Adobe Flex Tutorial

This is a comprehensive course on learning how to use flex to build apps. The course is designed for you to learn making the next generation of web applications and create impressive applications. The tutorials will help you know flex, Comparing FLEX with other technologies, Building Your First FLEX App, Flex Builder & Perspectives, Developer Tips & Tricks, Developer Tips & Tricks, User interface controls, Inserting Components & Data Controls, understanding other components, effects and styles.

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  |   18089 Learners
  |   6 - 12 hours  12 Hrs
  |   66 Lectures
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“Very useful information and simplifies user-interface, very in-depth knowledge content for academic performance and growth . it gives you basic idea to in-depth analysis of each subject how useful the course the main attraction of the course is what expect you will get without any dissatisfaction i recommended it


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