Business Process Re-Engineering vs Continuous Improvement

Business Process Re-Engineering vs Continuous Improvement – Business Process Re-engineering is the radial designs of the business that help to experience dramatic improvements in the business cycle, quality, as well as productivity. The business Process re-engineering is the great idea to introduce new plans on the existing processes that supports to offer great value to the respective customer. Usually most of the companies reduce the unproductive activities in two main areas, such as decision making and functional organizations. The process re-engineering is the great fundamental rethinking of course this system is mainly introduces to overcome all the drawbacks of the existing systems. By the way every organization has chances to reach the process performance. Particularly this system designs for the continuous process improvement, in general improvement is always essential to continue your position in the global economies even it is the most effective choices to fierce the global competition. In general re-engineering, is one of the necessary factors to improve, debug, improve as well as refine.

Re-engineering is the popular systematic transformation that helps to add new things in the existing system. It is the newest form of the quality improvement. It is the finest way to enjoy greater ROI (return of investment) through the latest development process. Re-engineering is also related to the traditional maintenance, even it is the essential aspects to implement new capabilities at the same time it also add functionalities, by the way every business people have chances to make substantial improvements by using the new concepts. This process also includes new software technologies, in general CPI and process re-engineering highly used in the organizational improvements at the same time it helps to get desired result, these two process have the greatest benefits and highly support for organizational growth.

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Advantages Of Re-engineering:

  • Lower Risks:

In general Re-engineering is the radical replacement of the system, first of all it completely reduces the risk factors, and this system is created to achieve user’s needs, even the risk factors of drastically reduced. So you have chances to enjoy great business improvements rather than it is the finest choices to meet your exact business needs. It is the risk free techniques to enjoy outstanding business benefits.

  • Cost Effectiveness:


The reengineering is the process of introducing new things in the existing system, so the cost of the system is significantly less when compared to the new system development. Even the employees also introduce new skills during the reengineering process. In general the re-engineering has incremental nature that helps to avoid all the risk factors associated with the process. So it is highly preferred system to beat the competitors.

  • Exposure Of The Existing Business Rules:

The reengineering process highly used to solve problems created by the exceptional situations. This also recovered the business rules that help to meet your desired needs in the business process.

  • Incremental Development:

Re-engineering is also suitable within your budget even the resources are also available. Due to this factor people are gradually adapt to this system, because the reengineering process always delivers improvements. Increments are not a linear, in general it will take place based on the process, and getting significant improvement is really possible by using the re- engineering process. By using the re-engineering every people can experience continuous improvements in the given point. It is the most effective way to enhance your organizational performance. Normally the business people consider re-engineering to achieve great performance substantially on the organization key processes even it supports for the customers. This process also reduces the cycle time; even it completely eliminates the unproductive activities, so that it also reduces the need of the management layers. At the same time this process accelerates organizational information flows by eliminating errors, especially it overcomes all the process you no need to involve in the reworking process.

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  • Quality Improvements:

Business Process re-engineering supports for the organization growth by reducing the fragmentation of your work by the way it supports for the establishments of the clear ownership process, moreover workers also gain responsibility to produce great output. On the other hand they also measure their own performance to enhance their organization qualities. It is the current enterprise systems that help to make wonders in your business improvements, furthermore it odder competitive edge to enjoy ultimate improvements, business people have chances to experience competitive advantages by using the re-engineering process. Having a realistic understanding about the organization process is also important at the same time it is the finest way to achieve the successful positions. It is the faster as well as less expensive methods when compared to others, due to this most of the business people consider this technique to enhance their business qualities.

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Continuous Improvement:


Continuous improvement is otherwise called as continual improvement; it is one of the ongoing improvements of services as well as the products. By the way business people experience great incremental benefits rather than they enjoy breakthrough improvements. It is the ongoing effort that helps to improve your service, process and products with ease. It is the widely used tools to experience the continuous improvement is the business, especially it includes four step quality models, such as plan, do, check and act. Other methods of the continuous improvement also include Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, employee involvement, teamwork, Lean. The terms continuous improvement also involves in the organization growth. Continual improvement is the general processes of the improvement that includes various approaches. At the same time it also covers different areas, it is the subset of continual improvement, which help to pay more attention on various process like incremental improvement as well as linear.

Advantages Of The Continuous Improvement:

  • Work flow:

Continuous improvement highly supports for the improvement of work flow in your organization. At the same time it is the most important aspects to identify specific problems. By the way you can easily understand the design phase of the project. These methods offer responsibilities to take action. Even you can easily monitor outcome so it helps to determine the desired result.

