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10 Effective Steps for Strategic Planning Process

Strategic Planning Process – Strategic management is process of the regular and continuous planning, leading and analysis of all the necessary actions that help an organization to meet its goals and objectives. According to Sharplin, “Strategic Management is defined as the formulation and implementation of plans and carrying out of activities relating to the matters which are […]

3 Important ERP Career Options : Which One Is Right For You?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)  is multi-layered software that integrates all the different functions within an organization.  Once deployed only in large firms and establishments with mainframe servers, ERP solutions have now become common place as special packages have been developed for small and medium enterprises (SMB). According to recent reports, ERP market is expected to […]

Top 7 Time Tracking Apps to Boost Productivity

Tick… Tock… Tick… Tock… Time Tracking Apps – The clock never stops and it goes on and on without a lag. In these continuous lapses of time, humankind has gone ahead and built industries, companies, organizations, civilizations, and many things unimaginable. Amidst the chaos of the clock, ticking its way into infinity, and us, chasing […]

Transactional vs Authentic Leadership

Transactional vs Authentic Leadership – In an FMCG firm, there are two heads of departments, Phil and Martha. Phil, the head of Logistics, believes in supervising his subordinates closely after he assigns them their tasks. He also promises them various incentives on completion of the work. If any worker fails to deliver, Phil gets upset […]

Employee Motivation - Why Recognition is most important?

Employee Motivation is the key to happy and satisfied employees. A happy workplace has higher productivity and higher productivity generates higher revenue in return. Employee productivity is a measure of employee retentivity and empowered employees with a happy workplace and work collaboration at the workplace. Employers today do come up with a variety of employee […]

10 Definetive Rules for Successful Corporate Management

Corporate Management – Aspect of the management deals with all kinds of projects and the production function of the business and also the productivity of the employees. The Corporate Management of the business refers to the managers and executives that as the primary leaders of the company. The extent of the managerial roles can be found […]

Top 8 Amazing Tips and Tricks to Change Management

“Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have—and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up.” —James Belasco and Ralph Stayer Change is always associated with the word “new”. Whenever we come across something new it’s always skepticism that overcomes our thoughts and behaviors and we head towards […]