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Famous Entrepreneurs

If you aspire to become famous entrepreneurs, it’s though not a cake walk. It’s not very easy to be famous entrepreneurs to start an entirely new enterprise all by yourself. At one time it was Richard Branson who used to inspire me the most. Sir Richard Branson started up with his magazine and was determined at the age of 18 to become a famous entrepreneurs. In 1972, he started up his own mail order business known as Virgin Megastores which grew up rapidly to set up Virgin Records business, later known as the Virgin Records music label. Matthew Boulton being another big name, being in the manufacturing industry, started up a local school and then joined up his father’s business upon ending school. He joined up his father’s business after ending up with school. His father was a toy maker.

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Here are the 10 list of other famous entrepreneurs who have made it to their dreams:

  1. Adam Hildreth

In 1999 at 14 years together with 6 of his friends, he started and launched English social networking site Dubit, which became the most popular sites in 2004. He later found Crisp thinking to protect online predators, online harassment and spamming. He is among the top 100 richest list of The United Kingdom.

  1. Sean Belnick

Sean Belnik Is another name who created up to the bizchair.com, online retailer for all types of furniture. He was also among the famous entrepreneurs. He made an initial investment of just 500 dollars. In 2004 he moved into his first warehouse and by 2009 had more than 702,000 square feet warehouse space to do business. He had sales of more than 58 million dollars in 2010.

  1. Fraser Doherty

The CEO of Super Jam, was taught jam making by his grandmother when just 14 and then started selling in the neighborhood, left school at 16 and began supplying jam to 184 stores. Today he supplies to all major UK stores and sales includes a total of 1.2 million dollars.

  1. Cameron Johnson

In 1994 started making money by selling invitation cards, by the time he was eleven, he had saved enough to start his own company – then invested in the number of ventures, creating EX mail, an email forwarding software, surfingprice.com –an online advertising company. By 15 years he used to receive a monthly cheque of 400,000 dollars. This way he made his way by just selling invitation cards to all the way setting up his own company to 400,000 dollars monthly. The famous entrepreneurs mind should be willing to take up risks –challenges are the pillars of success.

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  1. Ashley Qualis

American famous entrepreneurs made her first million rupees at just an age of 17 years as she created a website, whateverlife.com in 2004 by just providing free HTML tutorials and free Myspace layouts. If you try to venture out the internet there is lot more to learn –it’s not just limited to how and what we see-it’s much far and beyond that.

  1. Chris Phillips

Chris Phillips Is another big name who made his first million at the age of just 17 years through dot5hosting-this website registered domain names, supply hosting space and hosting e-commerce spaces. By the time he was 19, he was making 10 million dollars annually.

  1. Juliette

She launched her website, Miss O, and friends when she was just 10. It targets mostly teenagers, filled with celebrity gossips, games, quizzes and articles. She has also launched books and a line of Miss O.

  1. Catherine and David Cook

They came up with their social networking site, My Yearbook in 2005, this site has 5 million users and has survived facebook domination. The net worth is 20 million dollars whereas his brother and sister duo have a net worth of 10 million dollars.

  1. Tyler Dikman

The famous entrepreneurs at just 15 years, he founded Cool tronics in 2000 to provide a lesson to computer and internet users to get rid of computer viruses on their systems. These great names are no different but the ones who are just another humans, but with a passion and zeal to do and show up with something new and creative.

  1. Farrah Gray

Farrah Gray Is the youngest to have a 20 million dollars earning and a Wall Street office –being the youngest one. He started selling body lotion at the age of 6.  He founded Farr-Out Food, had received food orders of 1.5 million dollars, making him a millionaire at just an age of 145 years.

These men are no different, they are also the same as you are. If you really aspire to be famous entrepreneurs here are some 10 key entrepreneurs skills you can practice to build them within you yourself.

  1. Firstly, these women are undeterred. Even in the most difficult of environments, they haven’t given up.
  1. Positive emotions towards anything in life is very important. Discard all negative thoughts and filter them with a positive outlook.
  1. The famous entrepreneurs is a very important attitude is the refusal to quit when things get tough.
  1. the most valuable of famous entrepreneurs skills being ‘Networking’.
  1. She has a strong, determined mind which can overcome obstacles in her way.
  1. A famous entrepreneurs is focused on the next step.
  1. The famous entrepreneurs Charity, compassion allows us to make a difference in not only our lives but even other’s lives.
  1. A person driven by goals, a strategic person to assess the right business decisions, is the head of the hour, for all business ventures.
  1. Integrity must be the very core of her character.
  1. A great famous entrepreneurs is a great teacher.

