How to Make the Right Sales Hiring Decision Process

Hiring – The Meaning

hiring decision process

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Hiring, in other terms recruiting, is a process of appointing an appropriate candidate after inviting a number of applicants and selecting the right one amongst the lot. The entire procedure of appointing the right candidate involves a number of calculations in terms of business, recruitment cost, reputation of the organization and much more. An employee is the first stake holder of any company as they from a base and lays a strong foundation for smooth functioning and operation of the company.

Every organization has something to sell; this something can be either goods or services. Depending on the type of sales or sales strategy the HR that is the human resources department of the company selects and appoints an employee to sell for them. Unlike other available resources human resource is extremely critical and sensitive to handle, hence recruiting or appointing an employee needs to be done with utmost care and very efficiently.

When recruiting for sales: sales recruiters, the company and the sales careers team would want to make sure that the newest employee is efficient enough to work under pressurizing situations, is able to meet targets keeping the policies and procedures of the company in mind, build relationships with clients and co workers, maintaining company ethical values, etc. However unlike other employees of the company, the sales team is the first sales representative jobs of the company or sales representative, hence he can also be called as the first face of the company which means he needs to be presentable, strong and smart enough to sell.

Management would not want to compromise on the quality and quantity of the business received, to make sure the proportion is appropriate they would not compromise on hiring the perfect sales employee for their company. Given below are a few sales management approaches in appointing the right sales representative.

Follow Hiring Decision Process

Increasing business targets and pressure usually misleads you in choosing an inappropriate candidate. Inappropriate does not really mean that the candidate is not good; however the candidate is no necessarily good for the related domain, to be precise not good at selling. Selecting an incorrect candidate will not only pressurize the employee it will also pressurize management. Management has set a few policies for hiring in certain domains; these policies are with regards to business of the company along with meeting the ethical standards of the industry and the company. Hiring under these policies and not under sales jobs pressure is considered correct.

The choice of hiring needs to be done by choosing the right candidate, this procedure should not be processed under hiring pressure or need of the company. The pressure of need can miss lead you by appointing an incorrect employee. Post recruitment asking the employee to leave or resign from the services of the company is the most difficult task for both the management and the immediate supervisor. Neither can the company hold on to an employee who is unable to perform nor can they ask him/ her to leave the organization. In most cases the company would not want to spend on the non performing employee and would ask them to resign from the services.

Apart from the sensitive issue of dealing with the employee’s emotions the company also looses on a lot of recruitment expenses incurred for hiring the employee. The hiring decision process includes expenses like recruiting expenses, training expenses, technical and non technical expenses. A new hire means going through the entire procedure of recruiting and spending the same amount of money on recruiting another employee. This involves a lot of time and money both.

Management needs to save on time and money of the employees and the company. To avoid wastage of important resources the recruiter needs to take his time to decide and choose the correct applicant before on boarding the employee.

Say NO to: Hire under pressure

Looking for the apt candidate, lots of advertisement, hiring agencies, employee referrals and many such ways of getting through the right candidate are involved, yet unable to find one that suits your requirement. It is not always easy or convenient to get the right candidate as required by the company. In such cases it is important to be patient. Once you lose your calm in looking for hiring jobs the right candidate you might end up hiring someone who is not really apt for the position. In such situation you might come across a candidate who might coupe with the pressure and perform; however you cannot guarantee such a candidate as you might have to face a vice versa situation.

Increasing work load and sales targets might be building and creating pressure, which is why you might want to hire to calm down the situation for the moment; however in the long run it might not be in your favor. Initially spending time on sales training such a candidate is also pretty reasonable, yet it does not assurance positive returns. Sales increases business and to make sure the company benefits from the newly hired employee the employee has to perform and produce business. The faster the employee accepts the company policies and procedures the faster he can sell.

Creating a shortcut to hire and pressuring the system to accept an inappropriate candidate by omitting a few important steps of hiring is a huge compromise on hiring the right resource. It impedes the standard of superiority and professional excellence of the company, which is not bearable for any organization, compromising on a few monitory grounds is fine and acceptable; however no organization would ever want to compromise on their quality of excellence which could be harmful for their reputation.

A single under pressure hire can cost the company its reputation. Filling in empty spaces in haste can increase work and pressure and not decrease the same. It is important to take a calm and beneficial decision for hiring the right candidate.

