery

JavaScript and JQuery are both essential components of modern web pages. Much of what you see on today’s websites are run or impacted by either of these languages.

Image galleries, auto-fill forms, toggle buttons and other such components depend on JavaScript or jQuery. In fact, the simple Google homepage is mostly built on JavaScript rather than HTML.

JavaScript can take a while to learn, but it should be easier if you already know HTML. There are also lots of free resources online to learn the language, including w3school and Treehouse once again. You can also opt for short-term programs to learn the language, but the important thing is to keep practicing.

  • Ruby on Rails

At this point, you should be comfortable with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as the command line. With knowledge of these elements under your belt, it is now time to jump into something a little more challenging: Ruby on Rails.

Ruby alone is a simple yet elegant programming language, and Rails is the framework that connects web pages to a database where all the information is stored.

It is a simple enough concept, and know how of other programming languages should give a good base for learning this particular language. A lot of today’s most popular websites use Ruby on Rails, like Twitter.

There are lots of tutorials and other resources to take you through Ruby on Rails, like the Try Ruby 15-minute tutorial for beginners and online version of Ruby Koans.

Other options include Rubymonk, which follows the same concept as Ruby Koans while bringing your understanding of the language to the next level.

Rails Tutorial is also a good option, but it is based on the assumption that you already know Ruby. If you do, then this tutorial will guide you through the development process for a web application similar to Twitter.

It introduces key Ruby on Rails concepts like Test Driven Development and Model-View-Controller applications. Add in your CSS and HTML programming knowledge, and you can deploy a fully-functional and elegant Rails applications by the end of this.

If you like to learn to programme in a fun way, you can opt for Rails for Zombies. This is quite a popular option too, so you should get plenty of support.

For a more thorough approach to Ruby on Rails, you can opt for a course from educational institutes like the University of California at Berkeley.

The university’s EdX’s Ruby on Rails course introduces you to building a Software as a Service, accessing APIs, Test Driven Development, Ruby on Rails and more. However, it assumes that you already know some programming.

  • Version control

By the end of your Ruby on Rails training, you should be fully proficient in all the key languages needed to become a web development tools professional: HTML, CSS, and Ruby on Rails. Now that you know to code, the biggest part of your learning is over! But your skill set would not be complete without learning about version control.

Version control lets you monitor the current status of your files so that you can track major changes. It also lets you set up and access file restore points so that you can always roll back to the most stable snapshot if things go wrong.

A lot of version control tools are available, but Git leads by a huge margin among other tools. Git was written by the same person who began the Linux open source movement.

You can store your projects on the Github, which serves as a public repository for codes. If you prefer to keep your coding private, you can also pay a monthly subscription fee.

Github also stores a number of open source projects, and you need to be familiar with this tool to become a good web development tools professional.

Other general skills

There are a few other peripheral and optional skills that you can develop to improve yourself as a web development software professional. Programmers, for instance, use their keyboard more often than any other computer component. As such, learning how to type fast and knowing more keyboard shortcuts can be a huge boon.

By this point, you have all the tools and knowledge in your arsenal to become a professional web developer. Now all you need to do is sharpen your skills by practicing coding and keep up with new technologies and programming languages.

Long-term prospects for web development software professionals

The web development tools field is a fast-paced one, and you need to be ready to learn new technologies, techniques and languages whenever required. The last thing a developer should be is out of date.

As a web developer, you can either work on your own, getting your own clients or join a company. Within a company, you can advance to positions of more responsibility and possibly move to management roles.

Independent developers can start with small clients and move up to bigger ones as they earn more experience and expand their portfolio of work. You could also focus all your efforts on an original application or start-up if you have a brilliantly original idea in your head.

How to find work as a web developer

If you are looking to join a company as a web developer, you can opt for general job posting websites, job boards and other general tools to find suitable openings. You can also find job boards entirely for design and development jobs.

If you lack previous experience as a web developer, it would be a good idea to build your portfolio by making your own website. You can also develop one for a charity group or a family for free or a reduced price, or start with smaller freelance work. Add up more of the small freelance jobs and build your portfolio so you can attract bigger clients.

How to learn more about being a web development software professional

If you want to know more about being a web development tools professional, you can always turn towards the internet. There are several communities dedicated to web developers, and they are great sources of information to keep yourself updated with the industry.

These communities are also a great way to put forth your doubts and get help when you need it. These developers come from all walks of life with various levels of experience, and it can be an enlightening experience to discuss the field with them.

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