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Career in Logistics

A career in Logistics Management –

Generally, when a question is asked from a youngster about his career plan, his/her instant answer is maybe a doctor or an engineer, and further still police, teacher, psychologist etc but can he ever imagine a “Career in Logistics Management”. It is strange, we are confined with few choices, but do we know there are many career opportunities and one of them is Career in Logistics Management. It is a highly demanding field with paradoxically many capable brains does not want to acquaint themselves with but this career is very well here, recognized and with great potentialities of growth.

Logistic manager’s work at the heart of the organizations as they are the ones who ensure manufacturers are getting requisite raw materials and the finished goods and services are reaching the end consumers or any other desired destination. Logistics managers steer the company towards its growth. Logistics Manager is required in every business, whether big or small. A small businessman would have one logistic manager but big organization have separate Logistics management and Supply Chain department.

Many start their career in Logistics management from the entry level and work their level up acquiring more responsibilities and higher salaries. Manufacturing sector employs the largest number of logisticians we can say around 40 percent of them, and can acquire different job titles, with some of them are:

  • Consultants
  • Logistics Analyst
  • Customer Service Manager
  • International logistic Manager
  • Inventory Control Manager
  • Logistics Engineer
  • Logistics Manager
  • Logistic Service Salesman
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Systems Support Manager
  • Transportation Manager
  • Vendor Managed Inventory Coordinator
  • Warehouse Operations Manager

Here I would focus on how to build a career in Logistics Management

What Does A Logistics Manager Do?

A Logistic Manager is also known as Supply chain manager who manages the transport of inventories and raw materials, manufactured products and different goods and services from one place to the other. They get the help of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCMP) who explains the Logistic manager the way to connect the suppliers to consumers in the production of the goods while handling the different steps in between. It is a job of a Logistic manager to have all the products in its proper condition and quantity is transported on the spot at the right time. They look after the companies following needs:

Reasons Why You Should Consider Career In Logistics

Logistics is very important for any company as, without its proper execution, the company would cease to function and there would chaos all over the organization. Just imagine a situation if a production department does not receive raw materials on time, how will it start its manufacturing process. A logistics manager looks after all the operations. In-house logistics process then works with outbound logistics management for products and services to get distributed.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a career in Logistics:

More Opportunities in Logistics

As the world economy is getting closer, multinational companies and corporate giants are looking forward to the Logistics for new opportunities. As per the estimates of US Department of Labor, the jobs in Logistics would continue to grow by 25.5 percent from 2010 to 2020. In this field then at least 27,800 jobs more are expected to be generated.

Logistics Management Salary

Approximate salary of a Logistician is around 53,000 dollars while the annual earning is around 74,000 dollars. The salary distributed among the lower rung was estimated to be $43,500 in 2010, but the topmost ten had been earning more than $108,000 every year and this salary will sure be going to be doubled. The topmost market for Logistician in the United States is Bellingham, W.A.

Logistics positions are available for anyone

It is a general assumption that Career in logistics needs an advanced degree but it also depends on which logistics field you are interested. Naturally, you need a Bachelors degree if you want the job at senior level but there are also jobs as truck drivers, warehouse workers, and forklift operators. They all make the part of the Logistics team requiring Logistics executive. There is always a scope of growth in Logistics and opportunities for advancement are also many, besides the department provides training programs for the aspiring candidates, and promotions are also quite common. Hard workers and innovative persons can reach higher hierarchy level quickly and positively.

US Government also provides Logistics Training

Many people enter in Logistics after serving armed forces, where Logistics plays a most critical role and is very sensitive too. The four years of experience they get in an army is enough for gaining the position as a mid-level logistics in any organization or manufacturing unit.

There is no geographic limitation to Start Career in Logistics

Logistics is not confined to any particular geographic area or a specific industry. You can begin Career in Logistics from anywhere or in any part of the world and in any industry or a company. Nearly all companies or organizations require Logistics worker and a few industries like the army, oil industry, and coal industry are the hubs of Logistics.

A career in Logistics management is Very Interesting

People who are already working in this field know how much interesting is this occupation? Every day they have the new task ahead and a new challenge in front of them. And they are doing a multitude tasks. They have to show responsibility, diligence, intelligence, shrewdness and make proper strategies and plan. After all, they have to keep, transport and deliver each and every item securely and that too as scheduled. Their tasks become difficult when it involves transportation and delivery on higher altitudes where roads are rough and risky, and when goods have to be carried across oceans, through forests and even in war zones. There are a lot of risks and stake involved in this occupation. Only a most experienced and skilled person can achieve this fete.

