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credit research analyst and credit research analyst jobsCredit Research Analyst Jobs – When an individual or any firm is in need of money, it approaches the lender whose job is to examine whether lending money to that borrower will be safe or not i.e. whether the borrower will be able to repay money or he will go bankrupt. So the professional who performs this analysis activity is called as Credit Research Analyst.

In technical terms, Credit Research Analyst is a professional of finance world who has a proficiency in evaluating the creditworthiness of the individual or the businesses. On the basis of borrower’s financial history and current situations, Credit research analyst determines the likelihood that a borrower will be able to meet the financial obligations and pay back the loan taken.

  • Credit Analyst performs fundamental credit analysis on the areas like a corporate bond, a Fixed Income, and many others. This involves analysis of financial statements, industry overview. An analyst also provides key support to Portfolio Managers. He has to search and collect material, create financial models, also perform relative value analysis.
  • They have to handle relationships with the traders, investors, sales people etc.
  • Overall they undertake is the risk assessment analysis of lending proposals.
  • The role of Credit research analyst/credit research analyst jobs is very much evolved around Risk Management where he has to understand the risks and find out the ways to overcome these risks.
  • Credit research analyst/credit research analyst jobs are expected to remain informed about the legal activities as well.

Skills Required for Credit research analyst jobs

  • Candidate should be well qualified in a financial domain with knowledge of accounting.
  • One who is working in commercial sector should have knowledge of the industry and the economy.
  • Candidate should be good in analytical and technical skills.
  • Candidate should be, proficient in MS Word and Excel tools.
  • A candidate has to work on several reports at the same time; hence they should have multitasking abilities.
  • Candidate should have excellent communication skills, and the ability to solve a problem quickly.
  • The role of Credit Research Analyst is required to have a strong combination of interpersonal, analytic and decision-making skills.
  • Most importantly they are expected to have strong ethics.

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Opportunities for credit research analyst

Qualification required for credit research analyst jobs

  • Commerce Graduates
  • Post Graduates like MBA’s and CA’s
  • Most of the organizations prefer postgraduate candidates with relevant experience of one to two years.
  • Certification on Credit Rating 

Career growth in credit research analyst jobs

From junior level one can step to senior position even to management level for handling a team of professionals.

With appropriate qualification and determination, one can reach the top management position like, MD or CEO.

Note: Become a Credit Analyst
Develop yourself for superior level financial risk analysis skills. Learn the credit rating process for companies. Live application of credit rating model on a company.

The Payoff in credit research analyst jobs

  • The pay package is variable with respect to geographical region and organization structure.
  • From reputed organization it is somewhere around Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 6 lakhs per annum. Also depending on your performance company offers you the pay hikes.

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