10 Important Benefits of Getting Salesforce Certification

salesforce certification

Salesforce Certification- In this world of fierce competition, where one has to strive hard to obtain his/her dream job, it has become crucial to possess something which makes you different from the others. Where the high employment rates have become stagnant, it has become essential to add value to your skills, so that you don’t get drowned in the never ending well of unemployment.

The only way by which you can cross out any chances of your rejection at a job position, is by enhancing and updating your resume in terms of skills, work experiences and achievements. A lot of professional salesforce certification courses are available nowadays which polishes your skills according to the domain/field you work in. This certifications boost your career, does not consume a lot of time and display your competencies in an effective way.

A much talked about certification nowadays is “salesforce Certification”. Employers are getting interested in candidates holding this certification, and thus candidates are striving hard to achieve this certification. Experts predict that 4.2 million job opportunities will be created in cloud computing field by the year 2016.With the transformation and execution to CRM system, most fortune 500 companies are getting interested in hiring professionals skilled in the salesforce domain.

What is the Salesforce Certification?

The Salesforce Administrator Certification (ADM 201),is a qualification of basic level for professionals who are engaged in the salesforce application in their organization. The above certification is provided by Salesforce.com, which is a cloud computing company, situated in San Francisco, California. A salesforce system provides help in managing CRM through marketing and management.

salesforce certification


In order to avail this certification, individual needs-

  • To be an administrative professional
  • His/her basic qualifications should be-A degree holder in BBA/BCA/MBA/MCA
  • The individual should possess clear knowledge and grasp of salesforce concepts

Examination Pattern

The examination consists of 60 multiple choice questions, which has to be completed in 90 minutes. The passing score for this certification is 65%.The examination is a closed book type, hence no online references or hard copies of any material will be allowed. The languages in which exam is available are English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German and Spanish.

Examination value

This examination holds a lot of value for Developers, System Administrators, Architects and Sales Operations Professionals in their career growth. Average salary that should be expected after this certification is $78,000.After taking this examination and qualifying it, candidates can head over to Advanced Administration Certification for further benefits.

The exam of this certification is internationally recognized, and is designed specifically for salesforce implementation. There are a lot of benefits of this certification which we will talk about in the later section.

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Benefits of Salesforce Certification

With technological developments that are taking place in CRM, Cloud computing etc. one can easily predict the long term benefits of getting this certification. This certification will surely improve your grasping ability in the salesforce platform and to optimize its usage and efficiency. A salesforce system provide support in automating sales and related functions, sales forecasting, product knowledge and order management. Some of the other benefits of getting a salesforce certifications are-

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#1. In depth Knowledge of the domain/field

With a salesforce certification, you’ll get to know the in depth knowledge of the platform, which will help you enhance you insights in sales and customer relations. Also, as you keep on digging through this field, you’ll get to know about various tools which you haven’t heard about before, even when you considered yourself to be the expert in that field.

salesforce certification

#2. Experience with the help of real life situations

The training courses related to salesforce certification are meant to provide you hands on experience. They have a lot of material in place about industry-relevant live projects, case studies based on real life situations and scenarios-with which you’ll learn a lot practically. You can expect about 12 hour training devoting for live projects and 20 hours in class lab practice, when you enroll for a salesforce certification.

Even when you have experience as a salesforce professional, we recommend you to go for a salesforce certification if you are working at an organization/firm engaged in looking for active presence of customers, who want that their company becomes a topic of discussion amongst the customers. When people are acknowledging the products of services of your organization, then a salesforce certification will definitely help you in the following ways-

#3. Leverage A Dynamically Updated, Current Knowledge Base

One of the most talked benefits about cloud technology is that all releases regarding updates get pushed to the application automatically. The website salesforce.com releases the updates at various times during the year, and if salesforce has already been deployed at your organization, then you’ll not have to wait for months to update the entire enterprise software. If there is a certification to your credit, you should take the job to keep it current. However, “Being certified” reflects that one would be the “go-to” person in their company whenever there is a release.

#4. Deploy Efficient Account Planning Know how

After having a salesforce certification, you’ll realize how better you have become in terms of planning. After a deep understanding about the platform, you’ll find yourself proficient in navigating quickly through the application and handling customers and prospects requests with a more rapid efficiency than before. It will prove to be a leverage tool for you in strategically improving the personal and business processes, if you maintain the certification. It will definitely prove to be an advantage in helping you improve your work life balance.

#5. Improve Your Analytical Skills

With a salesforce certification, you’ll get an improved understanding of trends in sales as you’ll get a customized and detailed insight about the trends.

#6. Optimize Implementation of Salesforce

Many companies faced a problem using the salesforce, due to the fact that they did not have a solid and functional plan to optimize their sales force, even after taking the decision to implement it. This only resulted in not using the platform to its full potential and missing a large part of the platform’s functionality. If you have a salesforce certification in hand then you’ll surely help you company in optimizing and customizing the salesforce, leading and advising your managers. Hence the company would get benefitted through your certification.

#7. Mandatory for salesforce Job positions

We have already discussed a lot of benefits of salesforce certification that is why a lot of job descriptions related to salesforce, indicate salesforce certification mandatory for the job. So if you are wondering why you aren’t get interview calls even after your experience, then this may be the case of yours. So if you have concretely decided to work with organizations using salesforce, then this certification and training is a must for you.

#8. Opportunities Post-Certification

We all know the benefits of certifications, it validates our talk about our skills. The salesforce certification, like all other certifications will validate your expertise and showcase you commitment towards this domain. Conclusively, when you go for an interview armed with this certification, you’ll surely ace it without any second chances. Professionals certified with this certification are known to possess efficient processing abilities. They are found to be talked about their innovative application strategies, best response timings to customers, and proficient in handling tough situations without sweating.

#9. Business value according to employers

Employers without any second thoughts are realizing the value of salesforce certified experts adding benefits to their business. Hence, with time more and more organizations are willing to hire the certified individuals than non- certified candidates. Presently, there is a huge population of applicants competing for the position in the salesforce market.

#10. Salary benefits

A study that took place in 2013, told that the average salary of salesforce expert without any certification was $69000, whereas with a salesforce certification their average pay was $89,850.All this pay hike with just one certification. Salesforce certified professionals earn over $100,000 annually.



The demand for experts in every field is growing at a fast speed, and so it is in the salesforce domain. Companies want to hire professionals who can prove to be an asset for their organization, and with this certification, an individual can surely provide a lot of support. Businesses know the fact that with cloud certified specialists, they can smoothen up their functions and work. An individual who has been able to obtain this certification, is like a diamond for his/her organization, contributing a lot for its success. He/she would guide the organization in any decisions, with his innovative applications and strategies. Apart from these this certification will help you a lot in the recruitment process and will get you a higher pay as discussed in the former points.

The salesforce certification is a certification that speaks for itself-you don’t need to speak for your skills and expertise. The examination itself contains questions related to competencies, and if you have passed it, its self explainable how much expertise you own in this field.

The certification would surely boost up your confidence, increase your pay, help you in getting many new opportunities and polish up your resume.

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