• Not everyone is prepared to take an MS Excel finance training. If you don’t have a finance background, you may take MS Excel training in HR or marketing.
  • However, you will not be able to get the most out of this course unless you are willing and dedicated to completing it.
  • The Excel for Finance live class is created so that even a complete beginner may master it. However, given your background in finance, having a basic understanding of finance would be quite beneficial. That way, you’ll know where to employ MS Excel, and, as an outcome, you’ll learn how to utilize MS Excel fully.

Target Audience

  • If you’re a finance student (graduate or undergraduate), our Excel for Finance live class is ideal for you. And we strongly advise you to do so before applying for any job. Taking this training will give you an advantage over others and teach you how to use spreadsheets for finance.
  • If you’ve been running things in finance for a long time (or even a few years), you’re aware of the importance of MS Excel in getting things right. If you take this Excel for Finance live class, it will serve as a refresher and teach you a thing or two about spreadsheet administration.

FAQ – General Questions

Is this a live or recorded training session?

It is a virtual instructor-led interactive session that takes place at a set time when both you and the trainer check-in. Will record the live session so that you can review and recap any missed sessions.

Can I access these Excel for Finance live classes from anywhere?

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Yes, because the live classes will be held online on the Zoom Platform, you can access them anywhere.

All you need is to participate in the Zoom sessions using a laptop or computer.

Can I take this Excel for Finance Live Class if I come from a different background?

You may, but we do not recommend it. It is preferable to enroll in an Excel for Finance Live class relevant to your industry. You can check through our free live recordings to learn MS Excel from the ground up.

Why should I take this Excel for Finance Training Live Class?

Our response is, “Why shouldn’t you take this Live class?” If you’re still unsure, have a peek at the curriculum. This is one of the greatest MS Excel live classes you will ever encounter for financial experts.