How is Digital Learning Going to Change Education?

digital learning

Digital Learning – The 21st century has been rightly termed as the digital era. With internet bringing a substantial change in people live we are heavily dependent on the usage of technology to even complete simple tasks. Most of you must have heard about digital learning. The E-Education has certainly ignited the teaching sector. Gone are the days of blackboards, the chalks and the dusters. They have been substituted with web based education which strengthens student’s learning experience.

Defining Digital Learning

Digital learning can be defined as a web based learning which effectively makes use of the information technology to impart knowledge to the students. In fact, this has been introduced only a few years ago and has got a tremendous response from all over the world. In other words, it is also known as the Smart Teaching Technique and as such most of the schools and educational institutions have gladly adopted this method thereby bringing a colossal change in the educational system. The kids are taught with the help of large LCD screens and projectors which is beyond the conventional methods of teaching. It facilitates learning process anywhere and anytime. The teacher now does not have to take the pains of writing on the blackboard with white chalks and then erase it afterwards.

Teachers should be enhanced with Digital Learning Tools

First and foremost it is the responsibility of the teacher to get accustomed to the various digital learning tools and programs before they can apply them to teach students. Therefore, it is a optimal opportunity not only for the learners but also the trainers to get empowered with the hybrid learning or digital content resources. What is more beneficial about web based digital learning education is that it has allowed the educators to increase their efficiency and productivity.

However, in making yourself familiar with the different types of digital tools, you need to give some time to learn them. Then you can decide which the best teaching method is that you can employ in classroom to impart knowledge to your students. In addition, you also need to decide whether the teaching methodology is suitable for the students or for the particular subject.

Some Institutes Offer Training Sessions

The school or the institute which has decided to opt for the e-learning teaching procedure do have a vital role to play here. Either they can hire teachers and tutors who have comprehensive knowledge of digital learning tools and methods or else they can make proper arrangements to train the teachers about how to use the digital programs effectively. The training session is basically arranged for the senior and old teachers who have been teaching there from several years. As such most private school administrators and management are more than happy to adopt this new technology which is the need of the present hour. Furthermore, you can also take help from the internet to get accustomed with this new technique and teach others.

Important Aspects about Digital Learning

Now you can have a look at some of the vital factors which guide the digital learning procedure and which separate it from conventional methods of teaching. These include-

  • Freedom to choose the place

Digital learning or e-education is not bounded with the traditional classroom type of teaching where every period was supposed to be of forty minutes but it has given the freedom to both the students as well as the teachers to choose their place. You can take online classes anywhere according to your convenience including attending it at the comfort of your home. However, this is applicable for mostly professional courses and not for the school going children.

  • No Restriction of Time

Another huge advantage that web based learning has provided to the students worldwide is that learning is no more restricted to specific timings when the classes were conducted. You can choose your own flexible time and start learning when you are free. You can download videos of the classes from internet and you can know what was taught in the class today.

  • Learn at your Own Pace

There is no need to compete with the rest of the class but rather e learning allows you to learn at your own pace. The tutorial videos are available online and you can view it as many times as you want to make your concepts clear about a topic. This means you do not have to spend much time on one lesson as then the chapters become more interactive.

  • The Digitalized Content

Digitalized content means you get high quality academic content which is easy to read and understand. It is delivered through the various technical tools such as computers, laptops, smartphones and other electronic gadgets. The content is written by highly experienced academic content writers and they are very informative supported by videos and images for better understanding.

  • The Main Technical Tool

The main technical tool behind digital learning and is also known as its backbone is internet. You just need a computer or any other gadget with an internet connection to get started with e-learning process. However, it must be remembered that internet is just a medium or tool and not the instruction.

  • Online Tutors or Instructors

No teaching or learning can be considered complete without the presence of a teacher and digital learning is no exception. It is only that their roles have undergone some changes but the basic responsibility remains the same; to educate digital learning students. He can provide personalized guidance to every student.

Why All Schools Need to Adopt Digital Learning?

There has been a thorough discussion that all educational institutes and academic centers should implement digital learning which is steadfastly gained immense popularity and support over the last few years. It is going to get more assistance as the numbers of internet users are increasing each day.

The Support from Government/Administration

Even it is getting full support of the government who has initiated few steps to move in this direction. If we talk about our country India; Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is a supporter of digital India which includes a number of activities under it. With the intention of providing more computer-based education and interactive learning he launched the E-basta scheme in 2014 to promote e-learning. The aim of this scheme is to make children free from the burden of carrying books daily to their school which at times become quite heavy. Similarly, he also started e-locker scheme wherein the person could store all his important documents (such as mark sheets and certificates) at one place in a digital form. He does not have to carry them wherever he goes.

