Top 12 Steps to Promote Your Business From A Youtube Video

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12 Important Ways to Promote Your Business Through A Youtube Video

Starting a business is one task that needs imagination and lots of working and planning but doesn’t you think all the efforts and work would go in ruin if no potential customer will know about your business and products? The important stair to cross for a business to be called as a success is through its popularity, the larger the population will know, the more popular it would be, and this popularity can be achieved through none another way than promotion. But the main question that can put the peace in trouble is the question of money, the worry of all the expenditure that arises due to advertising. Advertising can be a costly task and not all business personnel can afford it.

A common platform where all people can share videos is none other than a youtube video. Not only common people but business persons also use a youtube video to share their videos and experiences. These videos can be used for various purposes like, for promoting the business, fun or as a tutorial. Through a youtube video, people can intermingle, share and design their own content. It won’t be surprising that a youtube video ranks as the second most popular search engine across the globe.

As it is quite clear that the popularity of a youtube video is quite high, so it can be easily be used as a platform for promoting your business. People usually get doubtful when they hear the name of social platform for the purpose of promotion but one should not be afraid of it. The main reason for not being afraid is that the videos that are the most popular on a youtube video are not usually made by some professional. In fact, the most streamed videos are the product of the common public.

If you are also afraid of creating your own video then it’s time that you stop worrying because creating a video for any kind of business is extremely easy. Don’t burden yourself with the thought of creating a brilliant video that is viral and sensational. Just make your point, present your views and shoot the video by any means. While shooting the video make sure that the background is decent and lighting is perfect. Now all you need to do is post your video on a youtube video so that others are also able to watch it.

Short and precise is the mantra for creating strong, influencing videos for any business. One of the three streams is followed by anyone who wishes to make an inspiring and convincing video.

  1. Explain what your company does for others
  2. Tell the story about your life and how you reached this point
  3. Show and teach by demonstrating your expertise.

These three topics help you gain the trust of not only existing customers but of the new ones as well. Trust is the main reason because of which anyone buys your product and services.

YouTube is not only popular, but it also encapsulates various features in itself because of which it can easily be used as a successful channel for popularizing your business. The various purpose for which one can use YouTube includes product promotion, launching of products, providing the information about your brand on your own terms, monitor all the feedbacks, etc.

Here lies all the tips and methodologies through which one can use a youtube video for promoting the business without getting yourself into any trouble.

  • Copying is not always wrong

Reviving new ideas is not always compulsory. A serious or too complex video is not the kind of videos that get the most popular but the videos that are funky, farcical or in any way useful are the ones that gain the maximum popularity. Spend the whole day watching different videos and analyzing what kind of videos gains the most popularity. Check out which videos get the maximum views, highest ratings, most subscribers and maximum comments that are related to your business.


  • Use keywords the most

Keywords are a set of words that are used in the text that makes the search easier. The videos that are easily searched on a youtube video are ones where keywords have been used. The keywords can be used in the heading, the description, and the identifiers. Using keywords helps the potential customer to make the search of your products much easier. Use The Google keyword tool can be used for finding the possible alternatives of the keywords.

Let us understand this through an example and how the keywords can be used in real life scenario:

Suppose the keyword is- ‘Buy Instagram Likes’

TITLE- How to buy Instagram likes

DESCRIPTION- https://nameofthesite.com/blog – Know how to buy Instagram likes?

TAGS- buy Instagram likes, how to buy Instagram likes, Instagram likes, get famous on Instagram through Instagram likes.

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  • Steal the keywords of the videos that are most popular

For most people, this might appear to be unethical but if the truth be told, there is nothing wrong with stealing the keywords of the popular videos if it can make your video popular with itself. The videos that are popular also uses keywords. Hence look for the similar videos that have been famous in your field and copy its tags that they have presented. After copying these tags use it in your own tags. Using these keywords increases the probability of your video to pop-up under the section of suggestions whenever someone searches for those keywords.

  • Select attractive thumbnail images for presenting

Thumbnail images can attract a large population. It is a common human tendency that people buy what appears to be good at the first glance, what does not attracts them when they initially look at are the ones that are mostly left out. Hence using the attractive thumbnails can appear to be a wise option. Now the question that may arise is how to select a thumbnail and how to set it? For this, you can follow this easy step.

