Winforms - Build Windows Forms App with Visual Studio

This is a online course is to gain fundamental understanding of Winforms with VB.NET. The aim is to learn about the features and how to use Winforms with VB.NET. The tutorials will help you learn the What is VisualStudio.NET, Tool Box, Getting to know the Designer, and working with winforms, Class Libraries and Text Box Control.

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  |   18253 Learners
  |   2 - 6 hours  4 Hrs
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UI Enhancements and Error Handling using Winforms

This wonderful online course is all about the Understanding User Interface Enhancements concepts in VBA.Net. You will learn in detail concepts like Print Support Controls, Types of Dialog boxes etc. This course also has practical examples being explained about IF Condition, Looking at the Output, Dialog Box concepts.

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  |   18300 Learners
  |   2 - 6 hours  6 Hrs
  |   30 Lectures
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“This course provides a comprehensive approach on the basics of program management required to pass the PMI Program Management Professional exam. It gives valuable insights in how to manage projects strategically and coordinate different and complex project streams within the program management.

— Robin Jüllig

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