10 Unique Ways to Develop a Strong Personality (Tips)

Personality Development – Have you ever observed people who are center of attraction all the time? They have that magnificent quality due to which people get attracted to them. So, how do they manage to do this? Well, the answer is simple they have a personified personality. The aura that they have is not only learned that is the reflection of their inner self.

Well, the fact is anyone and everyone can actually develop such personality, but for that you have to learn all the required skills which will help you to excel in this art. Come let’s explore what are the possible ways by which anyone can acquire a great personality development. Whether you are an introvert or have low confidence, this art can be learned and practiced till excellence. This article will run through the best tips and ways to have that amazing attractive personality development.

Personality Development- Behavioural Tips

  • Be Good: It is vital not just to pretend to be a helpful person; you genuinely have to do that to be that person. For instance, you realized that someone is in need, you can guide and say that I feel if you go to that person, he can be of help to you. Or you can give small piece of advice. Satisfactions that you get after helping someone is amazing, and believe me that will reflect on your face and personality development.
  • Do you really need to change: Come let’s understand when it’s time for you to change? Suppose, you are talking with someone and that person, is nodding but not interested in you or your topic! The person is looking at his watch while speaking to you. The person, suddenly hop on to some other person and speak for hours with that person. There is sudden silence in the room as soon, as you enter. So, come out of your cocoon and see the world with unbiased eyes. Soon, you will realize that you need to adapt to new environment.
  • Work on Inner beauty: We all work on external appearance, but when you speak everything get reflected, weather you are arrogant, dominating, self-centered or not concerned. From your actions and way to behave and speak it all gets reflected. So make sure that you work on your inner beauty or personality. As to have a great look it takes you just couple of months, but to have a great personality development you need to work for years to develop that aura and confidence which will make you “a complete man”.
  • Are you in self-doubt: Many a times people are genuine, they know how to carry themselves, but they lack in their confidence levels they cannot express themselves properly. They have fear in them; am I speaking right or no! What will people think about me, are they making fun of me? Such questions of self-doubt suddenly take you on the back foot. The fact is many times these people know a lot more than the people who are speaking. It is just they have fear of audience.
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  • Work on your confidence level: Well you need to develop a carefree attitude, be confident, you need to think, people will speak negative about you as they are jealous of you, or they don’t want you to become the center of attraction. Another thing is that you can be with your friends and publish start speaking, develop the habit of participation and speak in the discussion going on. Speak less but speak relevant. So that you gain confidence and people around will understand that you can also speak and can give your own advice.
  • Learn from Mistakes: If you are learning any new thing, you are bound to make mistakes, be prepared to say sorry and apologies genuinely. By saying sorry you are able to make a respectful corner among your friends and colleagues. Learn from your mistakes, forgive yourself and move on. Do not stop until you have learned from your mistakes. This may take you years to learn and that is fine, at least you are learning and trying your best. You are thousand times better than the people never try and are timid to confront their introvert personality.

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  • Evaluation (Others feedback): Keep on evaluating yourself at regular intervals. Sometime you will get feedback from your peers like, woo, I didn’t knew you negotiate so well, or you can discuss matters so well. Hey how could you solve that problem so easily? If such feedbacks are coming your way, this means that you are on the right track. And improving gradually. But In case you are not getting feedbacks, than its time to have another mechanism for you to have your evaluation done.
  • Self – Evaluation: For this start maintaining notes about the personality traits that you need to work upon. Like public speaking, boosting confidence, pleasant personality, helpful nature, socialize, dressing sense and likewise. You need to find out what is it that you need to work on first. Jot them on paper with date and search what is best way to learn that skill. Check for google, if don’t have an alter ego, or mentor of yours. From google you will get tips what you need to do first. Take one trait for improvement at a time, excel in it and then move ahead.
  • Develop your network and Socialize: Today is the age of networking, be social with people, you should often go for outings with friends, you will have self-knowledge about things and develop confidence to travel independently. Secondly, with your network, you know how to speak and interact, when to take credit of yourself and when to share and help. When and how to say no without hurting, you will learn all these basic things when you are with people around.
  • Imitate: If you know of someone who is fantastic in team building and have great personality, observe that person by heart, try to be that person most of times to learn from him, how he does such things, the more time you spend in observing and learning more you understand about his positive and negative points. You need to adopt only the best qualities and not the negative ones. There is no harm in learning from your idol. At times we can have two or more idols with whom we can stay and learn.
  • Adaptive: You can only learn when you are adaptive, if you are rigid with your though process than it is next to impossible to learn new things and personality development.
  • Fun Loving: Always working for targets and remaining a serious and boring kind of a person is never able to develop fan club of his own, you need to be fun loving, add some humour while serious discussion is going on, this will break the monotonous routine in the room, and burst the stress balloon as well. But do it in controlled and acceptable manner.


