Top 5 Amazing Interview Tips for Experienced Employees

April 10, 2017



Interview Tips

Interview Tips – A word Interview itself is a wrecking thing whether it is for a new or experienced employees.  In spite of many years of work experience to boast of and hard work to feel proud of, he still feels nervous and petrified at the thought of preparation and interview board again. Their experience and a track record are their positive plus but cutting through series of interviews is still a tricky thing as entrepreneurs are seeking the talent who can add value to the company, are adjustable, have flexibility in their approach and attitude and are professionally ordained with the capabilities in them to scale all the odds.

Here I am presenting you few Interview Tips to help any seasoned employee get through the interview:

#1 – Interview Tips – Polish your resume

You already have one standard resume prepared , and have ample of experience also, but important is to update it and give it more professional look. It should be the best display of the qualities and the professionalism. Be as specific as far as possible in drafting your resume and reflect your achievements. Also, mention about social activities you have been into or whether you have adopted a charitable cause or have been an active alumni. Think about your resume as your promotional tool as it can easily hook and engage the users. Always remember your resume is not about your personal history but is a document that displays your suitability for the job.

Remember that you need a different resume for each activity. Highlight your contribution towards the company where you are working now and professional training etc. Lay emphasis on the jobs that are older than ten years as many companies wanted to analyze your employment profile, prepare a list of your experiences and achievements which are older than fifteen years and keep the same under the separate heading.

#2 – Interview Tips – Develop Social Links

Social networking sites especially Linkedin is an added advantage, as you have been put off due to the heavy workload in the offices, you can pick up the latest updates, catch on the current expectation or an anticipation of the jobs and the hiring manager. It has been found that around 60 percent of the Fortune companies use Linkedin to search for their employees. So this is a chance where you can put yourself in.

  • Highlight your achievements
  • Add latest professional photographs
  • Add ten recommendations
  • Keyword optimized headlines
  • Awards or accolades you have received.

Other social networking sites are also best platforms to reveal you as a sociable and a professional person, discuss the issues with your experts and display a sense of belongingness that could increase your chance for reorganization and ultimately attain the next best job.

There are particular interview tips and bits to Socialize, follow them and see the success rooting

  • Engage and Engage: If you want to socialize engage with the people. Talk and answer their queries, but do not provide automatic responses. Your engagement with the others displays you a socializing person, your nature and behavior.
  • Keep on posting: Social networking platform is also the place for you to get your ideas and the best way for free expression and thought. It is your way to display the world your tenacity to express, the knowledge you have and a person who is always ready to share his knowledge.
  • Show your flexibility: Show yourself a flexible person who is always ready to adapt to the change, be it in socializing or in professional areas. In any social networking sites, you can be at one time show yourself as a serious person and at the other moment entertaining. Keep on changing your moods that will make a platform lively and people would be interested in talking to you.
  • Display funny side of you: People come to social networking site to freshen themselves and to be entertained. Try to be funny and entertaining. Tell jokes, anecdotes and keep on posting funny images that would make people enjoy, but never post anything that is annoying in nature.
  • Show your concern for social issues: Discuss prevalent social and political issues with your friends. This shows you keep yourself updated with the current social and political happenings around.

#3 – Interview Tips – Display your executive capabilities

It’s about how you are different than others. It is also called as leadership skills. There is no explanation that can confine the executive’s tendencies to a particular brand, yet it is something that you are, and it is what that empower you to carry you in your professional world. If you are an owner of a small business, it is your executive presence that would make you worthy. It could give you an added edge over the others and help you build your business as well as relationship with employees, customers and associates.

Here are some traits that you all must be having, but if you upgrade and improve on the same, it would enhance your capability:

  • Improve your conversation skills

Experienced Employees

Individuals who have adorned themselves with personality of an executive can make people attract towards them. Their method is different as they allow each person inclusive in the group while conversing in a group setting. This trait helps them during interview session. Ask yourself this question do the people move away from interacting with you, do they feel good or they wanted to ignore you. Making yourself aware of how people feel about themselves whenever they are in your presence is a main aspect of building an executive presence. Secondly in all these years of working on same profile where there has been very negligent or no public dealing could become a drawback for you as you can get numbed or not able to speak before the interview board. It should be imperative for you to devote some time to improve your conversational skill that could help you crack your interview rounds and the questions that are posed to you.

