10 Best Ways to Gain Professionally Through Linkedin Profile Page

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Linkedin Profile Page –

Today there is a proliferation of activity on the social media. Even as more people may be using it to communicate, share photos or be entertained, there is one platform which is quite serious and useful for those who want to advance their careers or business. It’s the Linkedin. It has many of the features that you may find on Facebook and Twitter but the profile, quality of content, updates and other features are all different compared to any other platform. If you really serious about your career you can’t do without a good Linkedin Profile Service.

Many people believe having a LinkedIn account and increasing the number of connections would be sufficient to get noticed by the industry. However, it is far from true. It is not sufficient to be in LinkedIn but has your presence felt by creating a good profile. When someone searches your name on Google, Linkedin is likely to be among the first three results that show up, therefore, it underlines the importance of having a good profile. In order to create a good profile, you must know your target audience, what they require and decide what you have to convey to them.

In LinkedIn, the Linkedin profile service is a sum total of your name, headlines, description, experience, profile photo, writing in pulse, your updates and so on. This is a great platform to show your talents to the corporate world, therefore make an impression with your Linkedin Profile page.

Have A Look At The 10 Best Ways to Gain Professionally Through Linkedin Profile Page :

  1. Have a professional looking photo in Linkedin profile page:

The photo is perhaps the first thing any visitor to LinkedIn notices about you. In Facebook or Twitter, you could post a casual photo (in Tees and shorts), a film star’s photo or family photo as your Linkedin profile page pic or your pet dog, a nature photo and so on. However, such things are best kept out of LinkedIn.

The best option is to show yourself in suits, with a smile and possibly taken by a professional photographer and not a SELFIE you have taken with your mobile. But if you using a selfie take it with a selfie stick or timer to get best results.

Have two or three photos taken with the same outfit or different outfits so that the linkedin profile page photo can be changed occasionally. For creative roles, a less formal looking profile may seem alright but use it with caution. Don’t leave the linkedin profile page photo section blank. Nobody would like to connect with a faceless professional.

Best LinkedIn photos have a close up of your face, neck, shoulders, and more importantly smile. Preferably have a light shirt. This applies to both genders. Women can appear in Sari, or Churidar if that’s their usual work dress. For some careers, having your work background may be good. For eg., if you are in the airline industry, if the profile is shot with the company’s own flight in the background, it makes a statement. Or if you are a television news reporter, a linkedin profile page picture framed on the location of a major event also makes sense. If you are in the construction industry or civil engineering, why not a photo shot in the background of a construction site?

There are many photo possibilities you should avoid, like trekking up a mountain, working in front of PC but face not visible, driving a car and so on. Do not crop your picture from a group photo as somebody’s ears or hairline could crop up in your image too.

  1. Create a good impression with your headline:

Along with the linkedin profile page photo, the most visible part of your linkedin profile service is the headline. Most people write their designation and company name but you can add a little more about yourself. For example, if you are a technical analyst in a broking firm, you could say, Technical Analyst, Oil, and metals in XYBC Securities, making investors informed of the right buyer,
selling opportunity in futures. If you are an independent consultant, you can have a position, says Logistics Consultant, providing complete solutions for distribution, transportation, and delivery for the construction industry.

  1. Make the best use of summary:

The summary is the section where you have 2000 words to describe what all services that you offer to your clients if you are a businessman and what all skill sets you to have with all the keywords your target audience will be looking for. You could as well write briefly about the activities you have undertaken and what you are involved in right now. What are the salient features of it, how it is relevant to your target audience? For eg., Doug Dib working with EY has an impressive summary outlining his innovation in marketing in EY and the strides made in customer relationship management. He has also pointed out how his degree in history has taken him to diverse industries he couldn’t predict.

The communication and keywords should be chosen with the target audience in mind and never forget the many attachment possibilities in this section. You can upload links, video, presentation, documents, photos to boost your linkedin profile service.

  1. Let people know where your expertise lies:

The experience section has 1000 characters for you so that it can help you describe what roles and duties you were assigned in your jobs beginning from your first job. Use keywords that may of relevance to the target audience but don’t be too descriptive. Use of bullet points, short sentences will help in better readability of the summary. It can also highlight the achievements on the job, the duration, and the key accomplishments. Here also go beyond the textual information to add videos, photos, presentations, links among others.

The experience section is used to assess the suitability of your linkedin profile page for a particular job or a task or project in case you are in business as it highlights the domains and experience in those areas.