A career in Logistics for women are also doubling

A career in Logistics was traditionally held by men and in many nations still, men are dominating in this area. But slowly the situation is changing as now women are also holding top positions in logistics and are doing their job perfectly well.

Logistics can also become a first step for entering in International Business

People who have started their career in logistics can also gain quick experience in doing international business, and develop new skills. This business gives you much exposure to meet people across the lands and even learn their language and culture. You can also learn many tits and bits of doing business overseas. Besides you might also get an opportunity to temporarily relocate overseas lands.

You can establish fraternal relationships

Logistic managers consider their co-workers as their teammates and consider them as their biggest asset. People working in it feel a sense of pride in what they do and achieve.

Recommended courses

Educational Requirement For A Logistics Manager

The educational requirement depends on the industry for which a manager is required and respective needs of the company. It is seen that at least bachelor’s degree is needed to apply for a position. The CSCMP recommends having an internship and work experience along with it business skills and know-how of supply management as a necessary requirement. The industry also demands candidate having an experience or knowledge of specific industry for which he is applying.

A bachelor degree in Logistics, supply chain management, business administration is a field that can prepare graduates to build their career in logistics management. In the course, students are taught mthe ain concepts, processes and strategies of the supply chain management including key aspects in business management. The degree program also includes

A custom service position which is at the lowest hierarchy level needs an associate degree with many jobs needed a bachelor degree. Many employers also necessitate having a master degree. Students are made to go through lessons in administration, finance, marketing, international business, statistics, and conflict resolution. Programs also offer many internship options to get first-hand experience. Students need to gain expertise in

Besides a Logistics Manager needs to acquaint himself with software programs for tracking movements and maintaining the record of inventories and accounting.

There is also online education available which offers logistics degree programs at the different education levels.

Different Degree Options available

Logistics degree programs cover managerial decision-making distribution and logistics and supply chain management and management. Some of the programs are also offered as operational management degree programs or logistics and supply chain management degree program. Some schools also offer the degree program in transportation and logistics.

Entry Level Logistics and Supply Chain Management Job

You start the Career in logistics as the Customer Service manager which is a common entry level of Logistics and Supply chain logistics management stream. Listening to and servicing customers is crucial to any business. Many companies also expect an entry level employee to manage product inventories, shifting of products and arranging transportation including managing of the supplies that are required for production. Many organizations also require entry level employees working as the distribution clerk, van driver, operational clerk which can become a stepping stone for advanced level positions.

Some of the entry level jobs are operational research analyst or process associate which is more focused towards analytical and critical thinking and may need certifications for the process.

Advanced level of Logistics and Supply Chain management

As the person continues to gain experience in Logistics, there is a climb of the hierarchical level. The positions available are industry analyst, global logistics manager, operational director, transportation director, international logistics manager. A Logistical manager is in charge of the efficiently movement of the goods and services from the suppliers to the consumer. A Logistician looks after proper flow and management of the products that starts from collections, arrangements, transportation, maintaining the record to the final delivery. While a Supply Chain Manager checks the proper functioning of all the systems and then streamline all the activities. The experienced candidates can also reach the position of President and Vice President who looks into the various aspects of Logistics and Supply chain management.

Many multinational companies also seek Logistics managers for their cross country operations, as they work with logistics companies and foreign distributors for conducting their business. You also have the opportunity to work as a consultation and in a capacity of the same can work with many different companies, at the national as well as international level. Consultants offer strategies and tips on how the way the processes can be streamlined.

These are some of the best Supply Chain Masters courses available:

Purdue University, MBA in Global Supply Chain Management (U.S.A)

It is based at Purdue University which is located in Lafayette Indiana, having full-time year-long program providing contextual and problem-solving skills.

Maastricht University MSc Global Supply Chain Management and Change (Netherlands)

It is a complete Global Supply Chain Management and Change program for meeting supply chain requirements providing innovative approaches for the success of the businesses. The institute is in Venlo giving students the opportunity to place their knowledge in practice.

ESSEC Business School Advanced Master’s Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (France)

It is an advanced Master degree program for providing professional training in basics in Supply Chain management. A certification is provided by the American Production and Inventory Control Society which is taught to them in French. The program aims to make its graduates become professional.

BEM – KEDGE Business School ISLI – MS Global Supply Chain Management

The business School provides MSc Global Supply Chain Management program to meet the multicultural manager’s needs. Companies approach the institute to gain Supply Chain Excellence and help them learn and gasp new age business management with supply chains that extend across the borders and oceans.

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