10 Simple Steps to useful in Employee Feedback Survey

Employee Feedback Survey

Employee Feedback Survey

The success of every organization purely depends on its resources and how well and skillfully they are being used. One of these resources includes the most important yet the most difficult to manage the resource that is the human resource. Why is the human resource different from the other resources for unlike the other resources even the human resource only contributes to the development and growth of the organization? Well, that is pure because the human resource is the resource that consists of human beings and they use their brains, skills, efforts, loyalty, etc in helping the organization grow by working for it.

The company might survive with the deficiency in other raw material; however, the shortage of staff or human resource makes survival of any organization difficult. To avoid this deficiency the companies need to make sure that their employees are happy with them. How is that possible? Do you simply guess that your employees or the people working for your organization are happy? No not really that will not give you a precise answer. To get the real answer you need to stop guessing and out there to confirm. Confirmation can be done by asking them directly.

Your organization is working with the help of a particular system. No system or no organization is perfect however they can get better with better employee management. Proper employee management can be done by asking your employees your scope of improvement and also check their company satisfaction level. Let us look at employee satisfaction and how can we help you conduct an employee feedback survey in order to get useful answers. And to do so the notes given below will be of great help to you.

Employee Feedback Survey Questions

Hearing your employees voice to make them feel valued precisely because most of the times their voice is unheard leaving them unvalued, overlooked and under-appreciated by getting an insight of your employees, their opinions and also hearing out your staffs satisfaction and your scope of improvement. Well, this employee feedback survey is extremely important considering the organization and employee retention and employee loyalty. Obviously, if your employees are happy they will not leave you, and the other question is how to keep them happy? Again keeping them happy is extremely complicated as HR is nothing but employee working in your organization has the different expectation from the organization.

To fulfill your employee’s expectation and to keep them satisfied you need to know from them what do they want and how can you help them be happy in the system. There are a number of ways to get the information; however, this information needs to be relevant for the organization to create employee satisfaction. How to conduct or craft an employee feedback survey?

10 Simple Steps to Useful in Employee Feedback Survey

Converting the employee feedback survey crafting into simple steps below will be of definite help.

  1. The goal

Anything and everything you do must have a set reason or a set goal. The reason is a certain goal that you need to achieve. Similarly, if you want to conduct an employee feedback survey you need to have a particular aim or a reason, your survey needs to have an aim to achieve.

Your employee feedback survey may have different reasons, for example, The state of engagement and the level of satisfaction amongst the employees within the organization. It all ways is more sensible to understand the aim of your actions and what you expect out of it. Such an employee feedback survey can increase the employee activity or engagement in the organization and also their employee satisfaction. If you have an idea of what your goal or where you need to reach determining and measuring the will easier and defined for you will know what you want to achieve. Having an aim just gives you a direction and an indication of what needs to be improvised within the organization.

  1. Relevant questions

No employee feedback survey can be conducted without questions. To get relevant and reasonable answers or solution to get to your goal you need to have questions to ask your employees. Questions regarding employee engagement or questions regarding employee satisfaction will help you take a look at the current state of the organization. Now to make the end result more easy to achieve the organization needs to get the correct current state of the situation in order to with the minimum efforts put in.

Even when you need to check on the current engagement of employees or the satisfaction level of the employees you need to know which area needs the exact focus before you set the employee feedback survey questions. If you have an idea that work culture or the engagement culture is not right then you will have to add some employee feedback survey questions that focus on the problematic area. Hence you need not use a fixed set of employee feedback survey questions to reach your goal, in fact, to achieve a certain goal you need to have the separate set of questions. In certain situation, multiple choice question does not really help to get an answer on a hint to understand what your employees want. An open-ended question such as ‘What improvements need to be done in the company to increase employee engagement?’ can give you hints of what your employees expect out of their workplace.

  1. Employee feedback survey sample

You need to be specific if the employee feedback survey sample is concerning a specific business unit or it is for all employees of the organization. There are a few employee feedback surveys that pertain to certain departments in order to check the satisfaction level of those employees in the department. Now all the surveys cannot be linked to all employees, it might not be right and for a few employees, it might also be irritating.

