Addressing the Talent Crisis with Online Courses

The global economy is confronted with a talent shortage. To remain competitive in this fast-paced employment market, people must enhance their skills immediately.

In the next five years, 40% of essential skills will change, which will result in the elimination of millions of jobs. We at EDUCBA focus on finding solutions for the increasing skills gap. Because of this, our programs focus on and prepare upcoming professionals to influence their jobs and businesses instantly.


New IT jobs to be filled

85 million

Jobs to be replaced in the next five years due to automation

1.3 billion

People needing to upskill and reskill

Our Courses Can Help You Advance Your Career or Change It

Focused on Job Roles

As a result of our programs’ alignment with real-world employment duties, students can learn how to put industry-relevant talents to use in addition to the skills themselves.

Accessible to Use Online Format

Graduates can start working in the most in-demand positions with quick, anytime, anywhere access to the content.

Getting ready for Deployment

Students acquire skills to be competitive in the fast-paced employment environment of today.

Opportunities for Solving Problems

A genuinely immersive learning experience is provided through our practice-based setting.

EDUCBA for Universities and Colleges

At EDUCBA, we’re redefining how graduates may start new tech jobs or facilitate career moves. We offer virtual Bootcamp programs designed for students who wish to upskill or reskill to potentially open the doors to some of the most excellent jobs available today. We would adore the chance to offer advice on how you may provide your pupils with award-winning boot camps. Are you prepared to discover more about our academic programs and company strategy?

Mp4 & Scorm

Self-paced, bite-sized

Customized Learning Paths

Industry based Projects

Co Branding

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