9 Unique Leadership Qualities to be a Successful Leader

Leadership Qualities

Leadership Qualities – We have all met a leader in our life who we thought could do a better job at leadership. Or once in our lives, we have all thought of leading a project and thought about what kind of leader we would want to be. There are some special leadership qualities and characteristics that a leader must possess in order to be an efficient leader. But before we understand the leadership qualities that a leader must possess, we must first understand that mere holding of the position of leadership is not enough. There are various tasks to be undertaken by a leader. You have to be on our toes all the time, making sure that all the tasks are completed in time. You will have to understand the complications of the project that you are leading and you will have to understand the capabilities of your subordinates and know how to get the work done, actually quality work done, in time.

You will need to understand the preferences of the client that you are working for and you might often have to change your game plan according to their preferences. You might even have to be up all night with your team and motivating them to do the work properly. You have to keep your team satisfied and not put too much burden on them or else they might just walk out on you. In short there are a lot of things that the leader has to keep in mind. And more often than not, the role and the task performed by the leader are undermined and the leader is not given due importance. Basically, being a leader is no cakewalk.

Characteristics of Good Leadership

Here are some of the leadership qualities that a leader should possess in order to be termed as a good leader and to be able to perform the task of leadership with utmost dedication and efficiency.

#1 – Leadership Qualities – Honesty:

we all know one thing for a fact that honesty is the basis of any relation, be it personal or professional. So in order to be a good leader, you must possess the quality of honesty. Your subordinates must be able to trust you and trust your capabilities of doing a particular task. If they don’t have trust in you then they will never be able to put their best foot forward. They must know that there leader has a sense of morality and values and integrity. The subordinates must have a sense of confidence in themselves and in there leader only then will a leader be successful. No great leader in history has been able to achieve a great name without these leadership qualities. One of the greatest examples of this is Hitler. He was leader but no one on this planet would call him a great or efficient leader because he had absolutely no sense of morality and he did not even have the trait of honesty in himself. He just wanted to rule the world and that’s all.

#2 – Leadership Qualities – Communication:

A good system of leadership qualities communication is of utmost importance anywhere in the world. If there is not a good system of leadership qualities communication, then you will not be able to communicate your ideas to the team and you won’t be able to communicate the shortcomings of the team and hence not be able to work better towards the goals. Also if the leader of the project is a little too proud-y to listen to his team mates then he might as well lose out on some really nice and creative and much more efficient ways of completing the task. In each project, a system of two-way communication is really important. Even if it a college project. You need to be able to communicate whatever it is that you have on your mind. There is no point of having a team. The leader of the team should go along with the team and make them feel like a part of the team instead of making them feel like someone who is just a subordinate and has no really important task to fulfill in the team and is here only to follow the orders. Every team member should have a mind and a voice of their own.


#3 – Leadership Qualities – Confidence:

the leader should have confidence, in himself and his team. You need the confidence to, first, be able to communicate your idea to the whole team and make them believe that it can be done and make them put their best foot forward. Then again when something goes wrong with the plan, then the subordinates will automatically look up to the leader to pull out a crisis management plan out of his hat. So the leader should not only be confident of the team and the organization but should also be confident about his good leadership skills and be confident of the fact that he can guide his team to victory and completion of the task. It is absolutely necessary for a good leader to have confidence in himself and his team. There is no other way around it.

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#4 – Leadership Qualities – Inspiration:

inspiration is a very contagious feeling. So if you, as a leader feel inspired and invested in a project or an idea, only then can you make you team also feel inspired in the idea and pursue them to take the best approach available and be able to do their best. If you want the employees to be loyal to you, to the idea that you are trying to sell them, then you must make them feel inspired and make them feel as if this idea of yours is actually going to make a difference and the work they do is actually going to make a difference in the bigger plan. And the inspiration is not only limited to the immediate subordinates and the immediate plan that you have in hand, it might extend beyond the realms of country and continents. Just like the idea of google, it not only made the world that we live in, change but also inspired many new entrepreneurs to think outside the box because Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of google were totally inspired and consumed by their idea of google.