For the same, you can conduct the employee feedback survey sample which can either be done manually or with the help of an application. However, give your employees a timeline to complete and submit the survey. Usually, the employee feedback survey sample is handed over to all employees which can have an advantage and a disadvantage, the advantage will be the employee feedback survey sample will feel wanted and might feel like an important part of the organization. Whereas the disadvantage might be that the employees would not find it relevant enough to participate in every survey of the organization.

Choosing the target of the employee feedback survey sample is very important as it will give you the exact situation and also the exact employee requirement.

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  1. Set a time for the employee feedback survey

Your employees are busy with their routine work and do not really have a lot a time for an employee feedback survey even if it is for their benefit. However it is extremely important for you, you would want to complete the survey soon in order to act on the situation and give your employees a solution. You have already been working on the planning of the survey for a long time now. Once you have the employee feedback survey done you will also take time to implement the same for your employee satisfaction. All this is going to need time.

Start from survey conducting time that is set about 2 to 3 week in preparing the employee feedback survey, as you will need that much time to research and set up a questionnaire. Then set a timeline for your employee feedback form to fill in the survey and submit in the same. Your overloaded employees may not be able to focus on the given survey as their workload will definitely divert their attention from survey right into their work. Give them about 2 to 3 days before submission. To get a good response rate of employee feedback form your employees you need to focus on the survey and give you relevant answers.

  1. Mode of employee feedback survey

Every company today has become eco-friendly and would want to save nature by saving trees. Avoiding the use of paper is important, however, employee feedback surveys are still conducted the old way by handing over survey copies to employees in order to get relevant results. Well, to avoid the same you can focus on using mails. Sending employee feedback surveys through emails and set reminders on the mail. In case your employees are busy and are overloaded, which is quite possible, even then the reminders will constantly keep reminding your employees about the survey.

Or you can send your employees a survey on their respective mails and send them a paper invitation to participate in the same. A little paper invitation will not require too much use of paper. Some companies still sending out paper surveys must check the amount of energy and cost the survey will incur comparing the same with the mail surveys.

  1. Gather the address information or contact information

You need to make sure that you have all the details of employees before you send out the employee feedback form. To begin with, in the sample survey the employees you send out a sample survey, their contact details are complete. If you are sending out the employee feedback form on their personal mail IDs then you must have their correct mail IDs in case you are doing a paper survey you must have their complete postal address.

However these days most of the employee feedback form is sent on the official mail IDs of the employees, this is much convenient. In case your employees do not official mail IDs makes sure that you have their correct mail IDs to send out the employee feedback form.

  1. Implementing and instruments to do so

Obviously, you have worked extremely hard on the employee feedback survey and you would want to implement the same. Now how do you do the same? Now-a-days with the number of employees in an organization, you cannot sit manually sorting the survey results. This will consume a lot of energy and time which is not worth it. However, you can get yourself more organized by having software in place that will help you automate your process of sorting. You need to study the type of software and relevant software for your survey to help you automate your process. Studying about the same online will make your job easy.

  1. Conduct the employee feedback survey

It completely depends on the type of solution you need from the survey. If you need a complete solution out of just one survey conduct the same at the right moment and just the right time and there you will be with a valid solution. However, if you have an aim of gathering maximum participation for the employee feedback survey you might gather your employees by sending out invites for the employee feedback survey. Sending out simple invites will not help you need to set reminders and keep messaging your employees about the survey for maximum participation. Don’t forget to give them a deadline. An employee feedback survey that is considered serious will in itself increase your employee engagement.

  1. Analyze

Once all the settings and arrangements have been made and finally after the survey has been conducted not is the time to analyze the result. In case you have a survey organized with multiple choice an automated system can help you segregate the result. Well, an open-ended employee feedback survey will need to be read in order to get the solutions and hints or tips that the employees of the company want and expects out of the company.

  1. Plan of action

After all, is sorted in place and the results are out now is the time to plan the action of improvement. The improvement may relate to employee engagement or employee satisfaction, or to make the organization a better place to work. Implementation for improvement is the only way you can measure the set goal of your survey. Your plan of action is set based on the solution you drive from the survey.

Discussing the action of improvement within the organization is advisable. For if the action gathers maximum support you will come to an outcome of the feeling of agreement from the employees.

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