SolidWorks Essential Training

This is a online course is to gain comprehensive practical understanding of SolidWorks . The aim is to learn essential concepts in SolidWorks. The tutorials will help you learn about the Mouse & Format, Extrude, Revolved boss/base and Revolved cut, Swept boss/base, Loft, Fillet, Linear & circular Pattern, Threads and Views, Simulation Xpress Analysis, Making parts and Assembly, Drawing Dimensioning, Annotations, Templates and Design and Animation & Gear Mate.

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  |   18143 Learners
  |   6 - 12 hours  11 Hrs
  |   62 Lectures
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“The course offers a very good concept on basic statistics and probability, and how to use methods of each using R studio. I have found the course very useful in this sense. The course covers more advanced concepts such as how to utilize R to make a Least Square Estimation or a Regression analysis in general.

— Aaron Bernal Lee

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