  • Problems Solving Technique:


Continuous improvement supports to solve problems associated with the process, at the same it offers great control to the project team members by the way they can easily uncover problems. In addition, it is the finest way to determine the finest solution to solve the problems. Every business people can easily handle problems through the careful analysis. With the help of this every business people can identify their beginning as well as the end points. So it is considered as the beginning trigger, in general the continuous process improvements activities support to find whether the problems is existed in the organization growth.

  • Reduced Root Causes:

The Continuous improvement process mainly designed to overcome all the problems, so of so it is the great remedy for any situation. Most of the business people determine problem by using this method at the same time they also find suitable techniques how to fix them. The continuous improvement process supports for the gauge success. It is the most important aspects for your customer satisfaction. Even you can easily correct the problems during the improvements. First of all it reduces waste through the lean production at the same time this process reduces the reworking process as well as time. In fact it improves the product quality. By using these techniques business people enjoy the faster response times. It is the best choices to get more number of customers through the innovative service and products. In addition, it is the cost effective way to drive the further improvement. Especially this process provides great value to the organization.

  • Improved Streamline:

Moreover the streamlined processes also require less time, efforts as well as money requirement is also less. This process automatically cut down the operational costs but it produces desired results in the quick manner. Normally the process improvements create best service outputs, so you no need to involve in the rework process. Of course it is the finest process to eliminate huge operational costs. By the way it offers great ability to the organizations to accomplish more options with the limited amount as well as resources. On the other hand this process give opportunity to develop new range of services as well as it is the best deal to accomplish goals to meet your organizational goals.

  • Affordability:

Ultimately, the business people experience great benefits by investing fewer amounts. This process offers wonderful benefits, by using this method every people have chances to enjoy operational advantage, alternatively it is the greatest choices to beat your competitors with ease. So it is considered as the potential tool for the business improvement. If you use this method you no need to consider about the organizational challenges because you can easily overcome all the challenging factors by using this effective technique. Moreover, every business people have chances achieve their respective business goal by offering exceptional service to their customers. So it is considered as the worthy investment.

Difference Between Re-Engineering And Continuous Improvement:

  1. Management Involvement:

In general the Continuous Process Improvement involves the improvement of the work processes at the same time the Process Re-engineering involves the managers in the hands on role that means PR often makes great changes in your organizational structures, even it supports for the redesigning of the jobs.

  1. Involvement Of Team:


In the CPI, team members also involves in the part-time basis at the same time they consider process in the extended time frame. Alternatively in the PR employers work in regular basis even they put effort to enhance your organization growth in the shorter time frame.

  1. Improvement Goals:

Business people achieve successive incremental improvements in the process of CPI in the short period of time. The Process reengineering is also done based on the time period that means it will be done periodically. So it is the great support to achieve dramatic improvement. Especially this process involves in the process of radical redesigning. So it is the most effective way to achieve the organization growth in the earlier time period.

  1. Implementation Approach:

In general lot of incremental improvements made within the CPI so it helps to add significant improvements, but the process reengineering is the process of paying more attention on the outcome even it is the process of achieving breakthrough improvements over the CPI.

  1. Organizational Change:

In the CPI, organizational changes also taken place, there are no time limitations, in the PR, radical process changes only take place within the management system, training, organizational as well as job design.

  1. Extent Of Focus:

In the CPI, focus is one of the narrowly defined processes that mean the employees puts efforts to achieve higher level process. Alternatively the PR needs to focus on functional process to achieve major success in the complete system.

  1. Information Systems:

In general most of the Organizations using CPI occasionally because it is the finest way to protect their work with difficulties. The PR, information systems gives great support to reach the radical improvements even it completely reduces your investment as well as time. Organizations also improve business opportunities. So business people need to find the most suitable technique to achieve the break-through improvements. Even the organizations offer great opportunities for the employees to responding to their suggestions. At present most of the organizations are using both process reengineering and CPI for their business improvements. It is the most important aspects for the organization. In general the process reengineering is one of the most important aspects to solve problems occurred in certain situations.


If you are the business person consider the best methods to experience great promotions, before going to choose these methods you have to analyze all the factors related to the CPI as well as process re-engineering. It is always important to meet your business goals without spending much time, even it help to avoid all the difficulties. If you face any problems while using these methods considers getting the professionals advice it helps to overcome all the drawbacks.

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    Anthony E. Williams

    Risk-free might be a bold claim. We need to consider organizational culture adaption and moderation of the new system. Any changes in an organization will change the perceptions of it by its members. For increased chances of success, BPR needs special consideration to company culture and management of perceptions. Many people see BPR as something negative in their organization, but it really helps when you explain to employees and members that without BPR or BPI an organization will likely not remain competitiv. This means that your job is always at risk no matter what happens, so if you want your organization to survive than embrace the changes the best you can.