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Having Workplace cooperation with others is an important part if you want to make your mark as a leader/manager/communicator.

But more often than not the managers find it hard to convince others to do things that they want.


They don’t follow a framework and don’t think enough about what works and what doesn’t.

So if you’re one of those who wants to influence your subordinates to work as you want them to here’s the deal. Follow the advice mentioned here and apply them flawlessly. Within weeks you will see that you’re able to successfully gain the Workplace cooperation of others.

The article has two sections.

  • In the first section, we will talk about few questions you need to ask yourself to create a framework for gaining Workplace cooperation from others.
  • In the next section, we will describe a how-to guide by using which you can implement the framework mentioned in the first section.

Let’s get started.

First section: A framework to gain the Workplace cooperation of others

As a manager, it’s your responsibility to gain the cooperation of your employees. They won’t come to you and say – ‘I’m ready for Workplace cooperation!’ If it happens, it’s one in a hundred scenario. Thus you need to own the responsibility of making a framework that works.

To do that you need to ask yourself series of questions. Let’s see how you can have the Workplace cooperation of your employees by some simple tweaks.

What do you want them to do?

The first thing is to keep the first thing, the first thing. You need to be clear about what you want them to do. Take out a piece of paper and write down exactly what you want them to do. Make sure you etch out every detail without missing out on anything.

Once you write down what you want them to do in-depth, divide them into smaller chunks and decide on the thing you want their Workplace cooperation for.

Make sure that whatever you want them to do is not according to your agenda. Rather you should want them to do what’s aligned with the objective of the organization. If it’s your personal goals, scratch it and write fresh.

No matter what you want them to do it should primarily portray the importance of the organizational goals and strategies, not yours.


Why you want them to do it?

Ambiguity isn’t valuable. You need to know exactly why you want their Workplace cooperation for. Quite often than not, many managers ask their subordinates to do work that doesn’t make sense. The managers know that inherently. But still, to show authority they do that. What they don’t realize is that doing this sort of thing robs off trust and make the employees resentful. And in future when the managers really need the Workplace cooperation of the employees for a projector to execute a strategy flawlessly, they don’t get any cooperation.

So don’t be someone who uses the position or authority. Ask yourself – Is it really necessary to get Workplace cooperation from them for the project? If yes, write down at least 5 reasons. The reasons can be anything like –

What’s in it for them?

Do you know what the best secret of selling anything is? It’s to make sure that people know what they will get because of the selling.

Let’s get specific. In copywriting, those copywriters sell the most who know how to convey what’s in it for the customers. So to gain the  Workplace cooperation of others you need to articulate what they will get when they will cooperate with you.

So you need to write down everything in detail about what their Workplace cooperation will offer them. Will it give them more compensation? Will it add value to their career? Do they enhance their competence? Would they improve their possibility of a promotion?

No matter what it is you need to convey it to them that their Workplace cooperation will actually help them get better.

And they will listen and act as you want them to.

How will they do it?

Most of the managers will tell their subordinates what to do, not at all how to do it. But if you want to gain their Workplace cooperation you need to ensure that they know how the things should be done.

The best approach is to design an internal training session where you will tell them exactly how to work toward achieving the common organizational goal.

Design the training. Add few games in between and make sure that the duration of the training is short. You need to sell them the process of what you want their Workplace cooperation for.

What possible resources you have to help them succeed?

Telling them how do the thing is not enough. You also need to think about what resources are available which they can use for successful completion of the project/task at hand.

Resources include funding, materials, support activities and even the open door communication from you. Always be ready to help them if they need any assistance during their task completion. Remember everything matters. The way you will treat them will go a long way for any future projects you may want their Workplace cooperation for.

Structuring the whole thing

You need to structure the above questions in a proper framework so that you can use them for even future projects. Use the following guidelines.

  • Write down everything in a single paper or sheet. The answers to the above five questions should be in one place to help you make a proper framework.
  • Their Workplace cooperation will depend on the clarity of your vision. So, if you’ve scribbled and are not sure about the clarity of the whole document, read the whole thing and find out what you can’t comprehend and make amends.
  • Take a fresh piece of paper and write a simple structure from the original document.
  • Try to visualize how would you do the whole thing and see in your mind that you’re gaining their Workplace cooperation in the whole process.