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Must have qualities for a sales hire to evaluate better

sales qualities

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To start with before having or creating a vacancy in the company the HR department needs to make sure of the roles and responsibilities that the new hire will conduct and will be responsible for. Well this applies to every hire not only sales hire. The following points can help you evaluate better:

  1. To start with you would want to finalize a role/ a designation or a position to recruit for without having the right role you will not be able to decide the responsibilities for the required or hired employee.
  2. The next responsibilities will be described bases the conditions and situation. The conditions can be described as normal and special. For example what will be the responsibilities under normal situations that is, day to day work and what will be the responsibilities under emergencies.
  3. Assign will do responsibilities that means work to be executed on day to day basis. Along with day to day activities the company should also assign extra responsibilities that is the can do responsibilities to the employee based on the skills, education and knowledge level of the employee. Assigning extra responsibilities also help in their growth.
  4. While you select or set a hiring decision process of evaluating the right candidate you must consider qualities the candidate must have. Jot down a few requirements important for hiring a candidate. These requirements have to be no compromise requirements which mean mandatory requirements for hiring for the required designation. Evaluation bases these essential requirements will help selecting the appropriate candidate easily.
  5. You can also add good to have requirements. Additional requirements like having additional knowledge or additional qualities always add to the hiring value of the candidate benefiting the company.

Once you have your requirements ready circulate the same amongst necessary sources. Review the resumes as per your company policies and your requirements. Select the correct resume, invite the selected candidates, prepare for the interview and select. Selecting bases the requirements set by you will help you on not compromising in getting the right employee to work for the organization.

Take the candidate for a test drive

‘Sales’ is all about performing. The day you do not perform you are out of business as the market and the industry do not spare you, and hence you cannot spare a non performing candidate. People involved in field sales jobs are good at talking and convincing, all cannot be good in writing and having good fascinating and performing resumes. Instead of considering the traditional method of hiring decision process try the skill assessment hiring decision process.

The traditional hiring jobs method involves huge risk related to hiring a new employee. The company makes a mistake of liking a candidate before the candidate has performed and proved himself and his performance. You never know if the candidate can do his job appropriately. Given below is a glance of traditional hiring decision process

Skills assessment job hiring decision process helps you from making a bad hiring decision this simple test drive can help you in avoiding the mistake of recruiting someone who is not fit for the designation in the same way it also helps the candidate from falling into a pit of a wrong job taking decision. In this process experiencing the candidate’s skills comes into consideration first followed by the traditional interview secession. Given below is a glance of skill assessment hiring decision process to help you understand

Set a few exciting activities for candidates involved in interview secession. Clearing these activities should be mandatory in order to attain success and get closer to the winning the job. The entire secession will give you a gist or a clearer picture of how the candidate will perform. The evaluation should perform and answer basic questions like the ability of the candidate be able to handle phone calls and face customers, their ability to think and execute, their ability to interact, work and perform in a team, and overall ability of fitting themselves in the organization.

Candidates considered as good potential employees on paper might not be able to perform appropriately when it comes to selling. Performing on paper and performing on board makes a huge difference just like setting the goals on paper and executing and attaining these goals are both different. The skill assessment hiring decision process is a better hiring process as it helps in hiring now the right employee through evaluating the right way.

To conclude with

When you hire to fill in the gap for may be your top performer who has recently left the organization or increase your team strength, you would want to make sure you add winners to your team who perform well to add to your and the companies value. To have successful recruitment you would want to make sure:

  1. You make the right hiring decision to reduce the risk of adding a non performer to the company resource.
  2. You would want to minimize the company’s recruitment cost by choosing the right candidate and maximizing his potentials.
    1. You would also make sure that the new sales recruitment hire reaches his maximum potential with a short span of time.

Choosing the right candidate cannot just add to the value of the company it will minimize the risk of adding a non performing employee to the valuable resources of the company. Choosing the right process of hiring tips will drastically reduce the risk of poor hiring. Yet again a non performing employee does not really mean that the employee is bad it only means that the candidate is probably not fit for the job he has applied for. May be the candidate can perform much better in another job under another domain.

Make sure the hiring is done slowly and steadily under all policies and procedures of hiring for the company. Before hiring you need to make sure that the roles and responsibilities expected to be performed by the new hire are set in advance so that you can select the right candidate accordingly. Right hiring decision process needs to be used to select the right candidate to fit into the company’s resources and perform well. Recruiting right can help in saving the company’s cost and reputation both.

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