Django Unchained with Python

A tutorial on developing web applications and creating secure websites through Django, Python and Html, CSS. A comprehensive training program on Django & Python. Build your own web project using Django & Python

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  |   12061 Learners
  |   6 - 12 hours  10 Hrs
  |   57 Lectures
  |   Intermediate  Intermediate
Python Comprehensive Bundle Course

Learn Python from scratch. Get advanced python skills from python projects. get to know from the basic what python is and learn all the core concepts by doing Practical examples in the software.

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  |   12310 Learners
  |   12 hours +  47 Hrs
  |   255 Lectures
  |   Appropriate for all  All Levels

“This is a very good course for entry-level Securities Traders and/or Equity Research Analysts. During the course you will be touch types of trends, such as up trend, down trend and sideway trend. Plenty examples will be applied to this theory. Also you will learn how to understand and read all major types of graphs, such as Candle sticks. Additionally after you watch all the videos you definitely will know how some securities react on the market behavior and what to do when the market moves the price of your selected security against your predictions and expectations.

— Makar Kobylinskyi

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