Second section: A how-to guide


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This section will help you implement the things you have planned for. This part is hard. But if you follow the steps below you will gain their cooperation in workplace without any hassle.

  • Just start: Don’t worry about how the whole thing will go. Arrange a meeting where everyone will be asked to join and you tell them your plans. See the resistances (if any), but keep sharing your vision.
  • Ask them to make a questionnaire: After delivering your plans to them, ask them to jointly make a questionnaire which will include everything they’ve in their mind for the upcoming project. Ask for their cooperation in workplace.
  • Focus on commonalities: The best way to gain cooperation in workplace from anyone is to first talk about the commonalities between you and them. Talk about the common objective you would like to achieve. Talk about the success you’ve recently had while handling the earlier project where everyone performed equally well. Be creative. You need to find ways to gain their cooperation.

The above is the way you should start and try to gain access to their cooperation in workplace initially. Now you need to concentrate on the framework you’ve already made. You need to implement them. But first, deal with the questionnaire you’ve asked them to prepare.

  • Deal with the questionnaire: Look at the questionnaire. Can you answer them all? If yes, write down all your answers and then give a short presentation on the queries of your team. If you can’t answer all then pick them out and do a session of brainstorming. Ask them to come up with ideas to solve the particular queries which no-one has any idea about. The select the best alternative.
  • Motivation time: Once this part is done, now you need to tell them why you need their cooperation. This is the time when you need to motivate them to listen. You will only gain their cooperation when they’re motivated enough.
  • What’s in it for them: If they don’t feel motivated enough ask them what is making them resistant. There can be one or two things they may get concerned about. At this time, you need to present what’s in it for them. Tell them exactly what they will get out of it if they cooperate. If they get motivated and agree for cooperation, then you can go to the next step. Otherwise, go for designing a sensitivity training which will help them understand the whole scenario and as a result, you will be able to gain their cooperation.
  • Tell them how: This is one of the most important parts of the whole process. While trying to gain their cooperation, they forget to guide employees about how to do the work. As a result, even after gaining the cooperation the project fails to achieve the deliverables expected out of it. As per the structure tell them step by step about how to start the process, how to meet the ends and how to finish. Promise them to be there whenever they need you. For that, an essential part is to create an open door policy. Along with that create an automatic feedback system which will allow you to control the whole process and not worry about course corrections at a later stage.
  • Provide resources: Before assigning them any resources, make sure that you have your budget calculated. Once you assign the resources, you can’t take back. So be prudent and assign resources according to the constraints of the project. If you maintain transparency you will gain the cooperation of your employees.

Final analysis

Image source: pixabay.com

You may wonder why we have etched out the entire process from beginning to completion in this article. The reason is gaining cooperation is not a quick fix. It’s a process and sometimes very long. So only talking about few things will not gain cooperation at workplace. You need to do the whole thing, again and again, and again.

Finally, it should be mentioned that there are particularly three elements of gaining cooperation at workplace. Let’s look at them briefly.

  1. Trust: If you want to gain the cooperation of others the common thread between you and them should be a relationship of trust. If they don’t trust you then by no means you can gain their cooperation. But how to build trust? You need to follow the above steps as a guide to ensure trust. The only thing you need to make sure that they should know that you are always thinking about their well-being and not exploiting them because of your authority or position. If you can ensure that their trust, gaining their cooperation is just a byproduct.
  2. Integrity: Gaining cooperation depends on the integrity of the manager. If you think you can do something wrong and they will not notice, you are in an illusion. Remember they observe everything and know everything that you do. If you keep your words, flawlessly execute what you preach and take responsibility for your mistakes, they will notice and will silently value you. Thus, when you need to have their cooperation, they’ll be ready and willing.
  3. Treatment: How you treat an employee says a lot about you. If you treat them with dignity, you will receive it back and if you don’t, you will get it back too. Behavior begets behavior. If you want to have the cooperation of your employees, make sure that you always treat them with dignity. When an employee does a mistake, instead of scolding him/her in front of everyone, call them in your cabin and ask him/her about what issues s/he is facing. Then resolve to solve the problem. Your treatment ensures whether you will gain their cooperation or not.

This is a comprehensive guide to gaining the cooperation in the workplace of others. If you follow the advice mentioned here, gaining cooperation from your employees or subordinates will become significantly easier. Do not know where to start? Pick up any advice from here and just start. Once you start you will eventually figure it out.

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