C# - C Sharp Comprehensive Course

This is a online course is to gain comprehensive understanding of C Sharp. The aim is to learn about C Sharp and its features. The tutorials will help you learn about Structure of a C# Program , Variables , Using Operators , Conditional Constructs , Looping Constructs , Arrays , OOPS , Abstraction and Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Custom Exception , Multi-Threading and much more.

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  |   18407 Learners
  |   12 hours +  14 Hrs
  |   77 Lectures
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C# Programming Advanced - Learn the Art of Writing Clean Code

This wonderful online course on Intermediate to Advanced C# is a detailed course which will help you understand all the important concepts and topics of Intermediate to Advanced C#.

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  |   10411 Learners
  |   12 hours +  14 Hrs
  |   74 Lectures
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Programming Language Training Bundle

Learn about Python, Haskell, Java Script, Google Language and R Programming with this training course

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  |   11751 Learners
  |   12 hours +  61 Hrs
  |   330 Lectures
  |   Expert  Expert

“Very detailed progression of the various indices of performance available from the financial statements of a company. Lots of useful lessons on efficient use of excel as well as the underlying formulas for various ratios used for analysis. Well presented and easy to follow. A great supplement to basic accounting concepts being applied to financial modeling. High level and applicable to the investment banking world.

— Jonathan Brandon Hall

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