10 Mind-blowing Tips for HR Leaders to Find Great Talent

great talent

Great Talent has been always crucial for the organisation but has become more and more critical as a large number of organisations are resorting to working that is more complex and more knowledge-based and operates on a global scale. This has resulted in the creation of a situation where the talent performance has a huge influence on the bottom line. The distinction in several crucial jobs between good talent performance as well as poor talent performance is 100 to 1. Such a reality is leading to work for organisations especially the ones that are knowledge-based to focus on acquiring talent which turns out to be a source of competitive advantage.

Thus, the most significant thing that the HR leaders need to keep its focus on is finding great talent. For the purpose of talent management, the HR should first assess the hr leadership skills that are required by the organisation for implementing its strategy along with the plan to recruit as well as manage that critical talent. It is essential to have an understanding regarding the things that can be done by the organisation for adding the right kind of talent.

Employers always make it their goal to bring about the best in the companies and in any sort of economic climate. The hiring of great talent that is exceptional is vital for the success of the organisation. Whether it is the sales professional who will not agree for anything lower than 100%, a manager who can execute the business plans in an effective way or an executive offering visionary leadership, great people are needed for the organisations to thrive.

Tips for the HR Leaders to Find Great Talent

Finding a great talent which has very high hr leadership skills and is top performing is highly challenging for the employers. However, over a period of years, some tried as well as true ways for attracting great talent have emerged. They are being discussed below in the form of various tips.

  1. Take a decision regarding hiring only the great talent

Several organisations accept talent that fits poorly and is mediocre when they do not have the necessity of settling for anybody who is less than the best. You can also make the decision regarding the hiring of only top performers who are highly skilled, irrespective of the fact that it is a philosophy, policy or a general standard.

The commitment to hire only the great talent puts an increased focus on recruiting as well as hiring practices. The best performers will not like to work with the talent that is average or the performers are poor. Therefore, the hiring of only the best people will assist the organisation in retaining a larger number of top performers and also in attracting new ones. There is a probability that the best people you have will refer you to top performers who are more highly skilled.

  1. Communicate as well as emphasise your work culture along with the rewards that you offer

People who are top performing and highly skilled have options available, thus organisations that land great talent consistently give an explanation related to their culture to the people seeking jobs and for doing so, they choose ways that are creative such as testimonials of employees on the websites of their companies, an online video, an enticing brochure or a presence on the social media illustrating the uniqueness of the culture of their workplace.

If you are not able to communicate it to the job seekers they will not come to know that the culture in your organisation is supportive, exciting and fun. This has to be communicated in a way that is unique, attractive and interesting. Similarly, you also need to share the several things that the employees like with respect to working in your organisation. There is a high probability that similar things will also help in attracting the other people seeking jobs. In the same way, you should also communicate the rewards offered by you, development opportunities and challenges to the job seekers. The people who are highly skilled are attracted by a work environment which is rewarding, opportunities and new challenges.

  1. Improve as well as perfect your practices of recruiting

It is absolutely necessary to improve as well as perfect your practices of recruiting as well as hiring. There is a need for evolving the practices of recruiting over a period of time as you get an understanding of what is working for the organisation and what is not. Gradual changes and improvements in the way you search for and recruit alert will help in obtaining the talent that is needed by you. For instance,

  • The focus should be lesser on the time-for-fill and more on the hire metric quality as people who are highly skilled are difficult to find.
  • You should also attempt a tactic for sourcing that is new as well as creative. Finding people with great talent requires you to be creative as far as your approach is concerned.
  • More resources should be devoted to the program of employee referral in comparison to writing the job ads. According to the top employers, greater talent can be found through the process of referrals.
  • You need to utilize “niche” resources such as the groups on the social media, networking with associations as well as niche websites.
  • In addition to the candidates who are looking for jobs actively, you should also target candidates who are passive and are not looking for a job in an active manner.

