10 Excellent MBA Interview Questions You Must Know!!!

MBA Interview Questions

eduCBA brings to you  Interview Questions of  MBA that you must know before going for an interview. Go through the questions and prepare yourself to answer them

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Top 10 Interview Questions of MBA:

1. How would your colleagues describe you?

2. Give your view on Management.

3. What is your definition of Success and Failure?

4. Do you know who our competitors are?

5. Do you feel that you are an organized person?

6. How do you manage your time?

7. We are a fast moving company and things are always changing, how do you think you will adapt to this environment?

8. What information do you need before making a decision?

9. How do you react to problems and how do you solve them?

10. Are you a risk taker or do you like to play it safe? Give reasons.

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