8 Great Ideas to Promote Employee Retention Process

Employee turnover in this ever-changing work environment is a best-oriented move that could see fresh faces, fresh ideas, and experience beaming all through the work environment. Turnover is highly reinvigorating and refreshing but too much of turnover can cause a brain drain and naturally that’s not good for the health of the company. Advice is to keep the balance straight and try to every bid to keep the turnover less than 15 percent.

Steve Jobs, expresses

“I noticed that the dynamic range between what an average person could accomplish and what the best person could accomplish was 50 or 100 to 1. Given that, you’re well advised to go after the cream of the cream. A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players.”

A small best team is more worthy than gatherings of less worthy people and nature to retain them is a challenge that is worthy of achievement.

Here are some points or ideas for the management to adapt to keep employee retention process level high and how to do it lets see:

employee retention process

8 Best Ideas to Promote Employee Retention Process

#1. The environment of the bond at work


A bond that a team shares with each other and with their own employees is one of the biggest factors that keeps the satisfaction high and keep the employee retention process. When the employees are paired up with a bit of friendly environment and good bosses, they are highly elevated and motivated. Employees should feel respected by their managers and colleagues. Regular words of appreciation and rewards give them the motive to work more.  No respect in the organization is like injecting a poison in his vulnerable attitude for which there is no medicine nor antidote.

#2. Choose the right candidates for the employee retention process

Very often, you will come across people, who are just not settling in at one workplace, and in their search for another temporary job, they end up giving you an interview for a particular post. The chances are that they might have all the qualifications required and all the right criteria you have been looking for, but if he is a job hopper, it is better that you let go of him and find another person for the job at your firm. Hiring somebody for the short term is both hectic and shortsighted since the person might leave anytime, and you will have to work on looking for a new employee again.

There is nothing really wrong with someone who switches his job from time to time, but it is ethically considered a careless attitude and companies often want somebody, who is more permanent and stable rather than somebody, who is constantly changing jobs. With the right employee, all the efforts you put into their training and the time you invest in telling them about the way things work around at your place aren’t wasted. You can have a bright employee for the next ten to twenty years, and you can rely on them.

#3. Provide important training for employee retention process

There are companies out there that have an amazing set of staff who are experts at everything required to handle their jobs and are easily the most talented employees in that particular field. Looking at them makes many firms instill a desire to have such employees, but what these firms and organizations do not see is the amount of effort put up by that particular organization to train their employees to perfection. It is nice and easy to want somebody, who is well trained but to maintain their standards is something not all employers can boast of.

When you hire a well-trained employee, make sure you provide them with any more training that is needed from time to time. It is not just an investment in their career, but also for your own firm. It gives a good impression on the employee to see that their employers are interested in their career and the kind of work that they do also see improvement post the training, which is good for both, the firm as well as the employees. Thus, be open-minded about providing training and skill strengthening classes whenever necessary.

#4. Guide your employees well for employee retention process

The key behind having an employee satisfied with his work is not just the salary you pay, and the number of digits in it, but also about how well the employee does the work he has been assigned. It is the common human nature to give up on things that are not done up to the mark, and especially if it is some important task that requires attention. Satisfaction with what their work is very important, and not only is the employee responsible for it but the employers as well.

You need to guide your employees well about their work, any new project that they take up and anything complicated or new that comes their way. They may know all the rules, but to be a guide to ensure that they give their best is both, a sign that you are interested in their work and a trait that keeps the employees interested in improving the quality of the work. However, by guidance, it does not give you the right to poke into every decision of theirs. Just let them do it the right way with some help from you always there for them.

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#5. Give fair time to all

It has been a story at every step of life that the one, who is weak, is given more attention and the ones who are doing their work properly are often neglected in the attempt to make the ones, who are weak improve. Even at offices and workplaces, the ones who are still competing to get their work done or are not that talented end up consuming all the time of the senior workers. You try and guide them through and through, forgetting that there is a set of workers, who are talented, but there are things that they might need you to look at. It seems rather partial, and you might seem a bit disinterested in their work.

Not giving time to the staff that performs well has been seen as an act of de-motivating the hard-working staff who would like to listen to a word of compliment or maybe have a word of guidance at their new assignment. It is important that you notice the hard work of your talented workers as well as help your learners grow. Ignoring either of them is a bad idea and something that should not be entertained in any workplace. Keep the environment healthy and pay equal attention to all your workers. This does not only make your workplace a welcoming place for any newcomers, but even the old employees like the idea of working in a workspace that is friendly and more like a family.

#6. Have flexible working terms

It has been seen very often that with some bosses, it is just impossible to get some brownie points or even a word of praise, no matter how hard an employee works. There is no need to be one of those typical bosses, who expect the workers to work until late on a sturdy night and then come back early on a Monday morning. Rather than being so hard pressed on the schedules, be a bit easy going with your employees at times and let them have some time off their desks too so that they can be chilled at work.

For good work, the equation is like give and take. If you want your employee to be up even on Sunday for an emergency meeting, you should probably also be ready to give them an extra day off without much hesitation. A healthy work environment is all about treating each other in a more humble, humane and friendly manner. You get to guide, but you do not get to enslave. Treat your employees’ right and the chances are that they would not turn their backs on you even if some other firm pays more money to them for the same work. Everybody yearns for respect and everybody deserves it.

#7. Benefits are lucrative

Admit it; everybody likes to have some perks and benefits coming up at work now and then. It does not have to be frequent, but it is very important that it should not always be about work. While the smaller companies are often seen to be struggling to provide as good benefits as the bigger ones do, you can always make up for it by giving them the required amount of day-offs or even half days for that matter. It is not always about the best health insurance or the most number of digits.

When employees get such additional benefits from time to time, like festive bonuses and some shopping coupons that come your way, guide them about employee retention plans so they like to work harder and better to earn big and be on the list of the best workers. Interest and hard work are the main keys behind an employee liking to work at your place and not leaving it. A good environment, a happy boss, a nice salary and some interesting tasks at work are all any man would look for in a job, and if you offer that, you need not fear losing an employee.

#8. Don’t be a very serious boss

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If we believe what the employees have to say about quitting some really excellent jobs, the maximum percentage of men has been pointing to their bosses as a reason behind them leaving a job they liked. It has long been a theory that bosses have to be nosey, thankless creatures, who would not like to see you at peace, but if you look around, there are bosses, who treat their employees with humility and in a rather friendly way.  Do not be the reason behind a gem of a worker quitting your company since it is being said that people quit bosses, not jobs.

It is good to be friendly and fun loving with your employees. In order to create a good and healthy working environment at your office, it is very important that you work for it as well. Be happy to help your employees and guide them through the employee retention plans. Make sure you compliment their work and praise them from time to time for their hard work. These things will surely keep you ahead of all the other bosses out there, and you won’t have to fear of losing a talented employee.

It is quite an easy task to improve the rate of employee retention process in any organization. It is not always about the salary, there are other things too. If it is becoming a rather rampant thing at your organization, make sure to check up on the kind of work environment that your workplace has, and if you are able to deliver well the guidance and nurturing care that an employee looks for, it makes you a better senior to work under.

You, as a boss, should be a role model, who is looked up to and someone like whom the employees aspire to be. So, interact with your employees more often, take care of their needs as well as the changing times to ensure that the right training at the right time is delivered to them. Only in these ways can you be able to understand what an employee might need to continue serving to you even after all the offers that they might get. Raise their wages from time to time, depending upon the kind of experience they have gained and the way their work has improved to keep them from quitting their job.

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