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  1. Make a Commitment towards the creation of a great candidate experience

A candidate experience that is engaging and positive is essential for attracting as well as finding great talent which is highly skilled and also high performing. Ensure that a good first impression is created by you and take into consideration certain minor changes that can lead to an experience that is better. These can be done by –

  • Making the process of application/resume submission straightforward and easy.
  • Providing timely follow-ups at each stage of the process of recruiting as well as hiring.
  • Ensuring that the hiring managers and the recruiting staff are professional, friendly and flexible towards the needs of the candidates.
  • Communicating the position and also your expectations for it in a clear-cut manner.
  • Streamlining the process of hiring with the help of follow-up steps that are easy and communicating the process to the job-seekers.
  1. Gain higher recognition as an employer of choice

You have to make sure that the brand is an accurate reflection of the reputation of your company in the marketplace along with its practices and the benefits that it provides. You need to manage in a better manner, the way your organisation is being perceived in the marketplace. You need to position your organisation as being “an employer of choice” by means of gaining recognition in the community as an employer who is not only great but also has a culture that is outstanding like giving certain awards. Such a type of recognition assists the organisation in branding itself as a great place to work in. the job seekers who are top performing and highly skilled can notice such kinds of recognition and look for employers exhibiting these designations.

  1. Identify your winning team

It is highly vital for the process of searching great alert to begin keeping an end in mind. When you have the end in mind you will be in a better position to judge as to who will be the best benefit with the members who are already a part of the team. Majority of the times attention is given to experience and skills but what is generally overlooked is the fact that in the process of search a new hire that is talented will have a long-term potential as well as engagement with your organisation. This is highly crucial for the outcome to be successful.

A tool that can prove to be helpful here is the examination of the winning team that is admired by you. “What is it that the members of the team have in common?”, “What are the major attributes exhibited by them?” Then you need to think about your team. “What is working for it and what is not working?” You need to find out the common elements and then build upon them. You need to identify the things that have not been working in the past and then the talent should be assessed as to what works and what does not work in the organisation where you are working.

The other main part is the identification of the top priorities that the person should be able to assess in the initial days. You need to think forward for at least two years of the project and then form an imagination as to what you expect the person to be achieving. Hiring should then be done accordingly.

Finally, you need to think over what is in the job for the job seekers and then articulate an appropriate answer. The prospective hires want to be aware of the things that they are expected to do and in return what can they expect the organisation to do for them. The projects can be challenging, professional advancement opportunities might be present or they may be given a management or supervisory role. You need to figure out their professional and personal goals and address them accordingly.

  1. Hiring should be treated as a key practice of business

The firms that take the process of hiring in a serious way are the ones who reap the benefits. Firms that are smart enough to make investments of their talent, time and profits to create as well as maintain talent acquisition process of the top notch.

  1. Pay sign-on bonuses


The signing bonus has made its way back and can prove to be a real game changer. It reflects that the organisation values as well as wants the potential new hire of great talent on board as your team member.

  1. Creation of a total rewards strategy

Employees look for many more things besides a paycheck and you need to make use of the methods that are cost-effective for differentiating your business to attract great talent.

  1. Conduct a compensation study for market data

In order to attract great talent, the salaries offered by your organisation, even for the positions that have been created newly should be at par with the market and also ensure internal equity for the employees who already exist.

If talent acquisition is carried out well, it becomes a strong tool for branding. A well-thought process of acquiring talent and its proper management will act as a powerful force to outreach the culture, vision and mission of the organisation. Each step taken during the process of acquiring great talent has the potential of either positively or negatively branding your organisation. Certain things have to be kept in mind while developing the strategy for acquiring talent so that the marketing opportunity for the organisation can be maximized. These include the development job descriptions that are thorough; description of the organisation’s differentiating factors, identification of the features and perks that will appeal to the talent and development of a well-designed as well as nicely maintained career website which comprises video, audio, writing and pictures.

Development of an effective strategy for the purpose of hiring great talent is imperative for the bottom line. The organisations which are most effective in the execution of plans are the ones that have leaders who have an understanding that this is an issue related to business. You approach has to lead to a competitive advantage which is powerful because hiring of talent people can significantly impact the profitability and longevity of the organisation in a positive manner. Even though you might face difficulties in the attraction of great talent and workers who are highly skilled, you should not let such challenges discourage you to go ahead and find the best available talent. It is possible to find great talent and people who are good. The tactics mentioned above have shown results for a number of organisations and can also be helpful to your organisation in finding great talent.

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