#5 – Leadership Qualities – Positivity:

the leaders need to be positive in every situation possible. Even if they can see that are there are some mistakes that have done some irreparable damage, even then the leader will have to look at the silver lining of the dark cloud. Because only his positive attitude will instill enough confidence in the subordinates that they can get through the situation. Not only in the difficult situations, it’s also important for the leader to be positive in general. How the leader will behave will in turn set the mood and environment for the work place and it will also affect the way the subordinates work. Little things done by the leader to show concern towards his subordinates can do wonders towards the working of the whole team. For example the leader should keep complimenting the subordinate for a task well done. Or he should behave more like a friend to them when he can without losing authoritative control over his team. He should be able to understand the problems being faced by the subordinates and should be supportive to them.

#6 – Leadership Qualities – Delegation:


the leader should know how to delegate and how much to delegate. He should understand that he cannot delegate all of his work to the subordinate. It will not only put a lot of pressure on the subordinate and in turn cause below than average task completion also it will cause a lot of resentment among the subordinate of the leader as they will think that the leader is not doing any work by himself and delegating everything. On the other hand, he should realize that the entire task cannot be done by him single handedly and he will need to delegate the tasks. Otherwise it will put unnecessary pressure on him and will in turn result in unsatisfactory performance by him and might also lead to the incompletion of the tasks by him. He also needs to realize what task to be delegated to whom. Delegating the wrong task to the wrong person is equivalent to not delegating anything at all. It will do more harm than good to the manager. Hence he needs to strike a balance. He needs to understand what to delegate, whom to delegate and how much to delegate. Or else he could land in much deeper trouble and might even have to done extra work.

#7 – Leadership Qualities – Commitment:

the leader should be committed to the work in hand. This will send a good message across the team that the leader is committed enough towards the task that he can get his own hands dirty and work with the subordinates themselves if the need be. This will not only create a much more loyal task force but a much more hardworking task force which will not back down and will be as dedicated towards working and the completion of the project as is the leader himself. When you are a leader, your every action is under the scrutiny of the subordinates, hence it is important for the leader to make sure that the subordinated deduce that the leader is a hardworking one so that the subordinate do not hesitate to go that extra mile to do the task with their utmost capability and dedication. This will cause positive results.


#8 – Leadership Qualities – Creativity:

the leader should be creative in the way he wants the work to be done. Bringing in new ways to do the same job not only reduces the chance of monotony among the workers but also creates a fun working environment where the team is not bored and is happily working towards the accomplishment of the goals. Other that setting the task force, the leader should also be creative enough to deal with the various problems that come his way. Sometimes it may so happen, that the leader is forced to think on his feet and make a quick decision, in such instances, his creative nature will come handy and will result in the quick and efficient decision making. Creativity will not only help in the better decision making skills, but also earn him the loyalty and dedication of the team members. He might also include the ideas of the team members. This can result in much more creative decisions by the team and also make them feel much more involved and invested in the project. It is a win-win situation for the leader.


#9 – Leadership Qualities – Intuition:

there is always a first time for everything. First time that you face a particular problem or the first time you have to deal with a different natured people. The situations that you are not particularly pre-prepared for. In such cases, the text-book solutions won’t come in handy and hence the leader will have to rely on his intuition to overcome the problem or efficiently deal with the situation. Taking enough time to critically analyze the situation and come up with the best decision based on the past experience, or from the advice from the mentors will in turn be in the best interest of the team and the leader both. Hence it is important for the leader to follow his intuitive skills and make the best decision and a well informed decision.

The basic point is that mere holding the position of leadership is not enough and leadership cannot be crammed, it must be learned through experience and intuition. The leader should understand the various aspects of the leadership and hone his skills accordingly. He should understand that no two situations are same and hence they will need a different approach each time. Hence it is important for a leader to have the above mentioned skill set so that he can prove to be a good and a hardworking leader and be able to lead his team to victory and keep them satisfied. An unsatisfied team will do him no good.

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