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  1. Get enough recommendations/references:

If you are able to get two references for each of the jobs you held, it would enhance your possibility of landing up in a new job. If you have worked in too many organizations, have recommendations for the most important job held and have at least 10 of them in all. It would be better to get recommendations from people influential in the industry. Sometimes, the employer may not contact them at all, but having a few well-known people to recommend shows your capability and standing in the profession.

  1. Endorsements may not help:

LinkedIn would tell you endorsements help and be liberal in giving and getting it from your colleagues, friends, and acquaintances. The problem with endorsements is that they are most often given by people who are not capable of judging you on that skill, according to analysts. It may be because you are friends, colleagues, or schoolmates. Having too many endorsements may not help but there is no harm in getting a few and keeping the most important ones. If somebody has endorsed you on a skill that you don’t have, It’s better to delete it as it conveys a wrong impression to the prospective employer or client. It is also possible that many people may not have given you endorsements for skill sets where you have the high degree of competence. Linkedin suggests you can request friends and colleagues to endorse you on your core competencies by emailing them.

  1. Enlarge your LinkedIn network above 300:

The more the number of connections on Linkedin, the more beneficial it could be for you, ideally 300 to 500 would be a good number. It should be an ideal mix of friends, colleagues, former colleagues, leading influencers in the industry, family. In that way, your status updates and profiles reach a large number of people and thereby gain from networking.

  1. Project yourself as an expert:

The best way to show your expertise in your chosen area is to write for LinkedIn Pulse section which is followed by lots of people in the network. You have the option of writing the personal opinion, a new viewpoint, news analysis or a new development in your industry. It is widely read by the LinkedIn community as they are shared with members. The most important ones are kept on top for more wider viewing. The LinkedIn Pulse can also be shared on Twitter and Facebook thus enhancing our image before a wider target audience. It is also possible to share it as an update in the regular feed on Linkedin. If you are good at writing and has something really useful to share, you mustn’t lose this opportunity.

  1. Be regular with updates:

if you a member but only occasionally log in to see what’s happening, you are missing most of the action. There could be interesting comments, discussions, and links posted by the members. You can like, comment or give your own updates to keep the activity going and get noticed by the target group.

if you find a good Pulse article, you can like and comment, get engaged with the influencers. Also congratulate people on their achievements, anniversaries or new skills acquired. Also let the members know if you have acquired a new degree, diploma or skill that you want to share.

  1. Job Seeker premium:

LinkedIn no doubt provides a lot of features free for employees, employers, and businessmen. But job seekers can use the premium job seeker status by paying anything from $20 to $250 per month to get the profile noticed by the employers, get connected to hiring managers. Premium members are allowed to put larger profile photos, expanded profile header and more photos in the background. Your profile will be more visible in search results. The key advantage is that Premium members can apply as a featured applicant so that your application appears on top to get noticed. The success of your profile is dependent on how many views it attracts and a non-premium member may not be able to know the details. Premium members an also understand the keywords the viewers used to reach you and how many of them viewed it. You also get up to 10 Linkedin InMail credits per month to directly communicate with anyone- a member, an employer or businessman or hiring managers. InMail has been found to be more than two times more effective than cold calls or emails.


There is no doubt about Linkedin profile page capability of connecting professionals across domains. There are also groups related to specific trade, specialties or interests where one can join or post updates. In order to benefit from the membership, some effort has to be taken to optimize the profile, work history, and your expertise. Take an effort to include keywords relevant to the target industry or audience.

 The most important part of being in Linkedin profile page is to get people to contact you. Provide the contact phone number, email ids. However, if you don’t want to reveal the phone number, you can as well connect through email, LinkedIn messaging as well.

If you are a blogger on popular sites or columnist in leading publications, you can as well share the links in real time in LinkedIn and other social media platforms to get noticed and shared.

At one point in time, Linkedin was more of a textual medium but now the dynamics have changed and like FaceBook and Twitter it has become more visual. This means there should be an effort by members to upload video, photos, documents.

Members must ensure that they have created a profile that differentiates them from the crowd, underscores the values and passions you stand for, accomplishments, awards, recognitions received. It is better to steer clear of controversial topics for discussion in the LinkedIn platform and stick to the professional code of ethics. It is better to avoid gossip, share controversial content just to get noticed. On the other hand, your comments, discussions, and updates should reflect your caliber and stand in the industry.

When applying for jobs or pitching for business you can as well add your Linkedin profile page details for the prospect to locate you easily o the platform.

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