Citing an example, Mary Ellen Trevino – Ms. Trevino’s company, Texas has $13.5 million in revenue and a high growth rate. Mary Ellen’s company works provide informational and technical services and quality assurance to government agencies. As the former Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of the US Department of the Treasury’s fund Fed Source, Mary Ellen understand what governments want and need.

Stating another example, Selina Lo – Ms. Lo is the President and CEO of Ruckus Wireless, a Sunnyvale, California based company. This telecommunications company has revenues of $32.9 with a growth rate of 4,540.1%. Selina ran many networking startup companies and was the former Vice President at Alteon Websystems taking their load-balancing Web switches to the top. Ms. Lo also co-founded Centillion Networks, which developed the first token ring Ethernet switch. Ruckus Wireless solutions include wireless broadband, Enterprise WLANs, SME/Branch Office solutions and Triple Play carrier services.

These women have the desire, the willingness and the ability to learn the famous entrepreneurs skills and habits and these traits can contribute to any business women’s success. Many famous entrepreneurs have started late in life like J.K Rowling, Sam Walton –when they were quite comfortably settled in their lives. Famous entrepreneurs has own experience is something which is gained through years of grey hairs. It’s not a one-day task top it all. Practice and work make a man perfect ultimately.

Famous entrepreneurs are movers and shakers. They can’t afford to get to every depth of the matter famous entrepreneurs have nothing great within them –it’s just the right attitude which leads you all the way. Trust yourself and your passion. Have confidence –you are no less than anyone. If you want to be a famous woman entrepreneur.

Here are some 10 key entrepreneurs skills found in leading of the nation:

  1. These women are undeterred

Firstly, these women are undeterred. Even in the most difficult of environments, they haven’t given up. They are also people friendly. This refers to the fact that they can handle people, be it customers, employers or any of those annoying or whiny folks. It’s very important to put aside one’s personal feelings in business, to be able to make it logical, to make fact-based decisions and not emotional decisions to please other people. Amazing inner strength is the result of it all in life

  1. Positive mind for a successful mind

A positive attitude and the right attitude in life is the key to it all.

  1. Refusal to quit attitude

The most important attitude is the refusal to quit when things get tough. A strong personality trait is required which is to have a thick skin, being objective in context and to the point is very important. The CEO and his attitude set the business and its tone altogether. Negativity, laziness are all the hindrances in your path to achieve success in your way, they might tarnish your image altogether. Success comes from famous entrepreneurs is the encountering mistakes and the never give up attitude in life. You need to accept break falls in your stride. Owning up to all stakes and being responsible for all your business needs –gives the right way for the founder -business owner; a leader.

  1. The entrepreneur skills to ‘network’

How well you work with your colleagues, people, connect to them, their thought process is the key to it all. Networking is the most important of famous entrepreneurs skills required as a leader. Famous entrepreneurs young helps to connect with people and communicate tasks and work with ideas better.

  1. A strong mind which can overcome obstacles in her way

When you’re a strong mind, you are empowered woman; be an example, portray immense inner strength.

  1. Sets her own goals

Commit to your own goals to writing. Recording how and when to achieve them is very important. Confidence is the good elevator speech has been the key for many famous entrepreneurs. The first marketing any company gets is from the CEO or the founder himself. The client must be your focus remember the customer is the king!!!

  1. She is focused in her career

She has pre-planned what the next step will be like. Charity and compassion form a very She never hurts anyone to be victorious herself – she is a self-motivated person driven by values and integrity and the right attitude towards life. She puts work and honor before dollars and money and price value for anything in life.

  1. She is driven by goals

Famous entrepreneurs a person is driven by goals, a strategic person to assess the right business decisions, is the head of the hour, for all business ventures. Of course, a famous entrepreneurs is a person driven by goals, a strategic person to assess the right business decisions, is the head of the hour, for all business ventures. A strong charitable heart has integrity. She does not need to leave victims in your path to be victorious. She doesn’t need to step on others to step to the next level.

  1. Integrity is the core and part and parcel of her character

For anything and any work, she puts forth integrity, honor before money, dollars and lives. Famous entrepreneurs like J.K Rowling have started self-businesses after settling through in their lives. Julia Child is another cited example. Experience comes with age and it gives a unique outlook to business.

  1. She is a great teacher

There is something within each one of us that ignites us to do what we want to do the most in our lives.

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