  1. Go to>> My Account > My Videos > Edit
  2. Choose the thumbnail image that you think can get you more viewers.
  • Customize your frequency

Even before you have uploaded your video that can help you promote your business, it is important that you first you make your profile more attractive. Because it won’t be wrong to say that in the present world where fashion and looks are at high demand the products that are purchased mostly are the ones that look attractive, as what looks good, sell goods. Hence, customize your profile and make it nice and attractive before uploading your new video. After customizing your profile, including some of the relevant information about yourself and as well add the link of your website, as it will make the search easier for the interested customers.

  • Add proper URLs to the description

It is important that you proper and working URLs to the description. The URL that has started with either ‘http: //’ or ‘https: //’ should be added at the initial description of your video. This makes the search of your website a whole lot easier, as with a simple click on that particular link can direct anyone to your website.

  • Include multiple calls that can be exploited

There are many features offered by a youtube channel of which we don’t know in general. There are multiple calling options available on a youtube channel that can enhance the popularity of your video if used properly. Overlay texts can also be added to the videos that can be used for calling the actions. Here lies a list of a few famous calls to actions that are presented by a youtube channel:

  1. Rate the video
  2. Follow on Twitter and Facebook
  3. Subscription to the videos.
  4. Link to the blog to visit and views more videos.
  5. Entrench this on your website
  6. Comments posting section
  7. Share the videos with your friends and loved ones.
  8. Check out my network.
  • Selling through a softer methodology

Asking people to purchase your product just by viewing your video, don’t you think it’s a bit absurd, as people are not usually ready to spend their money just by watching one of your videos. In its place, it will be better if you use a softer tactic, a pathway that can gain their trust and builds some confidence in your services. For example, you can follow this set of steps for promoting your business.

  1. Watch the video on YouTube
  2. Visit my blog to view more videos
  3. Sign Up to get the exclusive videos.
  4. Try selling a lower cost product first
  5. Try selling higher cost products to the ones who have already purchased from you earlier.
  • YouTube response for videos

YouTube is a big ocean of videos where anyone can find any kind of videos. So, it won’t be wrong to say that there will be other videos available as well that will be highly similar to the field of interest as your video. Two videos can’t be same but they can be similar of different platforms. Hence, search for the videos that are in any way related to yours’ and if appropriate then post your video in the video response section. Beware! You are posting your video as the video response, so never spam it. Video response can help you get additional traffic that visits those videos where you have posted the response.

  • Create a beautiful playlist

One of the best ways to get to the people so that they will watch your videos is through a playlist. A playlist can grab the attention of a huge population. Creating a playlist is an easy task and can be achieved through some simple steps:

  1. Add all your videos to a new playlist
  2. Add the videos of other people that are related to your video and are as well famous to the same playlist.
  3. Choose a name for your playlist that can be easily searched. For example, try using your keywords as the name of your playlist.
youtube video
  • Make YouTube your social site

Do you know that you can invite your friends and chat with them on a youtube channel? Surprised? But yes it is true. A youtube channel is not only about sharing and watching videos, it’s much more than that. It’s a social networking website. Here, you can join and add new friends, chat with or can message them, own groups can be also be created or you can join other groups. For interacting with a youtube channel community, you can make use of the bulletin board.

  • Promotion of your video

Do you really think that just by posting your video, the task has been completed? Let us face the harsh reality, the answer is no. Just by posting a video, the public won’t come running to watch your videos, you need to work, and it becomes necessary to promote your video so that it comes into the sight of the public. Here, lies a few ideas through which anyone can promote their videos.

  1. Use your blog for embedding your videos.
  2. Email all your friends and relatives the link to your YouTube.
  3. Ask all the people whom you know in any way possible, to share your link with their contacts.
  4. For the article forums and directories, you can write an article and post it as well.
  5. Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all other social networking sites to post your video.
  6. Request others to share it. When you post your video on any social networking website, you can ask the people to repost it so that more and more people can view it. This request may seem to be an extra but in truth, it can come in handy and highly beneficial.

All these may appear to be the time-consuming and tedious task but if you are really interested and willing to make your business work then it is important that you leave no stone unturned and promotion of a business is very important for the life-span of the business. Hence, it is important to use the most famous search engine in your favor.

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