SolidWorks Essential Training

This is a online course is to gain comprehensive practical understanding of SolidWorks . The aim is to learn essential concepts in SolidWorks. The tutorials will help you learn about the Mouse & Format, Extrude, Revolved boss/base and Revolved cut, Swept boss/base, Loft, Fillet, Linear & circular Pattern, Threads and Views, Simulation Xpress Analysis, Making parts and Assembly, Drawing Dimensioning, Annotations, Templates and Design and Animation & Gear Mate.

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“All the videos above were very good and informative. The whole banking system was covered i.e. from where it started and how the banks were nationalized. It also gave an in depth knowledge regarding the various departments in the RBI(Reserve Bank Of India). It is a must take course for everyone who wish to make their career in banking.

— Karan Vani

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