  • Show Your Presence

It is a misconception that your executive presence meaning showing authoritative attitude. You should never adopt this attitude as it could hamper your chance for getting a good job.  But you have to make your presence felt and that does not mean that you show your egoistic side, this simply means you can carry yourself very well with your colleagues, and other people. You can express your thoughts and opinion well that could make people attract towards you.

The best way to understand is to think about three circles of energy as described by Patsy Rodenburg book, “he Second Circle: How To Use Positive Energy for Success In Every Situation”. As per Rodenburg, it is about moving your skills towards the second circle of energy as a way to make your presence felt.

  • The first energy circle is directed inwards and is a focus on oneself, which is insular.
  • The second energy circle is a place when you see your energy focused towards your audience.
  • The third energy circle is seen everywhere around, in each person’s face and you would experience it when people are there to talk and voices are considerably louder. It is energy replicated of those who have a commanding attitude.

Rodenburg suggests that when we are present in the place, we try to do our best and put on best efforts to make our impression on others. In this stage, we neither are too much focused on ourselves nor much worried about what others are making assumptions about us. (Source: Bruna Martinuzzi, President and Founder, Clarion Enterprises Ltd for open forum).

  • Display your maturity

Show your maturity even at the most strenuous situation. Display your ability to retain your coolness and keep yourself poised.  You know well what stimulates you and what is it that can keep you calm and self-composed. They know that you are skilled but how well you can handle the complex situation is what interview panelists want to see in you. They want to see how much maturity level you have by analyzing your behavior and skill in handling the situation when something goes wrong or does not happened as per plan. Decide to select how could you respond next time if something wrong happens.

  • Frame Character and Authenticity

Showing your executive presence does not necessarily mean what dress you are wearing, how modulated your voice is or how you behave, walk and act. Of course all this counts, these skills should be acquired but nothing can be compared to the character or authenticity you are developing, which comes by developing a strong inner value or believes, and strong sense of clear vision. Get a gist of what values are important for you and try to model the same, whether it is about having straight talks, showing confidence, good thoughts and simple vision.

#4 – Interview Tips – Think about the Future

Adopt A Perceiving Capacity for the Future and Realization of the Past mistakes. If you have committed yourself towards your role, your self-realization as a professional depends on the role you are adopting.  But to take a step ahead in your career, it is pertinent to prepare mentally for your next position and role. Many interviewees do not think where they are taking their life into and thus, commit mistakes in marketing and self-imposing themselves with their current portfolio and title they are holding.  It is very important that you adopt capability in you to define your next career move and brand yourself accordingly. Your answer should reflect on the new role versus the current role that you are pursuing, To make this possible, Gormon suggests that you should ponder on the following questions before going in front of the interview panel board, and accordingly draft your answers, which you can easily conform to the needs of the hiring managers.

  • The current post you are holding and your job profile
  • The level you are going to achieve
  • Your main expertise areas that you would like to place in the new role
  • Something that is so personally unique about you

#5 – Interview Tips – Think about the past

While you are thinking about the future also analyze your past,  understand your achievements and weaknesses and the role you have been presenting. Knowing about the past helps you enter future.  If you have been many years in the industry, more understanding you would be having the information that can benefit if you display and which can match your intentions and accomplish your aim with current requirements. Also, understand what all have been bothering you during your past activities and try to overcome the same. Slight improvements can help you be at your best during the interview.

Each one of us is not devoid of weaknesses, but a better person is a one who keeps on trying and trying. How much best your work portfolio have been and have been in good books with your employee, yet with globalization, stiff competition, and disruptive changes that are taking place in our lives, it is very imperative even for the senior most person to upgrade his skills and show his best side. It has been misconception running around that the leader is born, but in fact, leaders are e made, can be crafted with adequate skills.  This is what is most required in the current corporate world and is expected from an executive.  But along with that, you should also be easily approachable and engaging, and that’s what makes you the best. Follow this interview tips and get something Best.