There are a few requirements for this course. Let’s have a look –

  • Basic understanding of accounting, finance, and investment banking market: You don’t need to know everything. But it would help to know the basics – finance terminologies, basic accounting, basic excel
  • An ache to be an investment banker: Everything starts from a motive, a drive, a purpose. If you ache to be an investment banker, this course is for you. Until you have that ache, that drive, you won’t be able to go through (and grow through) the sheer comprehensiveness of this investment banking training.

Target Audience

  • Finance students who want to become investment bankers: This investment banking course isn’t designed for all. It’s specifically for those who have the ambition of seeing them as an investment banker. This course is designed in such a way that you would be able to follow through the entire sets of modules and practice them on your own.
  • Finance professionals that dream of becoming investment bankers: If you’re in the finance domain and dream of becoming an investment banker, do this course. This course has everything you need to become a full-proof investment banker.

FAQ – General Questions

Why should I do this investment banking course?

Because there is no course on investment banking in the market that’s so good, so comprehensive, so detail-oriented, and so practical.

Would this course help if I’m already an investment banker?

Why not? It’s always better to refresh the fundamentals.

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Would this course help me become an investment banker?

It surely will. But there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. First, it will work only if you work on the material. And secondly, this investment banking course is designed to teach you all the skills you need to learn, but to learn and apply these skills in the real world, you need to practice and course-correct and take the help of this investment banking training as many times as you need.

Course Testimonials


Rakha Purbawisesa


Investment Banking

I found the courses of the Program extremely practical and market-oriented. It was a great high-quality learning experience in terms of Instructors knowledge delivery, course content of the program, notes, quality of video lectures, I have completed the program, it have really met my expectations in a great way and I feel I have really benefited from it. It was one of the best decisions that I made in my life. this outstanding program on investment banking bridges the gap between theoretical & practical side of the Finance Profession Domain. I highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to start a career in Corporate Finance and investment banking.

Thank you so much for the great opportunity.

Michael C. Nwankwo



Niwasasira Ozeah


Investment Banking Courses

Investment Banking courses by Educba has given me a birds eye view of Investment banking operations, dealings and structure. This has broadened my knowledge on the operations of financial intermediaries and also positioned me as a better practioneer in the investment field. The material is delivered in a simple and easy to understand way while covering all aspects of investment banking. this is a course i recommend to all with an interest in finance and investment.

Kenneth Opera



Gautam Singhi


Good Introduction to Investment Banking

The course introduces different functions of investment bank and its structure in a easy to understand way. The course is concise and time saving. If you are looking for career transition into investment banking, this is a good starting point to see what investment banking is about.

William Ling



Gautam Singhi


Excellent Course!

Very in-depth look into the basics of investment banking, information was communicated clearly and was made easy to understand

Ryan Mitchell



Gautam Singhi


Investment banking course

The course gave me very good outlook of investment banking, for example, the departments and what are their duties and also the structure of investment banking. It helped me to understand how the investment banking works and how the organisation raise money.

Kristiana Eglite



Gautam Singhi


Introduction to Investment Banking

It was a good introduction. I enjoyed learning the functions and the structure of the Investment Banking. I also learned that investment banking act as a link between buyers and sellers of investments. It also deals with mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and reorganization of businesses. Thank you so much for the course.