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Some other Wow Factors about Digital Learning

  • Digital Learning has made Research Work Simpler

Beyond any doubt the digital learning procedure has made the research work simpler specifically in the field of medical science, information technology and space. With information easily available on the internet you can find solution to any problem or question and carry your work further. The research scholars can easily prepare their thesis or dissertation without much difficulty. All the facts and statics provided on the internet are latest which adds an impetus to your work.

  • Digital Learning a Boon for the Parents as Well

The gift of digital learning has proved to be a blessing not only for the teachers but even for the parents who usually guide their children at home and help them in their studies and homework. They can consult the internet and online tutorials anytime in order to guide their kids in a better way. Moreover, e-learning because of its interactive nature becomes a fun laden game for the children who can grasp the topic more quickly than by the traditional methods.

  • Preparation for Exams becomes Easier

Yet another advantage of web based learning is that it helps a great deal during preparation of examinations. Nowadays, you will find most of the students preparing for the higher exams surfing the internet to find answers to their questions. In addition, if you are preparing for a competitive exam, then digital learning can be your best trusted friend. You can consult online guide books and also give online mock test to consolidate your preparation. There are online tutors who can help in solving your problems thus making your tasks easier.

  • Reduce the Burden of Paper Work

The introduction of e-learning in the present scenario has led to the reduction and elimination of the burdensome paper work which was part of the earlier system. Since most of the exams conducted are online, the teachers do not need to carry bundles of answer sheet to their home for evaluation. Moreover, the questions today are usually Multiple Choice types (MCQs) which can be evaluated on computer itself within no time. Now because of this the results are also declared very early and there is more transparency and accuracy in it as compared to the traditional ways of checking paper.

  • Offers a Strong Platform for Better Communication

The increase of digital and internet based learning has certainly provided a strong platform for better communication between the teachers and the students. You can do a live chat with the tutor with the help of web cam and using various applications such as Skype or Google Hangout. Moreover, the communication can be made even more enhancing with the help of social media platforms, blogs and other discussion forums. You can clear your doubts related to assignments and exams for a better preparation of the subject.

What is Digital Pedagogy?

Digital Pedagogy is a procedure which helps in improving the instructions of the students. In short this term is an amalgamation of technical information, teaching and understanding of the students. It is altogether a new experience for both the students and the teachers and inspires them to do something constructive while gaining the knowledge through advanced tools. In fact, the digital can include the traditional methods such as providing a classroom environment but also making use of the technology to impart knowledge to the students. You get a more collaborative support which makes your concepts clearer regarding the topics.

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Making Digital Learning Successful

So much has been discussed and talked about e learning which has gained momentum throughout the global arena. However, we need to ensure a few vital steps to make this program thoroughly successful and the initiative has to be taken jointly.

  • Spreading Awareness amongst the Masses

Although digital learning has been identified as one of the most popular paradigm and has been accepted globally; but still a lot a needs to be done to make more and more people aware about it. There are many developing and under-developed countries where this concept is still unknown to a major part of their population.

  • Making more and more People Computer Literate

Digital Learning cannot be successful without proper computer knowledge and training. But unfortunately not everyone is familiar with this electronic machine and knows to operate it properly. Thus, the first job in hand is to make more and more people computer literate. Computer education should be made a compulsory part of curriculum in every school. In addition, the computer training centres should encourage people to join it to learn internet.

  • Digital Learning Courses should be made more User Friendly

The content and quality of the digital learning courses should be relevant as well as meaningful. It must be designed keeping in view the learning ability of the learner and his age. In short it should be user friendly and something which can be easily understood.

One way to this is use various e-learning/authoring tools that would make learning interesting.

  • The Attitude of the Teacher

The attitude of the instructor also plays a vital role in increasing student’s anxiety or curiosity about the internet based learning. He should always be encouraging his students to make full use of the new tools while learning and enhancing knowledge.

  • Bringing more Diversity in Course and Assignments

In order to make e-learning all the more interesting and interactive, it is advisable and worthy to introduce new diverse courses which the students can take related to their field of study. The more choices they have, the more attracted they would become towards the new learning technique.

The Final Word

The Digital Learning which was introduced only a few years ago has been warmly and graciously welcomed by the world. A lot has been achieved in this area but still the journey is not complete and long way to go. The digital learning and teaching community as well as the learners can take comprehensive advantage of the technology and can make their professional more interesting thereby breaking the shackles of conventional teaching methods. The modern-day education is to ascend many more steps further and bring a enormous change in the society.

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