Certain prerequisites are required for a successful outcome and full knowledge of the course material.

Candidates should be interested in mathematics and statistics and have a solid foundation.

A degree in mathematics, statistics, computer science, or a related engineering discipline is usually required. It is advantageous if you are familiar with any programming or scripting languages.

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Minitab does not require any code, and all functions are as simple as a click and select. However, coding is an option. Similarly, macros in Excel will help automate several activities and construct user-defined routines. As a result, programming skills become advantageous.

Aside from the qualifications mentioned earlier, candidates should be eager to learn and apply their thought processes since data analysis is a creative mind’s domain.

Target Audience

  • This course is ideal for those enthusiastic about Minitab & Statistical Interface.
  • Minitab is the greatest solution for individuals working with quality issues in the manufacturing or service industries. It is one of the world’s most popular statistical computing software.
  • Anyone who wants to learn and comprehend data analysis using Minitab or a professional who wants to improve on their present abilities is an excellent student for this course. 
  • MIS professionals and, last but not least, students and fresh graduates.

FAQ – General Questions

Is this a live or recorded training session?

It is a virtual instructor-led interactive session that takes place at a set time when both you and the trainer check-in. Will record the live session so that you can review and recap any missed sessions.

Can I access these Minitab live classes from anywhere?

Yes, because the live classes will be held online on the Zoom Platform, you can access them anywhere. All you need is to participate in the Zoom sessions using a laptop or computer.

Is this a growing field? Is there a sufficient need for candidates for data analysis?

Yes. Data analysis is a burgeoning field, as evidenced by the continual expansion of data. With the advent of social media, mobile devices, and widespread internet use, data volume is increasing, as is the need to evaluate the data. As a result, skilled experts are in high demand, and sectors pay them highly.

What distinguishes this Minitab training session from all other data analysis courses on the market?

The Minitab program offers three practical skills: data analysis, Excel, and Minitab. Only a few courses do this. Knowing all three ensures that prospects have sufficient exposure to the topic and greater job chances.