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  • Time Management: It is crucial to stick to your time this will help you in prioritizing things also to take the decisions what to do when and how, to say no and where to schedule what. With time management you will learn to know what your priorities are, scheduling, this reflects better team management qualities and you will be in a position to lead. But first manage self and then you can manage your team well.
  • Courageous: Take a stand for your decision is a good quality but you need to learn how to express your thoughts and decisions. The win-win solution is the best approach however, there are situations when you are bound to take stringent decisions, the courage is to stick to those plans but the smartness is when you can handle it smoothly when convincing all the stakeholders involved so that there is minimum dismal in the environment.
  • Great host: It does not matter that the party is hosted by you or not, important is to show concern by asking people around like: you should have some snacks, that one is good, have some water you are dancing from long. I am going to get some food, are you coming along.
  • Complement others: If you see someone is looking great it is always good to compliment them, they will love you for that. It’s not only about dress this is valid for their exceptional victory, speech or any other quality which you admire the most.


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  • Read: A habit of reading will fetch wonders in your personality. The changes for which you have been trying hard will come automatically within you. It will transform you from within and will help you evoking your inner hidden strengths, from which you yourself were unaware till date. Further reading helps you to do introspection about yourself and when you have the habit of daily introspection, chances are you will evolve as a better human and will lead to personality development with time and regular practice.

Behavioural Tips for Personality development

  • Know your body type: It is important to know your body type, skinny, fat, shot height, plump, or long legged. Further what is your face type, round, oval, flat or with distinguished face cut? What are your hair type, texture and color? Your skin color and type. Is your skin allergic to cosmetics, sensitive to sun or cold? Once you know the answer to these things you will have better idea as to what to have in your wardrobe in regard to cosmetics and what you should never try.


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  • Work on your attire: Dress according to the environment and situation, when you are going for the official party, try dressing up in one piece dress or a shining top or blazer. With elegant jewelry. Learn the make –up tips as well. Likewise distinguish your daily official formal attire and your family functions attire. You can have exercise attire, sleeping attire and shopping clothing separate, this will make you look and feel confident and fresh every time.
  • Accessories: Accessories are the great way to add on to your personality development. You need to know what suits you best. Further, you should be able to carry yourself confidently while wearing those accessories. Just buying that is looking good on you, or you like the most on the shopping cart or shelve are the wrong way to select. Accessories include your shoes, jewellery, bags, perfumes, watches, pens and for boys, ties, cuff links, wallets, visiting card holder, your laptop bag all make up for a great look.


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  • Your body language: this is universally accepted that your body does 70% of talking and people will judge you by your gestures and not by your speaking. So you need to know what your body is conveying while you do the talking, is it sounds too offensive, aggressive or timid when you put your point across. People will judge you that do you have confidence to speak what you are saying, or your mind and mouth both are in different directions. Be watchful of your body and its signals that it is passing on to the listeners.
  • BE ORIGINAL: The next very important point that should be kept in mind, during the personality development is to be original. It is the very famous saying that an original is always worth more than a copy, hence, one should always be what he or she is, rather than pretending what they are not. Each and every individual person on this earth is blessed with a unique property, and hence it is the duty of that particular individual to maintain or enhance that property. An individual should never try to copy or steal other’s personality. Also, it is very important that one should always try to adopt only the good habits from others.

The pointers mentioned above are easy and simple yet you need to have the confidence that you can do it and you should not be in fake notion that they are simple so why to give time towards them. In both the thought processes you will fail in your ambition. Therefore, follow the mantra of slow and steady wins the race.

Gear up for a battle that is your battle with self! All the very best for your new journey, hope to see a new you.